Santiago as a Jesus Chirst Figure

Throughout the world, lots of think of Jesus Christ as the sign of pureness, love, and all things excellent. Although it is difficult for any being, reality or? ction, to become as ‘perfect’ as Jesus Christ himself, there are characters that can be considered ‘Christ like’ or look like particular qualities of the Messiah.

Ernest Hemingway’s character, the Old Male Santiago from The Old Man and the Sea is a Christ like character because of the way the young boy served as his devoted disciple, the method the injuries on his hands looked like those of Christ’s, and due to the fact that he brought his mast up a hill, almost identically to the way Christ carried his cross up the hill to his cruci? xion.

Although Christ had lots of followers and Santiago just had one, Santiago is still a Christ like? gure due to the fact that of just how devoted his fan was. After the old male returned from his journey, the boy? nds him asleep.

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Hemingway writes, “The young boy carried the hot can of coffee up the old man’s shack and sat by him till he woke” (Hemingway 123). The boy could have easily gotten up and took care of other things he needed to do. However Manolin truly cared for the old male, and remained by his side because he desired to. This is very similar to the loving relationship between the disciple John and Jesus. Just as John was devoted to Jesus, Manolin was devoted to Santiago.

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Santiago was never cruci? ed like Christ was; however, he had injuries in his hands much like Christ’s, making him stick out much more as a Christ? gure. After Santiago had eliminated the?

sh and was sailing home, he let his mind water to other things. Because his hands were injured previously in the day, he believes, “I bled [the hands] clean and the seawater will cure them” (Hemingway 99). Jesus had injuries in his hands when he was nailed to the cross, and yet sustained that suffering. Likewise, Santiago also hand injuries in the specific very same place and also persevered through the pain. This is another parallel between Jesus and Santiago. Just as Christ strolled up a hill with the cross throughout his back, Santiago strolls up a hill with his mast across his back, making him even further represent Christ.

As soon as Santiago pulls his boat up, he begins to walk home. Hemingway writes in regards to his struggle: “He shouldered the mast and started to climb… at the top he fell and lay for sometime with the mast across his shoulder” (Hemingway 121). It is commonly known through the Bible that Christ fell while carrying his cross across his shoulders to his cruci? xion site. This was the exact same way Santiago carried his mast and, like Christ, he also collapsed . Not only did both Christ and Santiago walked with a similar object across their shoulders, but they also fell on their way to their destination.

This similarity strongly proposes the idea that Santiago is a strong Christ ? gure. Because of the way Santiago walked home was exactly the way Christ walked to his cruci? xion, the wounds in Santiago’s hands were similar to Jesus’s, and he had a devoted follower like the Messiah did, Santiago is a representative of Christ. It will never be possible for anyone to become an exact replica of The Lord; however, many experiences in Santiago’s life were very similar to that of Jesus’s. Santiago could easily be considered a literature symbol of all things good, like Jesus is to the world.

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Santiago as a Jesus Chirst Figure

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