Make America Great: My Responsibility to America

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Being an American for me means to be free. The American Dream centers around the belief that anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, color and background are welcomed to pursue and succeed achieving their dreams. The American Dream is accomplished through diligent work. My personal American dream is to successfully complete my education, find a well-paying job, raise a family and overall enjoy life.

In the 1700's when early Americans were first, they had a dream of beating the chances and beginning another life free from mistreatment.

In the 1920's the American dream had adjusted and transformed into a dream of riches and responsibility for things, and now in the present, the dream has turned into somewhat more improved and situated towards a family and profession. Early Americans were committed to beginning another life as individuals, free from England's rules. The 'American Dream' was actually much greater in the late nineteenth and mid twentieth hundred of years the possibility that, in America, anybody could make success with diligent work.

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Dr. Martin Luther King recognized that the American dream is conceived in the expressions of the Declaration of Independence. He advocates for the possibility that all men start from God and that we are generally equivalent before him. He acknowledges the thought that it is for all men to be free and equivalent as god planned. The American dream consist of 3 characteristics. The first feature is that people should be able to reach their dreams. That is the simplest idea. Individuals urge to pursue their dreams to make them work.

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As present in society, individuals, particularly teenages have a passion towards something. This passion and enthusiasm can be derived from anything and are supported by their family, their companions, and peers around them to feel free to endeavor their goals.

The US had numerous races and ethnicities that came in to the new country in search of their dream, the American dream to be specific. Individuals came to look for better lives and new openings. The second characteristic is that the perfect society for America exists in the general public, where distinctive individuals can live respectively. At the end of the day, individuals ought to be brought together as free people with equal rights and opportunity. However, grasp the contrasts between a citizen, national and an immigrant. They can be a major theme, for example, races, ethnicities, religions, thoughts or interests. The final characteristic is the American dream is opportunity from oppression. As John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address, 'Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we will pay any value, bear any weight, meet any hardship, bolster any companion, restrict any enemy to guarantee the survival and the achievement of freedom.' (Kennedy, 2005). The case for this is expressed in the announcement of freedom by Thomas Jefferson. Individuals come to America for better chances, to be free, thus they can get another opportunity on achieving their dreams. They come to America since they realize that there are better opportunities, they'll have a right to speak freely, as the Bill of Right states 'congress will make no law respecting an establishment of religion or forbidding the free exercise' (Jefferson, 2005). This ensures that you are entitled to freedom of speech unlike in other countries where there are consequences for speaking up for yourself and for injustice.

In conclusion despite the fact that the American dream might be characterized as the best thing to chase, in my perspective, it comprises a lot of rights. To begin with, individuals ought to do a lot of work to attain their goal and it is a challenge to overcome with so many rules and regulations. However, the dream is denoted for its ambitious takes on assisting people with different backgrounds, ethnicities and personalities. Secondly, individuals ought to be acknowledged for their collaboratives, teamwork and hard work in pursuing their goal.

Lastly, everyone in America is considered as equal and free. The American dream is noted as a 'perfect society' where anyone can attempt to accomplish their dreams and goals in unity and harmony. The American dream has withstood the trial of time to be known as a dream. It is currently a big dream because it has impacted everyone including Americans and people from other nationalities, because national identity is made up through language, race, class and border which in the end makes up a country. Americans value their relationships than materialistic assets. Life is an unbelievable blessing, and many are starting to understand that this blessing is fulfilled when life goals are completed.


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Updated: Feb 29, 2024
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