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Video games and violence

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As of the month of March 2013, 208 children have been arrested for violence this year (“Each Day In America” 1). Could violent video games be to blame? Some say there is a correlation between the two and others say that violent video games are good for a child’s health and well-being. Based on true statistics on a correlation between violence in children and violent video games, all this controversy over violent video games and behavioral problems is wrong. The rise in the video game industry and violence statistics share no direct correlation (Lovell 1).

That is because the video games are not the problem.

Video games have been on the rise since the 1970’s and has been rising in popularity and size ever since. Violence on the other hand has been rising and falling way before video games started. Even now that video games have taken an enormous step in popularity, violence has been rising and falling way out of correlation with the video game industry.

Violent video games have even been proven to hold real-world benefits for children and their developing brains (Trudeau 1). Video games have been tested and proven to improve hand-eye coordination and even attention span.

Tests had been done on children who did not play video games and children who did, and the ones who performed the best when it came to tests on coordination, vision, speed, and attention where the children who played video games. Studies have even shown to improve different skills such as receiving and storing new information better and creative idea formation in the ones who play video games.

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Many people, though, say that violent video games lead to violence in children and adults since the rise of the video game industry.

These people have been proven wrong on many accounts by many statistics. Violence has not steadily risen since the rise of the video game industry and video games have also not been formed around violence, but were developed for entertainment and video games also have a wide variety of themes. People have also said that violent people who have publically shown their violence play violent video games and the video games are the cause of that. If that is true then what about all the other people who play violent video games and show no signs of violence what so ever?

The controversy over whether violent video games lead to violence or not should not be held at all and this topic should not be in question. Multiple studies have shown that violent video games can be good for you, and an enormous majority of people who play them never do something violent from influence by the games. Recent statistics have even shown that there is no correlation at all to violence and the rise of the video game industry. The cause could be in other things, but video games are being targeted and always have been targeted ever since their popularity grew.

The love of video games and inspiration by them has been growing even more despite this blame. Violence is not inspired by video games, but many great things are.

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