Shaping Personalities: Influences and Reflections

People have different set of personalities which makes each and every one of us unique. Set of characters that reflect our way of living and our way of thinking. Any one who is interested to get to know me, would probably see me as a responsible, fair minded and jealous person. How I became like this might have been rooted from my experiences with my family, friends, teachers in school and even the society that I belong to. Responsibility. The challenge to accomplish tasks successfully and efficiently is what drives and motivates me.

I do not get easily intimidated by difficulties and people. I take responsibilities in a positive way and do the job fairly because I want to make the best result or product that I could make. My parents work hard on providing for our family’s basic needs and have taught me and my brothers and sisters to become independent and reliable so we could find ways to earn and provide for ourselves.

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I practice honesty and I value respect which I apply in everyday life and also to my business. My teachers have instilled some lifetime lessons that made me a better person.

It may be a punishment or a reward, both gave me hardships as well as the opportunity to see myself and work hard to improve. Fair-minded. I believe in the Golden Rule that is why I treat people fairly and I also wanted to be treated the same way. I do not discriminate people and I do not practice favoritism.

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As much as possible, I want to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, customs, and interests. Trying to reach out and help other people to overcome their shortcomings makes me feel some sense of fulfillment. Jealousy. I first got jealous with my brothers and sisters; I guess a common dilemma of every family.

We often times argue over things we do not want to share but I guess we might overcome this in time as we become more mature and sensitive over each others feelings. Being a human, sometimes I could feel envy or jealous over other people’s possessions, achievements, contentment, happy life, good dispositions and many others. But I do not let these jealousy and envy destroy me so instead, I see those people as my inspiration and work hard to fulfill those desires and dreams that I have. I am confident in every decisions and actions that I make because I know I have my family and friends beside me all the way through success and happiness.

Parents should serve as the role model for their children. Parenting style is crucial to child’s growth and development. Children create their own personality at home that is why children should be provided with their necessities, love, nurture, emotional warmth and safety. With these, children would create a pleasing personality necessary to live a happy, peaceful life; children who have sense of compassion to other people. Parents should give equal treatment among their children to avoid conflicts and destructive competition between siblings.

Teach them to be independent and always optimistic in everything they do in order for them to achieve their goals. As what people say, “If you want to know a person, look at his or her friends. ” Choose your friends whom you might associate yourself into. Friends are such influential people that they are capable of helping you to grow as a person or even destroy you. With friends, people would learn more about trust, sensitivity, compromise or even sacrifice. Teachers are also part of the learning and development process of a person.

In school, a person is taught not just academically but also to create a good interpersonal relationship with classmates and teachers. Each teacher should build each and every student to become a confident and a competitive person, equipped with knowledge and experiences necessary for survival. And lastly, the environment and the society a person belongs provide norms and traditions that would shape a persons personality. The safety and the type of interaction a person gets from his or her environment would be of great challenge to every person.


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Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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