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My Success Strategies

The duration of this course, I have learned much about how to become victorious in my career and life. What I learned from the self-assessment strategies has given me the gift of being more confident in myself and made me more focused on what I want in life. The powerpoints in the course have shown me steps on how to take hold of a successful life and also personal life. The strategies I will be using will help with establishing responsibility, self-management, and learning style.

The initial success strategy I plan on using all the time is welcoming personal responsibility. There will be a time when I need to focus on school and distract myself less when it comes to my free time. For example, I have a test to do on Thursday and I have to study to get an “A” and pass the course. The weekend comes around and all I do is procrastinate my studying. The smart thing to do would be to think wisely and use my self-management strategy.

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Free time will almost always be available, but a test that determines your grade won’t be. This helps me to be in charge of certain things and keeping up with the self-management strategy.

Motivating myself daily while getting things done is another way to accomplish goals. What I had in mind, is making a list of things I have to do and crossing them out as I do them. Seeing how many activities I had to get done and all crossed out, will make me feel proud that I’ve finished them.

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I use this method a lot, both in my personal life and academic. For example, when I have a lot on my plate, I tend to jot down the most important things that I have to get done. This way, when I am doing my things for the day, I don’t forget the goal. The lessons in the course I am taking now, give an important strategy on how to get things done. They ask to make note of short-term goals and long-term goals you can accomplish throughout the year and much more.

I believe that if I keep a good learning style in life, I can be a successful and positive person. I can learn to be an active listener. This is only when it comes to important information. Three keys to help me be an active learner are prior learning, quality, and quantity of processing. I plan on studying for many hours, not letting procrastination take the best of me, and asking lots of questions in my classes. This would eventually shape me into a better student.

In conclusion, those three strategies should help bring out the superior student in me. As Colin R. Davis once stated, “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.

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