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Insights into How & Why Students Cheat at High Schools

​Cheating is an unethical practice widely performed by students both eager and desperate to achieve good grades. A significant factor responsible for the massive amount of cheating in teenagers is stress, pressure, and that cheating seems easier. Students might feel compelled to do it because of academic pressures from others or themselves. Teens easily coerced into immoral behavior by the influence of laziness or other things that can face serious consequences for cheating, such as getting into trouble, learning less than what they should, and feeling guilt in the end.

Students frequently undertake decisive measures to prevent getting caught cheating, as it can get them into deep trouble. The degree of punishment for a cheater varies depending on what they did. For example, cheating on a test can result in simply receiving a score of zero, while plagiarizing an essay can lead to suspension or expulsion. In either case, the outcome is contrary to what is desperately desired. Those who cheat aim for the best grade, but ironically become the opposite if caught in the act.

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This makes it clear cheating is the worst and unreliable for through due to its tragic consequences. By studying for the exam, a student evades the risk of failing a class or getting thrown out of school.

When someone maintains their grade by relying exclusively on cheating, they miss out on what they are supposed to be learning. Though it may not bother them while they are acing every test, their appalling lack of knowledge of the material will come to haunt them during final exams or state testing, when cheating proves to be more difficult to get away with.

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Now left without any familiarity with what they are being questioned on. It is at this critical moment when they bitterly regret the unethical choices they made, realizing they should have paid attention in class and studied regularly. They knew cheating was wrong from the beginning, but since it was the easier and faster option it seems like the most attractive approach to getting good grades.

Anyone with common sense will solemnly agree cheating is unfair, even the cheater themselves. While others are working hard to obtain good grades, someone else is pulling off better test scores by simply lying about their level of knowledge about the subject. This can ultimately lead to an unjust outcome in favor of the cheater, providing them with an overwhelming feeling of remorse. For instance, though very unrealistic, if one were able to become valedictorian of their graduating class merely as a result of cheating their way through school. The cheater is instantly left with a more honorable title than one who worked harder than they did. If graduating at the top of the class was not enough, they in addition benefit from the privilege of attending their dream university, having done virtually nothing to get in. Though pleased with attaining this goal, this fraud will constantly recall how they were never truly worthy of what he received, feeling ashamed. In the end, cheating will only end up hurting you in the end.

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