Exploring My Personality Traits: A Glimpse into Rimsha Saeed's World

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I am a girl. My name is Rimsha Saeed. I am a very optimistic and honest person. As an individual I have to perform different roles and because of these roles my personality keep changing. My personality is a complex of different traits and the five big personality traits that describe my personality are as follows: One personality trait that I have is that I am a reserved and quiet person because I want to work alone and do not like to talk to anyone especially to a stranger.

I do not make friends easily because I am.

Another personality trait is that I am hardworking. I make a plan of what I want to do and struggle hard to achieve my goals. A third personality trait is that I am a soft-hearted person. I always try to help needy people. I am willing to help anyone at any time and I do not like to be taken advantage of. Another personality trait is that I am an emotional individual because I am more sensitive and observe the world more deeply especially the feelings of others.

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A final personality trait is that I am an imaginative person as I always prefer to creativity and new ideas. From the analysis of MBTI, I have assessed that my personality type is INTP( introversion, intuition, thinking and perception). As an introverted I am quiet and reserved. I only prefer to meet with few friends and do not like much social interaction. I prefer intuition over sensing because I am abstract in nature and I focus on big picture and future possibilities.

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I am a thinker because I prefer to make decisions based on logic and reasons and I give importance to honesty and consistency. I prefer perception over judgement because I like flexibility and want to keep my plans flexible in order to change them according to circumstances. I think that Humanistic theory is best suited on me because it emphasizes on personal growth, development and freedom to make choices.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

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The essay provides a straightforward exploration of the author's personality, highlighting traits and linking them to the INTP personality type. The structure is simple, delineating different characteristics. While the essay effectively communicates self-awareness and integrates psychological concepts like MBTI, it could benefit from more varied sentence structures and nuanced expression for enhanced quality. Grammar and readability are generally sound, and the author successfully conveys their introspective reflections. Adding a touch of complexity to the structure might elevate the engagement and sophistication of the overall narrative.
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The essay offers a straightforward exploration of the author's personality, delineating various traits and connecting them to the INTP type. While structurally simple, introducing a more varied sentence structure would enhance the narrative's dynamism. Condensing repetitive statements, especially about introversion, and integrating specific examples to illustrate personality traits would add depth. To bolster the analysis, incorporating scholarly references on personality psychology and relating personal experiences to established psychological theories would provide a more grounded perspective. Exploring the implications of being an INTP through cognitive functions and citing case studies could enrich the discussion. Additionally, employing a more sophisticated vocabulary and ensuring seamless paragraph transitions would elevate overall coherence and readability.
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Dr. Alexander Smith
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