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Charity Adverts Evaluation

Categories Charity

Essay, Pages 9 (2046 words)



Essay, Pages 9 (2046 words)

Advertising is a way of conveying information to a wide range of people. Companies use adverts to sell their products. Campaign adverts use persuasive language to encourage people to support their campaign, or to change their behaviour. cAdvertising is everywhere, on T. V, in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet and in the cinema, you can’t even walk down the street without seeing and advert for something. Companies use adverts to sell new products, increase brand awareness, and attract custom.

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As advertising is so successful it is used increasingly more. We pay for the adverts whenever we buy the product. Advertising works by capturing the attention of the target audience with eye-catching images and catchy slogans. Some examples are Nike-“just do it” and Tesco- “every little helps. ” Advertising also plays on people’s feelings of guilt, need, and insecurity by producing ideal worlds, making people feel that if they buy the product their lives will be better.

In this assignment I was set the task to advertise my own charity campaign. My three chosen campaign advertisements were focused mainly on abused women and children, and appeals to all ages within the entire community. In order to do my own campaign, I had to do research for similar campaigns which had the same conventions as my campaign. One of which was Women`s Aid, which is the national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children.

Their mission is similar my campaign which is to advocate for abused women and children and to ensure their safety by working locally and nationally to: offer support and a place of safety to abused women and children by providing refuges and other services, empower women affected by domestic violence to determine their own lives, recognize and meet the needs of children affected by domestic violence, promote policies and practices to prevent domestic violence and also raise awareness of the extent and impact of domestic violence in society.

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One of Women’s Aid campaigns is sponsored by The Body Shop; they are helping to Stop Violence in the Home with the sale of a new Mint Lip Care Stick. A small thing can make a big difference! Not only will the new Mint Lip Care Stick from The Body Shop care for your lips, it will also help raise much-needed funds to support women and children experiencing domestic violence. The new Mint Lip Care Stick is being launched on 21 April as part of The Body Shop ‘Stop Violence in The Home’ campaign for 2005. i??1. 50 from each Mint Lip Care Stick (RRP i??3. 50) sold will be donated to Women’s Aid.

In the UK, 1 in 4 women can expect to experience domestic violence at some stage in their life and The Body Shop campaign aims to help those women who are at risk, as well as build awareness of the issue. Women’s Aid use a mix of formal and informal language as a delicate balance, It is used to make the charity look to have authority but more importantly, the informality is a device used not to intimidate the audience and make them come across warm and friendly. The charity also emphasizes on the use of emotive pictures and language to win across their target audience. br seebebw oreb ebk ineb foeb eb. The aim of my campaign was to increase the public awareness of abuse and how people can assist the abused in a subtle way without causing them to lose their dignity. It will hopefully be a very strong and reasonably hard-hitting campaign, and will get people who see it to think about the issues it raises. In this campaign used two different media texts such as posters and billboard adverts. I chose these media texts because I believe it is in these texts that the range of audience I was hoping to reach will get to see them.

For instance, the reason I chose a poster in particular to be out in a magazine is because I feel that tabloids are generally used to flick through and commonly read by people who are not greatly interested in news etc, whereas the stereotypical magazine reader is someone who enjoys reading and thoroughly goes through their magzine. Also my billboard idea is one, which specifically interests me because I think it would be excellent to achieve as the range of audience reached would be massive, because people driving and passing by would all see it even if it was for a few short seconds. please do not redistribute this project. We work very hard to create this website Using my own knowledge as well as the research obtained from the Women’s Aid campaign, I was able to come up with my own advertisements. The three advertisements are coherent with each other the first billboard reads “No one should endure pain”, the second billboard reads “It doesn’t have to be like this… ” and the third which is a poster reads “There is a place”.

The use of black background represents seriousness whilst the white writing represents the chastity of the victims of abuse, and the image within a circle can as denotate a world of confinement as well as immediately being recognized by the audience as my campaign advertisements. The first billboard with the title “No one should endure Pain! ” portrays a close up image of a distraught young woman with her hand on her head; she is also wearing black connoting sadness. Around the image are short sentences of a story which is being told of how abuse takes place, first sentence “honeymoon period” connoting the blithe that once existed.

Then the second sentence “tension building” indicating that things are building up to the major event and the third sentence “serious battering incident” connotates the abuse which has taken place. The facial expression of the young women is of someone in contemplation, which shows that she might be possibly blaming herself for the abuse. The image was taken in a house on the stair well, showing the audience that violence can affect the lives of millions of women worldwide, in all socio-economic and educational classes.

Unlike abusive men, who often have specific characteristics, abused women do not fall into particular personality categories before the abuse begins. Being in an abusive situation, however, tends to trigger similar response patterns in the victims of abuse. Some women leave. But the climate of shame, uncertainty and fear “a war zone” make an abused woman less likely to take assertive action to value and protect herself, particularly if the woman comes from a family or cultural background that supports the idea of men being dominant.

The second billboard with the title “It doesn’t have to be like this… ” shows a mid shot image of a child with a hand over his head leaning towards the stair case, with another hand above him about to hit him. There is a speech bubble next to the child saying “mummy my head hurts again”, this depicts the child’s thoughts, because an abused child would be too afraid to say this out aloud. The child is wearing a white t-shirt representing innocence and purity, also an indication that abused children are not so nai??ve to their surroundings after it takes place a few times.

The little boy’s facial expressions show a child in fear, which contradicts the idea that a child deserves safety. The denotation of this image depicts a child that is definitely being affected by the violence happening around him. The large image on the page attracts attention and is more emotional than words. The image of the child makes the reader feel guilty. Also the background of the child in the picture shows how uncomfortable it is to live in that sort of environment, and again is addressing the reader with guilt.

Perhaps the child got “caught in the crossfire” and became a victim of violence themselves, either being accidentally pushed or hit during a violent outburst, or one of his parents may inflict intentional damage upon him as represented by the speech bubble. This young child lives in fear, waiting for the next violent episode. He feels no security in his own home, but is too young to seek out other alternatives. Even if children are not victims of assault themselves, children are seriously traumatized by living in a violent home. Both boys and girls who witness violence quickly learn that violence is an appropriate way to resolve conflict.

They may get into fights at school or in the neighborhood. As they get older, these children are less and less understanding of their mother. Some may begin to verbally or physically abuse her as they have seen their fathers do. Girls in particular may learn that being a victim is inevitable and see no way out of the pattern. As adolescents, girls may begin dating and become involved in relationships which grow to be abusive. They accept threats, controlling behavior and violence from their boyfriends. Children may live in shame of the hidden violence and be embarrassed by the family secret.

Their self-confidence and self-esteem are slowly taken away, along with their confidence in the future. The last is a poster with the title “There is a place… ” showing a close up shot of a woman and her baby, the mother is lovingly embracing her baby. On the side of the image is “we all deserve safety, comfort and love” paraphrasing what we all need apart from the basic necessities of life. The women is dressed in black representing gloomy mood, whilst the child in pink representing the perfection of this baby being nai??ve to the world around it.

The facial expression of the young woman is of alleviation, showing that she has a safe place for her and her child. The image is in some for a metaphor for the title, because it goes well together. The image connotates that the emotional consequences of violence can be extensive, this woman whether abused as an adult or a child, feels in some way responsible for what has happened to her. Perhaps this woman feels she is to blame, and is left believing she could have done something to avoid it. Perpetrators of violence sometimes use these feelings of self-blame, and even reinforce them, as a way of ensuring that their victims do not speak out.

At the bottom of each billboard and poster, are the details written in white displaying the name of my charity “Young Women & Children’s Refuge”, and the contact details including telephone number and website. The framing of all my images was kept simple, with thin white frame to represent that despite violence and abuse there is some form of hope for victims, it can be seen as a white “flag” of peace and serenity. The last poster contained reassuring words, stating that women and shouldn’t suffer alone as the society is there to help.

It also attributes what it offers to abused victims and asks for a donation from the reader. This one contained more information due the fact that it was a poster that was being placed in magazine so the reader would in avertedly, take a few seconds to acknowledge it. Also the sentences at the top of each billboard and poster, is effective in playing on the reader’s emotions, so they feel some form of guilt about their lifestyle. I personally did like the outcome of the adverts, since I am I did experience some difficult decisions about color schemes, the way the pictures should be positioned and so forth.

Although I feel that the overall advertisements was a success, but there could have been room for lots of improvements. The female audience might feel sympathy for these women because of the issues addressed in the poster, because of the maternal instict. The advertisement also appealed to males as well, because it was showing the damage that thery could be inflickting upon or children. But because of the plainness of the images, it wouldn`t appeal to some men due to the fact that it is not a sexy model parading in a swimsuit. That`s why I think it had a bigger impression with female audience than the male audiences.

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