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Violence has always affected the way people view the world throughout their daily lives. It makes people scared and can cause everlasting damage. Children of this decade are seemingly turning towards more violent and graphic gameplay for their pleasure. Due to this uprising of gruesome video gaming, children along with the video games are becoming more violent and aggressive. The concern around the dilemma is one of the most controversial topics of the decade and continues to keep people wondering what problems these graphic games can cause to the generations to come. Overall, the effects of violent videogames on children and adolescents is detrimental by exposing youth to violence, by distracting students from their school work and ruining socialization skills. These games psychologically is taking a toll on the youth’s minds; Children are conducting in violent actions, which will determine the fate of their future.

The Problem of Oversexualize Woman in Video Games
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For many years video games of been a way to entertain one’s self by relaxing and just having fun, but many other people see the opposite, they say that video games oversexualize females and, that the violence is extreme and can make a child violent. Video games tend to appeal to people so they can sell more games, so they would try anything to sell more copies of the game to gain more money and traction, and the easier way…...
Video GameVideo Game Violence
Influence of Violence in Video Game on Kids
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Have you ever wanted to run someone over with your car, go on a killing spree, or rip a person’s spine out of their body? Religious people and politicians say this stems from video games, which is not true If you know someone who is a gamer then you might know if they do may something called rage. This happens when players try to get achievements but they can’t due to lack of skill or luck (the developers of video…...
Video GameVideo Game Violence
The Sociology of Video Games
Words • 2000
Pages • 8
How do you feel about video games? Video games have been argued about broadly for decades. Ever since I was young, I have been around video games through my older brother being very into them, and my father collecting older type of consoles throughout different eras. I’ve noticed from all my years of playing and spectating that video games can range from competitive to violent, to social, and to even educational. Although my mother always believed that they made me…...
Video GameVideo Game Violence
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Video games and violence
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As of the month of March 2013, 208 children have been arrested for violence this year (“Each Day In America” 1). Could violent video games be to blame? Some say there is a correlation between the two and others say that violent video games are good for a child’s health and well-being. Based on true statistics on a correlation between violence in children and violent video games, all this controversy over violent video games and behavioral problems is wrong. The…...
Video GameVideo Game ViolenceViolence
Video games cause violence?
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Imagine this, you enter a room, the sound of gunshots ring In your ears, you yell “flash out”, and you storm the room, guns a blazing. You get shot, you’re down, now you re-spawn, to do it all again. Video games have been the blame of a lot of youth violence, yet there was violence before videogames. Video games do cause an effect on youth but not violent effects. The topic, video games are the leading cause of youth violence,…...
Video GameVideo Game ViolenceViolence
Violence Video Game
Words • 432
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Video game is one of the popular medium used by children and young adults. Aside from the Televisin and movie, video game is also used by the public as a way of entertainment. Due to its profound way of entertainment the popularity of video games had increased its rating. Video game is a form of entertainment, which application requires interaction with the person playing it. The use of video game is applicable to all ages, meaning everyone is capable of…...
AggressionChildVideo GameVideo Game ViolenceViolence
Violence in Video Games and Media
Words • 395
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What are the three strongest reasons to support your point of view Media Habits – Aggressive Attitudes and Behaviors Impact on media violence on kids and young adults on the rise Children and adults alike have become additive Introduction Video games have been in existed since the 1970’s, but it was not until the 1990’s that violent games came of age. Due to the numerous school shootings since the 1990’s, it attracted the attention of nation. Over the years, violent…...
Human NatureVideo Game ViolenceViolenceViolence In The Media
Video Game Violence Speech
Words • 675
Pages • 3
I. Attention Getter: Do you play violent video games? If the answer is yes, then you must be a mass murderer. II. Central Idea: According to the survey you all filled out, a few people are of the opinion that video games can cause violence in those who play them, which is why I'm here to try and dissuade those of that opinion. III. Credibility: Because I am a gamer myself and have come into contact with these ideas about…...
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The Effect of Videogames on Student Achievement

For instance, violent video games are exposing the youth to violence. The two gunmen in the columbine shooting were reportedly frequent players of violent video games. When the video games have a point of view in them and the players can actually interact with the game it involves killing. They are actually doing the action. It might spark up something inside of them to them go on and do it in real life. The mentality that all of the violence is good with no consequences it can lead to angry teens wanting to try it in real life. In addition to that, according to (Do Violent Video Games Cause Youth Violence). Additionally, gender identity is shown throughout these games multiple characters that are getting used in these games portray women in a non realistic way that could change the perspective of a child. For example, nonviolent game as a control game, and used Mortal Kombat as the violent video game. In a study done there were no female characters in 41% of the games with characters. In 28% of these, women portrayed as sex objects. Nearly 80% of the games included aggression or violence as part of the strategy or object. While 27% of the games contained socially acceptable aggression, nearly half included violence directed specifically at others and 21% depicted violence directed. The rush that children get while playing these games is truly extraordinary because of the adrenaline that these kids get just by killing people or killing zombies and what not.

Poor Reading Performance

Furthermore, children are beginning to abandon their school work and obtain poor academic performance. Video games aren’t a magical pill for boosting IQ. It may put youth at a higher risk for poor reading performance. Frequent use of multiplayer games associated with a “steep reduction in achievement.”. Over two-thirds of the US population aged 13 and high now consider themselves gamers. They become so intrigued that there’s nothing that can take them off unless they get mad enough at the game. These kids attention span in class is decreasing as well as these kids skipping the class period because they just don’t want to be there due to the amount of screen time that they have had when playing the games. “These games can act like caffeine to young children making it likely to cause nightmares and difficulty sleeping or also fighting with sleep because they want to win in the game. This may not seem like a significant reduction but REM plays an important part in helping us remember content we learnt that day so for adolescents in their final years of school who are revising for exams winding down at night with a video game might not be the best idea” (“Single Player vs. Multiplayer: Why Single Player Is Superior.” ).

Serious Socialization Problem

Moreover, all of this game play is ruining socialization skills in adolescents and in adults as well. Video games are addictive and it’s becoming a serious problem. When playing these games they get to choose whether they want to play alone or not. Kids would rather play on their own thinking that other people as in their friends don’t know how to play. Multiplayer mode just frustrates the youth even more. When playing multiplayer the youth starts to yell through the mic and it still makes them want to keep going; Single player games allow for much richer character growth and interactions.


In essence, no one knows what the future will hold for children nor the graphic video games they decide to play. These video games are corrupting youth and their psychs; Seemingly over time they will cause more destruction than good. Seeking adrenaline is what these gamers look for inorder to fulfil their psychological desires and be able to obtain gratification. Whether these games are making it difficult for children to socialize, pay attention in school or causing damage to their minds, violent video gaming overall is detrimental to any adolescent. Although there is much to discover about the gaming universe, humans will always wonder what makes a child’s mental state go rogue after experimenting with a violent video game.

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