Career Options in Social Services


As the pace of the world increases due to advances in technology and globalization, it is inescapable that the problems we face at our personal and societal level will continue resulting in more complex situation. Our world needs dedicated, passionate and career-oriented people to help us with these problems.

Becoming a social worker offers ample opportunities starting from health practice to administration roles in the public sector and non-profit organizations. Social workers support people tackle the difficulties they face in daily lives.

These difficulties could relate to mental disharmony, old age problems, destitution etc.

Objectives of the research study :

  • To find out emerging career chances in social service field.
  • To find out the relevance of social service sector in Indian context

Research Methodology

Researcher has collected data both from primary and secondary sources. Secondary data is collected from the various sources like internet, books, articles etc. Primary data is collected from few academically qualified social workers residing in Vasai Taluka, Maharashtra.

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Scope for Social Workers

Plenty prospects are there for those want to make career in social services which are as follows:

  1. Social welfare providers,
  2. Adoption agencies,
  3. Foster care agencies,
  4. Daycare providers,
  5. Government agencies,
  6. Schools,
  7. Hospitals,
  8. Nursing facilities,
  9. Human resource departments,
  10. Clinics,
  11. Hospices,
  12. Advocacy administrations,
  13. Behavior Treatment,
  14. Prisons,
  15. Private practices,
  16. Military hospitals,
  17. Veteran affairs centers,
  18. Military base family services units,
  19. Military correctional facilities,
  20. Community and military base schools,
  21. Community psychological fitness centers,
  22. Vocational rehabilitation centers,
  23. Community-based organizations,
  24. Government planning departments,
  25. Political headquarters,
  26. Universities,
  27. Corporations.

Background Leading to a Profession in Social Work

  • People who have experienced a hardship such as obsession, exploitation etc.

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    tend to support others to face alike trials.

  • Curiosity about public welfare is created if issues related to society such as broken families, child abuse , alcoholism are brought out by social workers.
  • Some youths like to work in organizations such as Orphanages, Home for the aged, Leprosy colonies or schools.
  • Some young people are interested in making a difference and extending passion into social services.

Significance of Study

Social workers serve clients such as broken families, those struggling with mental illness or addiction. They may provide clinical services or connect people to resources in the community to help them overcome problematic situations. This study helps us to understand the role played by social worker in various fields including corporate world.


Suggestions of the researchers regarding career options in social services are based on the inputs from academically qualified social workers from various villages of Vasai Taluka from Palghar District and the information collected from secondary sources . Career opportunities in this field are as follows:

  • Community Service Assistant:

Community services assistants work with social workers, counselors, and other health and human services professionals to provide support to individuals and community groups.

  • Therapeutic Social Worker:

Therapeutic social workers provide patients with education and counseling, including discharge planning and connect patients to other services.

  • Group Social Worker:

Group social workers are typically employed by social service agencies or other non-profits to organize groups, facilitate intergroup or interpersonal communication, and evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s social service programs. These social workers may also work in private businesses or organizations to identify and suggest tools for constructively managing sources of intergroup conflict or tackling workplace issues.

  • Administrative Social Worker:

Administrative social workers hold leadership roles in various organizations including social welfare departments, schools, and hospitals.

  • Environmental Health Workers and Administrators:

Health officers and administrators work in both policy and public education to promote environmental health and safety in societies.

  • Healthcare Administrator:

Healthcare administrators are typically found in management roles, coordinating health services in hospitals, large doctor’s offices, and public and non-profit health care providers of all sizes.


Social work spans across multiple job options, depending on the type of social work degree we pursue and our personal career goals and interests. Most states require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in social work to obtain license, and many require a master’s degree in social work to be licensed. To work as a clinical social worker, a master’s of social work (MSW) is required.

Several youths select this career based on the types of people they want to help as well as place they prefer to work. Today social service has become emerging need not just for society but for corporate world too.


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