Deception Point by Dan Brown

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A techno-thriller Deception Point is a typical Dan Brown novel decent far-fetched plot Dan Brown, once again does a delightful job. Rachael Sexton, estranged of her father, a charismatic leading Presidential nominee Senator Sedgewick Sexton, and herself a highly competent “resource” working for the little known but highly efficient intelligence agency NRO (National Reconnaissance Oficce), one day gets an unexpected audience with the President himself. On his request, she soon finds herself in the icy depth of the Arctic sent to verify a astonishing discovery by NASA.

At that time, when NASA’s existence is threatened by Sedwick’s rhetoric condemning its very expensive failure, Rachael finds the discovery too coincidental. But outside experts like Michel Tolland, a world-famous oceanographer, convince Rachel of its authenticity. Just hours before the President announces this information, Rachel and Michel discover a deadly deception. The 557 pages of this novel is not only thrilling, intense and enthralling but also thought-provoking. Brown’s painstaking research is evident in the authentic facts mentioned in the plot.

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Flawless creation of characters, the visual descriptions and a mild romance amidst the intense plot- it all adds up to a perfectly paced, gripping story. With its slightly stilted style and incredible turn of events, Deception Point falls short of the standard created by The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. None the less, the 5$ paperback edition of the book has wooed readers all over the globe and has remained another best seller. Dan Brown is a master story teller and this novel is a good example of his ability to craft ingenious plots that grips readers with intrigue and awe.

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