Challenges in Counselling About Career Path


Did you know? Career choices is a very important event our life. A person’s success will result in satisfaction and happiness depending on how well they chooses their own career. Improper career choice or frequently changing the career is very harmful for psychological health. Once we invest our time, money and effort in moving along a particular career path as well as it may not be easy to change the path.

It is well known that individuals who make career choices based on personal interest and abilities, show significantly higher levels of job satisfaction and more productive workers.

In addition, students who have gone through comprehensive career counselling are researching their career options that are right for them, while students who make career choices without adequate and accurate counselling and guidance are at risk of being impelled to choose careers that are not suitable for them.

Therefore, future planning to choose the best career with the help of counselor is very important especially for students with problems in choosing a career and can’t make the right decision for their future.

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The purpose of this report is to highlight awareness of the importance of career choice to students with the help of counsellor. It aims to help student to identify their identity and to discover their strengths and weaknesses in a particular field as well as their personal interest in something and to hone their hidden talents.

This report also aims to list the challenges in counselling for students to choose a career for their future. As you we know, every challenge has a solution. Therefore, as a counselor we must find solutions to helps clients resolve their problems.

Guidance and counselling is an educational process by helping one to solve the problems that occur in their life. The role of a counselor is to work with individuals, groups and communities to improve mental health such as encouraging clients to discuss about emotions and experiences that can affect mental health if neglected as well as examine issues including substance abuse, bullying, careers, depression, relationships, self-image, LGBT and suicide.

So, it is clear that career choice is important to students and isn’t something to be taken lightly. Lastly, everyone knows that every teacher can guide students who have problems. However, only professional counsellor can assist clients in solving the problem in detail.


Students often face difficulties in making choices and decisions about which careers to pursue. Two major reasons why there is difficulty in making career choices among students. First, students have trouble finding information and lack of resources about a job or career that can be used as a reference. Second, it is the lack of skills or motivation to get information about a job or career that ultimately creates identity problems for a student. Next, influence from family and peers. As a result, many graduates are not comfortable with their chosen occupations without the advice of experienced counsellor.

Usually, a child’s career choice is determined by their parents regardless to the child’s interest, will, ability or goals. Some parents also have high expectations of their children. For example, they will make sure their children get a job that promises a good income. In addition, doing a job that you are not interested in can cause a bad effect on yourself.

Solutions/Ways to Overcome the Problems as a Counsellor to Help Clients

As a counsellor, we must clearly explain to students what careers they are interested in. Career counselling can be described as one of the tools to assist a student in choosing a career that is relevance to their abilities, interest and tendencies. The goal is to help or provide a way for people to take care of themselves in terms of mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioral.

Next, a client must be realistic and honest. They must have to be open to assessing strengths and weakness. They must have to be willing to be upfront and honest about what they want and don’t want. The counsellor must also talk with the client to see options based on interest, experience, skills and ideas. Counsellor will use theories and approaches to tailor your session.

Usually, everyone have some goals in mind. They need more direction and don’t know which career path to take. Counsellor will work to formulate a tailored plan to help client reach their outlined goals and skills. Client will get more out of the process if they began to think about what they’re good at or want to learn more about.

Parents should not force children to choose careers they do not like. Instead, parents should support the careers their children want. Counsellor play a role in educating parents by explaining their children’s future plans. This can reassure parents that the careers their children want can guarantee a successful life.


You may think are too young to worry about your future career. But it is important for you to start thinking about your life especially after high school so that you can take the necessary steps to choose in any career you may choose. It may bee seen suddenly trying to choose a career before you complete high school, but you must always keep in mind that it’s never too late to change your career path. Lastly, if you’re having trouble choosing a career, consult with a counsellor for a solutions for effective advice and idea for the sake of your future.

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Challenges in Counselling About Career Path

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