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Current controversies are contiguous to goals of schooling date back to the historical records. The initial goal for public education and schools upon their founding in the 1820s was to unite American students by impressing the teachings of “common moral and political values” (Spring 2018, p. 5). This came forth under the belief that exposing children to equal political and moral teachings would rid our nation of crime and possible revolution. The foundation of our country and its constitution were created with the intention of flexibility and adaptation to ever-changing laws and other aspects of government. Correspondingly, a continual educational goal for public schools was “equality of opportunity”, or as Horace Mann called it “the great balance wheel of society” (Spring 2018, p. 4). This referred to giving all students an equal opportunity education, regardless of the socioeconomic status of their families. In doing so, students all had the equal possibility in achieving wealth, something that continues to resonate in our 21st century, with all students in America having access to free education in K-12.

How much the risk is justified
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Have you ever taken a risk so big that you pushed yourself to do everything in your power so that things would work in your favor? Sometimes taking a risk seems like the only way to achieve your goals, as there are a few things that are truly guaranteed, and not taking a risk may mean never achieving a set goal. In the movie, Meru, by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, there is a group of men who made it their mission…...
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Educational psychology is very vital to teachers
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Introduction It provides knowledge on theories and psychology principles to guide teachers’ practice in the classroom. It is responsible for having an insight into student’s behavior so that discipline problems can be avoided. Additionally, educational psychology creates awareness on students’ attitudes to help teachers create their healthy personalities and positive self-concept. Along with these skills, it also develops a teacher’s aptitude to choose the most appropriate teaching strategies. On the other hand, it supports teachers to analyze the styles and…...
Educational And Career GoalsEducational ExperienceEducational Goals
The life-course can be formed both ‘socially’ and biologically
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The ‘life-course originates from the definition of ‘life cycle’ which focuses on the biological compositions of individuals. The ‘life-course includes experiences, which can come from ‘histories’ and ‘cultures’. The life-course examines the different ‘stages’, as well as ‘transitions’ or alterations from one stage to the next, e.g. from adolescence to adulthood. Each of the individual ‘stages’ are impacted by a vast range of experiences as well as ‘historical’ and ‘cultural’ factors. Shodhgana theorized that youth has two perceptions, one is…...
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Computational approaches may be employed to explore the educational data and study the educational queries. This paper surveys the most relevant studies carried out in this field to date. Firstly, it identifies the different tasks that can be applied in an educational environment. It then lists the most typical/common tasks in the educational environment that have been resolved through data mining techniques. Introduction According to Wikipedia “Educational Data Mining (EDM) refers to techniques, tools, and research designed for automatically extracting…...
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Goals of Sex Education for Teenagers
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When many people think about sex education, cringe-worthy thoughts come to mind. It was probably in middle school, where everything is awkward enough, and now you are being forced to talk about sex… how awful. Depending on where one went to school, you maybe have practiced putting a condom on a banana or maybe sex education was a strictly horrible example of the way sex is bad and only for married couples. The question to ask, why is sex education…...
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Education: Purpose and Goals
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The purpose of education is to empower students to find their ways in the life and prepare students for both the modern world and future. (Excell, 2010). Effective head teachers provide a clear vision and sense of direction for the school. They prioritize the school needs. They focus the devotion of staff on what is vital and do not let them get unfocussed and diverted with advantages that will have little influence on the work of the students (Day &…...
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Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (Mdgs) for Education in Ethiopia
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Achievement OF THE Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for education in ethiopia PREPARED BY: ABIY NEGUSSIE A senier ESSAY SUBMITTED in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in public administration and development Management Department of Public Administration and Development management Faculty of business and economics Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa, Ethiopia JUNE 2008 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to express my deep appreciation for my mother and father for their encouragement and financial support.My sincere gratitude goes…...
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Instructional Objectives
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Instructional objectives may also be called performance objectives, behavioural objectives, or simply objectives. All of these terms are used interchangeably. Objectives are specific, outcome based, measurable, and describe the learner's behaviour after instruction. Instructional objectives serve as goals that teachers have set in the achievement of a greater goal. They also tell students what is expected of them. Instructional objectives make definite the direction in which teaching leads and become the focus of instruction, not only for the teachers, but…...
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Education: United States vs. Ukraine
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There are 1.8 million people coming to the United States every year. According to U.S. census estimates, in 2006 there were 961,113 Americans of Ukrainian descent representing 0.33% of the American population. The Ukrainian population in the United States is thus the second largest outside the former Soviet Union. One of the reasons is that the education is more progressive and flexible, which makes it easier for people to attain their educational goals. In different countries and in different cultural…...
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A College I Choose and My Educational Goals
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Paper Type:College essays
The degree programs which I choose to pursue is an Associate of Arts with a concentration on Community and Human Services and eventually continue on to a higher level studies to a Bachelor’s of Science degree also with a concentration in Community and Human Services. My registered area of study is Community and Human Services with great interest in Case manager and I hope to explore relationships with human beings’ needs and values. I hope to also learn how to…...
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Thomas Jefferson’s Proposal

Thomas Jefferson’s main concern was political hierarchy. His proposal was to offer free education to nonslave citizens to “rake out” the children best suited for political leadership. Due to the lack of support behind Jefferson’s proposal in regards to “fairness of selection”, a split in agreement ensued. Contrary to Jefferson, Horace Mann believed schools should provide equal education and political beliefs for all students. In doing so, social disagreements amongst students of varying socioeconomic status would be nonexistent (Spring 2018, p. 12). Mann hoped education would resolve the balance gap in socioeconomic classes. Equal education and opportunity for achieving “the American Dream” has remained the main goal of public schooling.

Three Main Educational Models

The “Common-School Model” provides that all students receive common and equal education in order to ensure the same starting point in the career race. The fallacy that lied in this model was the “before school” circumstances for these children within diverse income families. The New York Workingman’s Party argued that this model within itself was not the solution (Spring 2018, p. 72). This was due to the different experiences upon arriving home from school. Rich children could go home to endless resources, where on the opposite hand, poor children would often go home to zero resources and parents with low-ceiling education. Differences in family backgrounds continue to be the downfall of this model. The “Sorting Machine Model” aims to eliminate what the Common School Model failed to do, and that is making the difference in socioeconomic status a non-factor. In this model, students are sorted into groups with peers who demonstrate similar capacities. The sorting is done by tests, teachers, and counselors alike. With this model, educators believed no outside influence could affect a student’s opportunity for success. The last model, “High-Stakes Testing Model”, presented students with tests on subjects they have learned, and not standardized tests. These tests determined whether students would move along successive grade levels. This would also carry on into “issuing diplomas, certificates for job skills, and licenses” (Spring 2018, p. 74). In the present day, public education systems use variations of these models in schools.

Labor Market Bias Issue

Although educational goals were created with the greater good in mind, factors like race, gender, and family income have always hindered the philosophies of equal opportunity education. Labor market bias is also a reality that plays part in equal opportunity, as companies look to maximize their profit in any way possible, starting with cheap labor (Spring 2018, p. 79). Educators are the base facilitators for educational goals; therefore, we need to hold ourselves accountable to provide the best possible opportunities and resources to our students.

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How much the risk is justified
...Renan had put his heart and mind into recovering. And the way that he had progressed was…almost inhuman.” (Chin & Vasarhelyi). Both Beowulf and Miracle had characters showing despair. In Beowulf, Grendel's mother shows despair because she wen...

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