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Success in Life Based on Hardwork or Luck?
Words • 324
Pages • 2
People succeed because of hard work and luck has nothing to do with u agree or disagree with this view?. There has been lots of debates taking place about one's success. There is an opinion that success in our life is a matter of hardwork and no room for luck to become succeed. However, i do assert an opposite argument that one's success is based on many factors including hardwork,luck,happiness,attitude and certain level of skills. Hard work has a…...
HappinessHard WorkHard Work And SuccessHuman NatureKey To Success In LifeLuck
“The Joy Luck Club” novel
Words • 611
Pages • 3
This interesting novel portrays the stories of 8 women, 4 daughters and their mothers. They are separated not only by the generational barrier, but also by a much more powerful one, the barrier of cultures. The daughters are all Chinese-American, having adopted traits of both cultures, yet leaning towards the American part of the spectrum due to the fact that their only access to Chinese culture comes through family, and not being within the context of an environment propitious to…...
Joy luck clubLuckNovelsPhilosophy
About Romeo and Juliet Tragedy
Words • 1633
Pages • 7
"A pair of star cross'd lovers...." To what extent was the tragedy a result of bad luck or destiny? To what extent was it brought about by the people involved? Romeo and Juliet's tragic death comes as a climax of a tale of passionate love. Raging in the background is an even more passionate family feud that thwarted the "star-crossed lovers". To what degree is sheer bad luck, or destiny, or the freedom of choice of the title characters themselves,…...
LoveLuckPlaysRomeo And JulietTragedy
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Informative Speech About China
Words • 766
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Informative essays
Everybody, XinNianKuaiLe. Maybe some of you guys already know what this Chinese mean. It is literally translated to the greeting “happy Chinese new year” in English. Today is the Chinese New Year (Yeh). Chinese New Year is the most important traditional holiday in China. Despite its winter occurrence, Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival in China. The festival begins on the first day of the first month, which is today, and ends on the 15th day of…...
ChinaChinese New YearLuckNew Year Celebration
Bilbo Baggins as an Example of Heroic Qualities
Words • 610
Pages • 3
A discussion of the heroic qualities of Bilbo Baggins in J.R. Tolkein's "The Hobbit". In the story The Hobbit Bilbo ends up being the hero in many situations. At first you would not consider him a hero by any of today's typical standards for one. For example he's not big, strong , handsome,or good with any particular weapon. But in the hobbit bilbo does not need any of those particular standards. He is considered a hero under different standards. He…...
“Good Luck Comes To Those Who Dare To Act”
Words • 854
Pages • 4
Next generation entrepreneurs don't always believe in carrying forward the legacy and the brand name of the family business rather they creating their own venture with passion while sensing new opportunities of businesses. Setting such a unique example Amruda Nair, Joint MD & CEO, Aiana Hotels & Resorts and the granddaughter of late Captain C P Krishnan Nair, Founder of The Leela Group decided to launch her own set of Indian inspired hotels in Doha, Middle-East to cater the Indians travelling…...
To what extent is Michael Henchard to blame for his own fate? 
Words • 559
Pages • 3
Its human nature to blame someone for your own actions, especially the bad ones. It's more like a defence mechanism; but in Henchard's case it's different: At the beginning of the story we see Henchard and his wife walking to the nearby village of Weydon-Priors in the search of employment. From the minor dialogue they have we can see that this is not the perfect marriage: "What was really peculiar however, in this couple's progress, and would have attracted the…...
Essay about luck
Words • 512
Pages • 3
Luck is any phenomenon that is believed by an individual to be good or bad which brings success or failure. Luck can be defined as any external factor that heavily or partially influences the outcome of an event. According to my point of view, luck is totally a matter of perception which depends on an individual's personality psychology. Famous poet John Milton has described luck as a residue of design. It implies that one's success is a result of one's…...
“The Joy Luck Club”
Words • 1628
Pages • 7
"Culture is the intersection of people and life itself. it's how we deal with life, love, death, birth, disappointment· all of that is expressed through culture." Wendell Pierce. Culture exists in every society, we can see that culture is shared patterns of behaviour and interactions, a bonding tool that provides understanding learnt by socializing, which can be noticed through the growth of identities in a group of people. There are different types of cultural encounters such as universal history, archaeology,…...
Human NatureLuck
Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea Michael Morpurgo
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Alone on a wide, wide sea The novel Alone on a wide, wide sea is written by award winning author Michael Morpurgo and was published in 2006. This novel concentrates on a boy named Arthur and his powerful and consistent relationship with his close friend Marty. To make the story more thought provoking and interesting, Morpurgo has used symbols to represent various things throughout the novel. Such as, a boat to represent love, a key to represent luck and an…...
LuckSeaThe Rime of The Ancient Mariner
Themes Huck Finn
Words • 4384
Pages • 18
Freedom In the novel The Adventures Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, a theme of freedom is portrayed. Freedom takes on a different perspective for each character in the novel. In Jim, the runaway slave, and Huck's, the mischievous boy, journey, they obtain freedom. Jim's hunt for freedom is an escape from the clutches of slavery, while Huck's is a flight from the civilized world. Their hunting for freedom is for one reason, for their happiness. This is shown throughout the…...
Huck FinnLuckMark Twain
Hypothetical and Scientific Reasoning vs Superstition
Words • 906
Pages • 4
In a large measure, science and superstition are polar opposites. Science is based on evidentiary support, objectivity and integrity, whereas superstition has very few of these. This is despite the fact that science originally evolved from superstition and theology, for example astronomy evolved from faith, chemistry from alchemy, etc. These were thought to be superstitions initially and only through a series of hypotheses, research, and argumentations did they become science. In modern society, there are still a lot of unknown,…...
AstronomyHuman NatureHypothesisLuckPsychologyScience
Dung Bettle
Words • 1043
Pages • 5
Called the dung beetle because of its practice of rolling a ball of dung across the ground. The Egyptians observed this behavior and equated it with the ball of the sun being rolled across the sky. They confused this balled food source with the egg sack that the female dung beetle laid and buried in the sand. When the eggs hatched the dung beetles would seem to appear from nowhere, making it a symbol of spontaneous creation. In this role…...
Ancient EgyptHistoryLuckPeriod
Do People Make Their Own Luck
Words • 1086
Pages • 5
In all phases of life, we may ask, do people make their own luck? Well, the answer to this question is in the positive. In other words, every person is responsible for all the things that happened in his life. Being lucky is one of those things that can be attributed to a person's capability to decide well. According to Answers.Com, luck is sometimes called fortune which is a person's total unpredictable circumstances or status in life (“Meaning of Luck”).…...
Preparation for Chinese New Year
Words • 882
Pages • 4
Preparations for the New Year begin a couple of weeks before the big day. This is a fun time full of anticipation and joy as we get ready for the thrill and excitement of the celebrations. According to the traditions, this is the time to clean the house, prepare food for the feast and make banners and decorations special for the New Year. A clean house to welcome the New Year Before the New Year comes, it is one of…...
Chinese New YearLuckNew Year Celebration
Good Night and Good Luck
Words • 488
Pages • 2
Good Night and Good Luck is a movie that tells the story of McCarthyism and the media campaign against it. Edward R. Murrow is described as the protagonist fighting against the evils of this man and his campaign. The greater message of the movie is the use of media. The ethical question posed is, what place does television have in society? At its conception, there was a debate. Was television merely an apparatus for entertainment or was it to be…...
Commercial Analysis of Advertising Techniques
Words • 408
Pages • 2
This proves in the latest Lucky me commercial that imbued Filipino close family relation. Lucky Me is a brand of noodles which became popular known for its Pancit Canton. As far as this brand is concerned, it came up with a beautiful and inspiring commercial which intends not only to attract people but most importantly, they want us to see the values they are trying to portray. These values include family bonding and being happy together whatever happens. This commercial…...
Advertising TechniquesLuck
Book Review on The Lucky One
Words • 1493
Pages • 6
In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance – when you least expect it sets you on a course that you never planned, into a future you never imagined. What if someone had saved your life before you even met? How far will you travel to find love? Will you engage in a journey of love and luck that will change your life forever? Will you take the quests to happiness when you know to yourself that you…...
Book ReviewLuck
Luck: Success and Preparation Meeting Opportunity
Words • 458
Pages • 2
Luck has always been a word that can stir up a debate on whether or not it exists. Some people believe luck exists and there’s nothing you can do to change your failure or success. Yet there are others that believe the actions you partake in to reach many opportunities will determine success or failure. Personally I agree with the following notion by Oprah Winfrey that says “luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. My reasons for agreeing are…...
FailureLuckMeetingOprah WinfreySuccess
Lucky Strike Rhetorical Analysis
Words • 911
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Rhetorical essays
I chose to write about the "Reach for a LUCKY instead of a sweet" ad created by Lucky Strike cigarettes and how they appealed to the average American woman of the 1920's. We'll be going over what the average American woman of the 20's was as well as why they were so fascinated with smoking cigarettes. Didn't they know that cigarettes cause cancer? Didn't they know that they could die, and leave their loved ones behind because of cancer? Did…...
How Far Does Luck Explain the Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Words • 3123
Pages • 13
How far does luck describe the fluctuate of Napoleon Bonaparte? Napoleon Bonaparte like numerous others increased to prominence throughout the unstable times of the French revolution- he was for that reason fortunate to have actually been born at such a time in to justify his advancing position. However his track record as a skilled tactician and strategist allowed him to initially take advantage of the reforms of the Reign of terror to improve the lives of French residents. Napoleon Bonaparte…...
International RelationsLuckNapoleonPoliticsThe Reign Of Terror
Understanding Luck and Chance (Aristotle)
Words • 2002
Pages • 9
After introducing the principle causes (efficient, formal, material, final), Aristotle talks about chance and spontaneity in Book II, (Physics) for the purpose of investigating their place among the said causes. Aristotle bases his enquiry on the observation that in history, these terms are conflictive in their interpretation. Some people say that everything that we consider luck or spontaneity really has some underlying definite cause. Yet there are other people, such as Empedocles, who invoke chance when describing the physics of…...
The Lucky One – Alternate Ending
Words • 472
Pages • 2
The rain and wind lashed the branches on either side of them, cutting their faces and hands. Beth nor Keith could see a thing due to the storm. The fallen branches on the path didn’t help much either. Beth knew that she had to hurry to get to Ben. But the faster she ran, the more she fell. Keith was right behind her and wasn’t staying on his feet well either. The mud was thick, sucking their feet in like…...
A Lucky Escape
Words • 390
Pages • 2
It was New Years Eve, my friends and I went celebrating this special occasion in IFC. We watched the magnificent fireworks from the top floor, and took many photos for remembrance. We were having so much fun, until we realized it was already 1a.m.! “Our parents must be worried!” we thought, so we said goodbye and left separately… My home is in Happy Valley, not really far from IFC. I took the MTR back to Causeway Bay, and then rode…...
How a boy life affected when raised without a father?
Words • 966
Pages • 4
Both Wes Moore's grew up without their daddies in their lives. Wes Moore's father was eliminated from him at an early age due to disease. His father had severe epiglottitis. Till the death of Wes Moore he had a close relationship. While The Other Wes Moore's dad choice to be missing from his child's life. In the book we read that he attempted to see The Other Wes Moore one night, drunk and pound on his mother's door requiring to…...
EssayFathersLifeLuckThe Other Wes Moore
“Vendetta” and “The Schoolteachers Guest”
Words • 4023
Pages • 17
In both "Vendetta" and "The Schoolteachers Guest", both stories show that the cultural forces did lead to them taking their revenge, in the most different ways possible, this being affected by their culture and communities as both stories were set in different time scales and different surroundings, vendetta being set in Italy in the 1900's and the schoolteachers guest being set in the 1800's in Agua Santa, South America. Both writers portray these very well in the stories interlinking the…...
Taboos and Rituals in Gmelch’s Article Baseball Magic
Words • 1597
Pages • 7
In the article "Baseball Magic" by George Gmelch, the author uses the sport of baseball as a means of portraying different aspects of culture. The three aspects of baseball that are discussed are rituals, taboos, and fetishes. All three of these baseball traditions or superstitions can be directly related to specific aspects of culture. There are religious, social, and political ties to all three. In examining the rituals, taboos, and fetishes of baseball, cultural ties can be made and one…...
Words • 588
Pages • 3
Morals reflect both the being you strive to become and the individual you truly are. The value morals hold in both society and our own minds are vastly immoderate. The degree to which we hold ourselves to our own moral determines our integrity. An adherence to a code of moral or artistic values, incorruptibility, is what’s known as integrity. A lack of integrity is often recalled far longer than actions within integral standings. Both John Proctor, from The Crucible, and…...
Words • 1394
Pages • 6
Cloudstreet: Religion and Spirituality | A Novel by Tim Winton| “From separate catastrophes, two rural families flee to the city and find themselves sharing a great, breathing, shuddering joint called Cloudstreet, where they begin their lives again from scratch. For twenty years they roister and rankle, laugh and curse until the roof over their heads becomes a home for their hearts.” (Winton, 1991) Tim Winton’s critically acclaimed novel, Cloudstreet is a masterful tale of love, meaning and heartbreaking tragedy that…...
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“Good Luck Comes To Those Who Dare To Act”
...The one thing that I have learnt from him is take risk. He didn’t believe in good luck. He use to very famously say that the good luck comes to those who dare to act and I think in that sense I do believe that I have got that entrepreneurial spirit...
To what extent is Michael Henchard to blame for his own fate? 
...I believe that in life, "what is meant to happen will happen"; but at the same time we are given the chance to choose our paths. If we "play our cards right" we can achieve anything; but if our choices are taken too quickly without thought or researc...
How Far Does Luck Explain the Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte?
...When he retreated from Russia, almost all of his men got left behind (along with Michael Ney) and were completely annihilated by the enemy forces. After this, he suffered because of his army, or lack thereof. The resultant strain of fighting a multi ...
How a boy life affected when raised without a father?
..._One Parent Families and Their Children: The School's Most Significant Minority,_ conducted by The Consortium for the Study of School Needs of Children from One Parent Families, co sponsored by the National Association of Elementary School Principals...

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