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Educational Goals Essay Samples

Current controversies are contiguous to goals of schooling date back to the historical records. The initial goal for public education and schools upon their founding in the 1820s was to unite American students by impressing the teachings of “common moral and political values” (Spring 2018, p. 5). This came forth under the belief that exposing children to equal political and moral teachings would rid our nation of crime and possible revolution. The foundation of our country and its constitution were created with the intention of flexibility and adaptation to ever-changing laws and other aspects of government. Correspondingly, a continual educational goal for public schools was “equality of opportunity”, or as Horace Mann called it “the great balance wheel of society” (Spring 2018, p. 4). This referred to giving all students an equal opportunity education, regardless of the socioeconomic status of their families. In doing so, students all had the equal possibility in achieving wealth, something that continues to resonate in our 21st century, with all students in America having access to free education in K-12.

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