My name is Michael Chang Thao and I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a Web and Digital Media Development major and Computer Science minor. I earned a Network Support certification from Northcentral Technical College and I am COMPTIA A+ certified, MICROSOFT Certified Solutions Expert and CISCO Certified Network Associate. As a senior IT-Specialist at Noble Academy, my day consist of balancing the following roles as Server/Data/Security Administrator, Network Engineer, Computer Technician/Help Desk and Web Developer.

My duties include, but not limited to, maintaining, configuring and installing servers, Active directory (DC), DHCP, DNS and Application server; installing and configuring network devices such as routers, switches and Ethernet cable; monitoring security updates, antivirus systems, critical updates and firewalls; providing technical support and troubleshooting hardware and software issues; installing computer and A/V components and managing tasks from Spiceworks ticketing system; designing and maintaining websites for Noble Academy School District on the Drupal CMS.

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I am applying for admission into the Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS) because this graduate program is an educational opportunity that combines management theories and technological practices. With my broad and working knowledge of information technology, I am a candidate that seeks to improve my analytical and management abilities to best serve the needs of the people and institutions that I serve.

In the past four years, working at Noble Academy, I have develop a keen interest in learning more about how people and educational institutions use and manage information to improve and increase learning for students.

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I have used my technical skills in web & digital media, computer science and information network to create an effective, fun digital learning environment for Noble Academy’s students while supporting teachers and staff in their commitment to lifelong learning. In a changing technological landscape, an admission into the MMIS program will enable me access to mentors and learn from peers. Learning and accessing ideas outside Noble Academy will help me implement and manage the institution's future technological needs.

Since Noble Academy had expanded to two buildings, doubling its teacher, staff and student population, I am face with a new exciting opportunity - to lead a small team of IT specialists. The three key goals I am interested in are: enhancing my technological skills, improving my information management abilities and gaining core business analytical skills.

Enhancing my technological skills will enable me serve both locations efficiently. Noble Academy School district consists of two buildings, and newly constructed building in Brooklyn Park and remodeled building in Brooklyn Center, each with its own infrastructure challenges.

Improving my information management abilities will make me a better leader and mentor to my team.

Gaining business analytical skills will help me analyze, plan and implement the best technological solutions for Noble Academy to meet its mission to serve students.

A master's degree in MMIS will enhance my career goals at Noble Academy and help my life plans as a leader in information system, keep my skills up to date and enable my competitive edge as an IT specialist.

Updated: Apr 03, 2021
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