Essays on Deception

Fraud Risk in Nonprofit Organizations
Words • 637
Pages • 3
Although it is important to be able to notice certain warning signs when they are made apparent, all non-for-profit organizations should have controls in place that will deter fraudulent activity from occurring in the first place. Even though many of the managers have multiple jobs and it may seem like an easier option to let the auditors try and discover fraudulent activity, the ultimate responsibility belongs to the management to monitor all the internal controls. Having an annual outside audit…...
DeceptionNon Profit Organizations
Social Psychology and Science: Some Lessons From Solomon Asch
Words • 517
Pages • 3
This essay will discuss Asch’s conformity experiment conducted in 1951 specifically in America and some of the critics the experiment has. However, Asch’s (1951) study was aimed at discovering whether or not the majority would influence a minority even in an unambiguous situation. He used the line judgment task, all the participants were shown two cards, one displaying three vertical lines of different sizes and the other displaying only one, and they were asked to match the line on one…...
ConformityConformity And ObedienceDeceptionExperimentPeer Pressure
The Morality of Lying and Deception
Words • 656
Pages • 3
At an early age, many children were taught to tell the truth. With this principle, we can improve our lives and maintain a trustworthy picture. Deception and lies, however, are continuously filtering into our lives. But it is only in that sense that deception is regarded. There are always two sides to a story, however. According to Merriam Webster, deception is the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid. This awareness is…...
DeceptionLiesLyingSocial MediaTruth
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Deception In The Odyssey
Words • 687
Pages • 3
In the book The Odyssey, there are many different themes demonstrated in all different aspects of life. One of the main themes in the book was the theme of deception. The definition of deception is a crafty procedure or practice meant to deceive or defraud. Normally people view deception as a negative or sinister thing but in certain situations, it can also be utilized to gain information and knowledge. In this book, Odysseus and Athena have mastered deception and he…...
Lying, Deceiving, and Misleading
Words • 433
Pages • 2
According to the general conception of society, lie is considered to be counterproductive and therefore is considered as non-cultural, which is always prohibited and restricted. Lies are not only in the field of social and cultural behavior between humans and humans, but also direct directly related to the psychological, educational, ethical, and lifestyle implications. However, until now, it exists very popular and grows very diverse. This shows that this phenomenon is necessarily cultural - social - linguistic and have separate…...
Do Lie Detector Tests Really Work?
Words • 1436
Pages • 6
At one point in everyone’s life, they have told a lie. Despite the nature of the lie and the intention of the lie, it is still a lie. Trying to figure out whether or not someone is lying was a pretty hard task to complete, once upon a time. That was up until lie detector tests (polygraphs) were invented. Lie detector tests gauge whether or not someone is lying based on their vitals, like heart rate, etc. As a matter…...
Understanding Why People Lie
Words • 787
Pages • 4
In my own opinion, I believe that most people might lie just to get their way, or they simply find it easier to lie. Some other reasons could be that the person lying fears the reality in which they are trapped in (which they most likely dug themselves into by lying). I tend to lie when I failed to do my responsibilities and need a quick escape, so I have more time to do the responsibility that should’ve already been…...
Solomon Asch: The Man Behind the Conformity Experiments
Words • 568
Pages • 3
The conformity experiment was conducted in 1951 by Solomon Asch, he was a Polish-American gestalt psychologist, and he did much of his works in the field of social psychology, during the conformity experiment he wanted to find out why people conformed so readily, therefore the aim of this piece of work is to give the critics of Asch’s 1951 experiment on group conformity, furthermore, it will start defining the key term in the question, followed by the discussion and at…...
Barbara Goodwin
Words • 778
Pages • 4
Dahl's method of thinking The method of study was to select a number of 'key' decision making areas; identify the actors involved and discover their preferences; and, finally, analyse the decisions made and compare these with the known preferences of the actors. (Political theory an introduction, Heywood, A. ). Dahl's method of thinking and the type of study he used was greatly adopted by American sociologists throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The most famous study of this kind was actually…...
AmericaDeceptionPolitical IdeologyPolitics
In the world Shakespeare creates in Much Ado about Nothing he demonstrates above all the value of friendship as the strongest bond in life
Words • 2043
Pages • 9
The theme of deception is ever-present throughout 'Much Ado About Nothing'; the majority of the plot is based upon purposeful deception, some malevolent while others benign. The play itself, although set in Messina, Italy seems to echo the culture of Elizabethan society in which William Shakespeare lived; the importance of honour and pride at that time induced the need for the people to uphold this status through the constant deception of those around them, whether this was with appearances or…...
DeceptionFriendshipShakespeareThe Value Of Life
Truman show (TOK)
Words • 1511
Pages • 7
1. Give examples from the film where Truman understanding of reality is deliberately manipulated using language. In the film, when Truman was young, he wanted to travel to Fiji but the teacher told him that he would not ever make it. Moreover, when he grew up, he wanted to buy an air ticket in the travel agency. Yet, the travel agent said all flights to Fiji were fully booked or unavailable. 2. Give examples from the film where Truman's perception…...
DeceptionKnowledgeLanguagePerceptionThe Truman ShowTruth
Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych
Words • 436
Pages • 2
The most important lessons that Ivan Ilych learnt in Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych, written in 1886, were that the false and deceitful world in which he lived prevented him from understanding the real purpose and meaning of life, and that what he loved, lived and worked for in his life was in fact worthless, and he should have lived his life in a more meaningful way. Ironically, it is by his illness and an anticipation of imminent…...
DeathDeceptionLeo TolstoyPhilosophy
The target population
Words • 903
Pages • 4
The target population that will be used for the experiment will be students from st marys college, Blackburn. All students age range will be within 16-18. The reason the experimenter chose Students as the target population is that students are more readily likely to conform and are more impressionable compared to elder people. Therefore they would be good to study, especially for this experiment. There will be 2 conditions and each condition will have 20 different subjects as the other.…...
The Surreptitious Exploitation of Language
Words • 1590
Pages • 7
In today's society, we live in a world that seeks to conceal rather than to reveal. However, education has challenged us to evaluate the vast wealth of knowledge that we acquire on a day to day basis and assess how much information is actually being exposed to us and how much is being masked from our perception. Indeed, we are bombarded by daily doses of fallacies that exist even within the information that we are being given; there is no…...
Psychological Masks in “Phantom of the Opera”
Words • 1205
Pages • 5
Everyday, people all over the world are scarred emotionally from as harsh as pure hatred to simple teasing. Young children fall victim to schoolyard bullies and adults suffer for their foolish irresponsible mistakes. Nobody, it seems, is safe. So, how do people cope with this mental attack? Role-playing, also know as psychological masks, help a person develop confidence and self-esteem. Role-playing serves as a fa ade, a falsity so the outside world cannot see the reality that lies underneath. Upon…...
DeceptionPhantom of The OperaPsychology
The Short Story Killer Review
Words • 813
Pages • 4
Short stories often develop a theme in a short time frame. Their authors must do this with limited settings and characters. The short story Killer, written by Paula Goslings, contains many themes with the main one being deception. One of the ways the author expresses this is through the narrative convention of style or mood. In this piece the convention of plot is also utilised by the author to develop this idea. Characterisation is another narrative convention successfully utilised to…...
DeceptionPlotShort Story
Media Ethics and Hidden Cameras
Words • 5071
Pages • 21
Was the use of Hidden Cameras by the News Media Ethically Justified in the Fahey and Todd Cases? Explore Why or Why Not, Referring to Recent Cases [Jane Shannahan] Introduction Right to privacy became an issue in the US as far back as 1890 in words not unfamiliar to 21st century ears: “The press is overstepping in every direction the obvious bounds of propriety and of decency. Gossip is no longer the resource of the idle and of the vicious,…...
Appearance versus Reality in “Hamlet”
Words • 895
Pages • 4
A discussion of the theme of appearance versus reality in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" In Hamlet, Elsinore is a society which people are seen acting in a deceitful manner in order to gain personal measures and prestige. These people mask their true in intentions to acquire selfish desires. In doing so they develop a theme of the discrepancy between the way things appear and their true realities. Hamlet, on the other hand, is an honest, moral individual trapped in this deceitful…...
Gang Leader for a Day: The Ethical Concerns and Questionable Motives Behind a Rogue Sociologist
Words • 1993
Pages • 8
Sudhir Venkatesh, the rogue sociologist took to the Chicago streets in the most notorious housing projects in search of people to take part in his survey on urban poverty and crime. He entered a poor black crime ridden neighbourhood for seven years and his first question was, "How does it feel to be poor and black? " Venkatesh was a first-year graduate student at the University of Chicago at the time. What he found in the abandoned apartment building was…...
Explore how Shakespeare examines the themes of jealousy and deception in ‘Othello’ the play and Othello the character
Words • 1454
Pages • 6
In this essay I will be analysing the play Othello and exploring the main characters. William Shakespeare is one of the main icons of the 17th Century and of all time. Othello is a story of jealousy, betrayal, deception and murder. The main character, Othello is a general of the Venetian army. He has a loving but strong, patient and romantic personality. He loves his wife Desdemona very much. Othello's ensign is called Iago. Iago hopes to get promoted to…...
CharacterDeceptionExploreOthelloOthello JealousyShakespeare
Ethically Responsible and Irresponsible News Reporting
Words • 570
Pages • 3
A journalist distributes news, collects and writes information. Journalists usually do what it takes to get the story done by taking risk when writing a story and exposing themselves to dangerous areas to collect information for a story. In spite of this all, journalism has developed a variety of standards and ethics in which journalist must follow. In this paper you will read about journalism ethical responsibility, if there is ever deception or censorship permissible in journalism, and what ethical…...
Ethical Guidelines in Psychology
Words • 821
Pages • 4
In psychological studies there has to be some level of ethical awareness where participants are concerned, seeing to it that they will not come to any stress, harm, or deception in any major way. Today there are guidelines on what constitutes an ethical study, but they are mainly looked at in terms of cost-benefit analysis. In this essay we will be looking at two examples of ethically controversial studies, Stanley Milgram's 1963 obedience study and Philip Zimbardo's 1969 Stanford prison…...
DeceptionEthicsPsychologyStanford Prison Experiment
Deception in King Lear
Words • 1489
Pages • 6
An examination of the concept of trechary, lies and deceipt in SHakespeare's "King Lear".The Deception in King Lear William Shakespeare's play King Lear is a play full of deceit, betrayal and meaningless promises. This becomes evident in the first few lines. We first learn of the empty words of Goneril and Regan as well as their hatred for their father, King Lear. This becomes the center of the play and also leads to the madness that the king suffers from.…...
DeceptionKing Lear
Critical Responses to Descartes’ Philosophical Concepts
Words • 2366
Pages • 10
This paper discusses O.K. Bouwsma and Norman Malcolm's responses to Descartes' skeptical argument "In this essay, I will examine Rene Descartes' skeptical argument and responses by O.K. Bouwsma and Norman Malcolm. I intend to prove that while both Bouwsma and Malcolm make points that refute specific parts of Descartes' argument in their criticisms, neither is sufficient in itself to refute the whole. In order to understand Descartes' argument and its sometimes radical ideas, one must have at least a general…...
DeceptionPhilosophical conceptsPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyPsychologyScience
Coulda been in the movies, an had nice clothes
Words • 558
Pages • 3
John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men" was published in 1937 and is centred around two characters, George and Lennie, who are looking for work in the midst of the Great Depression. The story is set in a farm outside Soledad, California (Spanish for solitude), the name of which hints at the deeper theme in the novel. It was inspired by a real-life experience of Steinbeck's; he told a New York Times reporter in 1937 that "Lennie was a real…...
DeceptionJohn SteinbeckLonelinessMovieOf Mice And Men
Corruption of the court within the Duchess of Malfi
Words • 845
Pages • 4
From Act I of 'The Duchess of Malfi' what impressions does the audience get of the court and how does Webster create this? Include a close analysis of a section of your choice.'The Duchess of Malfi' revolves around the predominate themes of the Jacobean period, during the reign of King James I. England faced a leader they did not trust as seen through their pessimistic literature work. The country had been previously known to be strong and powerful whereas it…...
CorruptionDeceptionDramaOryx and CrakeThe Duchess of Malfi
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Words • 1230
Pages • 5
In this essay I want to examine to what extent the main protagonist of The Magician of Lublin, Yasha Mazur, struggles with the ethical values of the Jewish religion, reluctantly being a Jew himself, and the final acceptance and embrace of his forefather's heritage. These values, as Gabriner has shown us in this course on American Jewish literature, permeate the Jewish culture and hence the work of the authors we have read and discussed. After a summary of the novel's…...
Reflection on Milgram’s Experiment
Words • 726
Pages • 3
Baumrind's Take on Milgram's Experiment Ethical Research Concerns Given the fact that Milgram's experiment (Universitsy of Rhode Island, undated) has caused so much controversy, both in its methodology and its results, the conduct of certain psychological experiments has been put on the spotlight and scrutinized.  Milgram's experiment and other similar studies would definitely be prohibited from being conducted in today's more stringent ethical standards and policies (Rupert, 2008), but was "allowable" at that time. In view of the potentially damaging…...
The Golden Age of detective fiction
Words • 2981
Pages • 12
The Golden Age was filled with riddled crimes that used clue-puzzles that were to be solved by an investigating agent (Ascari). In the decades that proceeded the Golden Age, the popularity of sub-genres as diverse as the hard-boiled, the crime novels contained the materiality of the victim's body, the physical, the emotional and legal vulnerability of the detective and the psychology of the criminal" (Ascari). The characteristics that shaped these sub-genres relied on the nature of truth and the nature…...
Alicia Jayne Daniels
Words • 1483
Pages • 6
Alicia Jayne Daniels was an epilepsy nurse employed at University Hospital Bristol. Daniels was struck off after lying to her employees about having cancer. Throughout this essay I aim to discuss professionalism, ethics and the legal role of the regulatory body in nursing and how these relate to the case of Miss Daniels. Professionalism is a key aspect within the nursing profession and is clearly shown within the nursing and midwifery (NMC) code (2018). The code states that one should…...
Becoming A NurseDeceptionMedicareMedicineNursing
History of Volkswagen
Words • 1081
Pages • 5
Volkswagen has been producing vehicles since 1937 and they have become very well known as a leader in innovation. Although this scandal with their emissions is deceiving, I also am not surprised at the actions of Volkswagen because the automobile industry is so competitive with each brand of car trying to establish the newest features every year. What I find most interesting about the article by Paul Lippe is reason #5 under his proposed theories. His statement that Volkswagen engineers…...
Final Writing World Literatur
Words • 1744
Pages • 7
The use of deception as a tool in both Popul Vuh and Paradise Lost is a very important aspect in both stories. Both epics main characters use trickery and deception as their primary weapon to work towards accomplishing their goals. The Hero Twins in Popul Vuh use deception and trickery to kill the gods of the underworld, who killed their father. Satan uses deception and trickery in Paradise Lost by tempting Eve with the forbidden fruit from the garden. In…...
Adam and EveDeceptionMythologyParadise LostWorldWriting
Why do so many people believe in conspiracy theories?
Words • 1511
Pages • 7
In this essay I will explore why such a large number of people claim truth in conspiracy theories surrounding the September attacks of 9/11. I will analyse the idea that citizens will often blame the political power, instead of agreeing with some more believable views. Furthermore, I will investigate the theory that people will create these conspiracies as a way to balance out the huge scale of the crime; in terms of 9/11, they saw the enormous size of the…...
BeliefConspiracy TheoriesDeceptionSocial MediaTheoryTruth
Ronal Patel C&E Final Version
Words • 1194
Pages • 5
Internet Scam Criminals have found a new way of obtaining funds from innocent citizens. Technology has had a beneficial impact on the life of many. At the same time, many forms of frauds have been initialized through the same devices. The stakeholders in the business world are still coming to terms with the rising incidences of scams that are electronically found. The trends of frauds that have emerged are serious with compelling results. There is a need to come up…...
Looking for Richard & Richard III: Discovering the Nature of Power
Words • 1140
Pages • 5
"Never again will a single story be told as though it is the only one". John Berger For centuries, the representation of corruption and manipulation by powerbrokers has been embedded in texts, and replicated over time to accommodate contextual values, which serve to warn humankind about the impact of duplicity and ambition on values, such as personal integrity. Through engaging in a textual conversation with a canonical text, Al Pacino's postmodern docu-drama 'Looking for Richard' reimagines the William Shakespeare's historical…...
Mutual Fund Online Fraud and Investigation Current and Future Opportunites
Words • 2738
Pages • 11
MUTUAL FUND on-line FRAUD AND INVESTIGATION CURRENT AND FUTURE OPPORTUNITES An investment company could be a reasonably financial vehicle created of a pool of money gathered from varied money investors to place resources into protections, for instance, stocks, securities, currency market instruments, and totally different resources. Shared funds square measure worked by skilled money supervisors, WHO dispense the store's edges and endeavor to form capital will increase or earnings for the fund's money investors. A shared store's portfolio is organized…...
Cheating by Liaw Tick Kwan
Words • 967
Pages • 4
Brief facts of the case A former bank relationship manager, Liaw Tick Kwan, was sentenced to jail in 2019 for 3.8 years after cheating more than $200,000 from two elderly clients. He made unauthorized transfers and lied about profitable investments to Mr Chin and Mdm Chou. Liaw committed these infractions between 2013 and 2015 during his time as a relationship manager at DBS and when he held a corresponding role at Standard Chartered bank. Liaw assisted Mr Chin in opening…...
Business LawCheatingContractDeceptionJustice
Religion in Salvation By Langston Hughes
Words • 592
Pages • 3
What is religion? Religion is a concept that is passed down like tradition from generation to generation. In most cases most people are introduced to religion in their younger years. During those years, adolescent ideas of religion are undeveloped, and they are susceptible to being conditioned with certain religious identities that can be a very pressuring and life changing decision. It may impact their life forever. There are many different beliefs in the world today. Most of these religions claim…...
DeceptionLangston HughesReligionSalvation
What is perfection if not dipped in pressure pushing you to the?
Words • 1679
Pages • 7
"What is perfection, if not dipped in pressure pushing you to the edge of insanity." To escape the harsh and unforgiving nature of reality, individuals often attempt to cushion their experiences through the use of gentle illusions. In the wake of trauma and hardship, one often turns to falsehoods to protect oneself from pain. However, in doing so, one risks an even greater and more painful fall from grace. Illusions serve both as a tool of self preservation and as…...
One of the most cathartic things about lying is the moral ambiguity
Words • 1672
Pages • 7
One of the most cathartic things about lying is the moral ambiguity of it. For instance, it can be used to get ahead in life, it can get you out of trouble, and it can give hope and make someone's day. But most view it as wrong and evil. Why is something with so many benefits viewed as wrong? So much so, a German philosopher and central figure in modern philosophy Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) went on to say " But…...
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Understanding Why People Lie
...Now that all of that is said and done, why people would rather tell a lie than tell the truth I don’t know. I’m assuming its just a personal preference when there are so many benefits to telling the truth including making yourself feel better, in...
Explore how Shakespeare examines the themes of jealousy and deception in ‘Othello’ the play and Othello the character
...He wasn't uncovered as a villain till at the end of the play, because of his manipulative stories and twisting of the truth. He was referred to as 'honest' Iago throughout the play; because everyone was naive and gullible and believed everything they...
Why do so many people believe in conspiracy theories?
...In Conclusion, the believe in conspiracy theories, especially those centred around 9/11, are not going to be quelled any time soon. However, they do cause violence and a divide within the country, so the government should try to prove the falsity of ...
What is perfection if not dipped in pressure pushing you to the?
...Although Blanche attempts to use illusion as a tool of self preservation, it ultimately serves as a catalyst to the ruin of her reputation, and her physical and emotional wellbeing. As a result of her tendency to misrepresent reality, the revelation ...

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