My Life in the Future

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I am really excited because my life is spectacular, living here in the earth is very different from my life in 2012; my habits have changed a lot; but I can state that even though my life has changed a lot; I live better and don’t have too many concerns.

Firstly, I can say that living in 2175 is awesome because I have some robots that do the housework for me; so I don’t have to clean and do the dishes anymore.

Also there are cars that are able to fly, they are amazing and since I have a lot of money, I could afford buying the car.

Furthermore I have studied many careers, and have changed my job many times. As you know, I went under the process, so I am able to live longer; so I had the opportunity to study five careers at university. I studied medicine, law, international business, mechanic engineering and industrial engineering. I have worked in many factories and right now I have a lot of experience.

Talking about marriage; I have gotten married three times and I have eight kids; it’s so nice to have too many kids because they had their kids and now I know them; so I can say that at this time there are five generations of my family living at the same time.

It seems to me that living in 2175 is better than my life in 2012; I remember when living in 2012 and it was not very nice. On the other hand, now I don’t have to worry about the housework and other duties.

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My Life in the Future
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