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Have you ever got cheating on? Cheating is something that happens in many relationships and being cheated on affects so many people. Cheating is an action that a person does that can physically and mentally hurt a person really bad and cheaters should have a consequence for what they do. I’ve been cheated on and it really affected me a lot to the point where I felt like I didn’t want a relationship with anyone at all. It hurts a lot to get cheated on just by the fact that you give a person your all and by them cheating it just makes you feel insecure and many more emotions.

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Cheating Causes Symptoms of Depression

One big effect of being cheated on which is most common is depression. Although there are so many different causing depression, cheating is something that does cause a person to show off symptoms of depression such as having breakdowns, crying, lack of motivation, and no longer having pleasure in things you once loved to do. Something others including myself also experience is wanting to hurt yourself cause harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and also anxiety and drug use. People who feel like they want to harm themselves most likely feel like there is no other option there is no other way in expressing how you feel so they feel like it is the “ easy way out “. Although anxiety is a human response it can get in the way of life and cause a person to spend to much time dwelling on the negative rather than moving on and living a positive life. Research has found that “ the beginning of eating problems can be linked to a stressful event or trauma such as cheating and affairs”.

Drug use also causes efffects on may people after being showed sign of infidelity, Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin and other drugs are substances people use to “get away “ from the pain and distraught from being cheated on although it helps in the moment in the long one it makes the feeling worse and negatively changes the body and the mind, I’ve went in public and I first asked people if they ever got cheated on then I asked if they ever experienced some of these effects and I found out that although both groups been through the effects their were more people after being cheated on who went through these effects rather than the people who have not been cheated on Depression Drug Anxiety Suicidal Loneliness Use Thoughts (Graph of after being cheated on) (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a horrible event. Randi Gunther stated that “ The partner who has been betrayed is emotionally tortured and humiliated when knowledge of the infidelity emerges. They are clearly in trauma and experience the same array of symptoms that professionals now describe as PTSD“. Both genders male and female can experience PTSD feelings such as… Wanting to feel self-worth, ekeping up with the cheater looking over social media pages which may cause more stress, overthinking, self doubting, disorientation and confusion Although there is many negative effects, believe it or not there are some positive effects of being cheated on such as Bringing you closer to others who have been through the same thing in the past and feeling better after being able to relate and talk about it. After a while it gives you validation knowing your right and wrongdoing and reassuring you that you are not the reason for the partner’s infidelity it is THEIR personal problems since so many people even myself ask “ What did I do ?!” “ Why did I deserve this ?’.

Appreciating Positive Relationships

After being cheated on it also makes you appreciate the actual good and healthy relationships you have in your life it makes you turn for support and it makes you realize the positive relationships instead of the negative ones, After I got cheated on I was so busy dwelling on the pain the hurt of the unhealthy relationship (which I still am), I barely noticed all the support I actually have and all the love from friends and family that surround me and people I can always turn to. It opens your eyes, gives you a reality check before going into a actual relations you think to yourself I love this person and this person loves me and nothing bad can happen at all well sad to say nothing is perfect and not everything goes expected and after being cheated on it opens your eyes makes you aware that you can’t always go into situations being naive I’ve went around my school and i’ve asked if people have been cheated on versus the people who’ve actually cheated and i’ve found out that more people get cheated on vs. actually cheated and another thing I found out is after being cheated people stated that it caused the to cheat on others also Being Actually Cheated after cheated on cheated being cheated on As you can so on the chart there are %70 of people who have actually been cheated on, %30 of people who have cheated and out of that %70 percent of the people have been cheated on %50 of them have actually cheated after being cheating on proving my point that there is many negative effects of being cheating on causing a person to hurt another person the same way they’ve been hurt and most likely that person will do the same creating a unbreakable cycle.

Ideas from a Book Called Cheater

In the book called “ Cheater “ written by Rachel Van Dyken stated in her introduction the most eye opening thing I’ve read saying that “Cheating is a choice, not a mistake” which is true because you can not truly hurt someone that you love if mistakes are common but a mistake is something you do on accident without knowing beforehand. Everyone knows right from wrong and cheaters choose to do wrong not mistakenly do it without knowing anything. Initially, after I’ve got cheated on I cried my eyes out, I had no other feeling but pain for months and it had long term effects on me causing me to not be able to trust, have hate for that significant other, feel insecure, and during my cries after being cheated on I also had the feeling of hurting myself because I felt that there was nobody else who would treat me right I’ll never find someone who loves me for me and I’ll always dwell on this situation. After months went by I learned that you have to love yourself before expecting someone else to love you because if you don’t love yourself, you can’t expect anybody else to do so. I interviewed a friend and I asked her about her situations and surprisingly the cheating in her relationship made her stronger this is what she told me: “ after I found out I got cheated on I was sad at first but instead of leaving the situation in the past I tried to fix the relationship” which surprised me because most likely people have strong hate for the person who cheated on them… She then told me this “ I asked my significant other why he did it and he said that he wasn’t happy, So I sat down and talked to him and he explained why he wasn’t happy and I explained the reason I wasn’t happy so what we did is do the things each other of us would like to happen more often in the relationship and that’s how it made our relationship stronger”. I did research on relationships that get past cheating and found out that 25 percent of men and 11 percent of women end up with another partner” stated by Joe Kort and I also found out that “If 20 percent of a couple’s history is simultaneously viewed as positive by both spouses, they have a better than 90 percent chance of making it.” stated a website called Can you cheat on someone you love? Sadly you can love a person and still cheat although love is a feeling the most important thing to have which I found out is having loyalty which is an action. 89 percent of relationships last if there is loyalty involved.

Statements in News & Articles

Lastly, these are ways to deal with being cheated on stated by “News & Articles “ are to avoid blaming yourself, trust yourself, let go, do things that make you happy, do productive things with positive people although it will always take time to get over being cheated on doing these things will make you feel way better. And not only does it affect you it affects others also such as family, friends and children and it also affects the cheater. After a person cheated their actions affect their future and other relationships their poor judgment causes them to feel guilt and feeling mad about their dumbfounded decision making them wish they never done it. At the end of the day, cheating is wrong there is no way you can justify cheating. It has short and long term effects and cheating is something common that sadly won’t stop but everyone deserves to be happy no one deserves to be cheated on and anyone can find themselves and be happy again after being cheated on, and you may still love that person but the best thing to do is stay out of that unhealthy relationship and love them from a distance.

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