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FAQ about Domestic Violence

How to Overcome Domestic Violence?
...In schools across the nation, domestic violence is discussed constantly and it is always reminding the victims that “it isn’t your fault”. Television specials are aired at all times that showcase what domestic violence looks like and many “ma...
What Are the Long Term Impacts of Child Marriage?
...In a nutshell, I stand with my stance that the minimum age of marriage should be set higher in an attempt to stop Malaysian from performing child marriage. For instance, the case in Gua Musang, Kelantan where an 11 years old girl marry a 41 years old...
IntroductionIn this report I will analyze the crime which
...In conclusion, Wong and Lam's case was atypical in traditional domestic violence but after some result of the statistics or literature, we should be more aware that men also can be the victim of the violence. The report found out that the media sourc...

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