?Academic excellence is the only way to success

What is academic excellence about? Is it how many marks we get? Or is it the number of competitions we win? It is much more than that. We often say that getting good marks is what academic excellence is about, but no it is the process of education we go through. From learning ABC in kindergarten we go to learning History, Science, Maths and more in higher grades. This process of academic excellence gives us the potential to be a good human being.

It provides us with the strong base of knowledge we require to build our building of life. The process and excellence provides us with the skill to sculpt our life the way we want it to be, to help us shape it and decide what we want in life. It teaches us to use this skill and knowledge by pushing our limits further by working hard in the direction of the goal. This hard work helps us to climb the stairs of success.

The knowledge base, skill and hard work talk about our inner selves.

Here comes the topic of our outer selves. The outer self is what we show to others around us. We improve it when we work as a team. Learning teamwork helps us achieve more as in our future the jobs we do depend on teamwork. Working with others a increases our ethics as we interact with others and it also teaches us to communicate politely and properly, also the process of academics prepares us for the competitive life ahead.

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On completing this process the certificate of excellence or degree we get on completing our education. That degree is the first impression we give to our interviewers on applying for a job. And in today’s world people who achieve academic excellence are respected and idolised.

Some may say that the great men of our like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not achieve academic excellence. But such examples we can count on our fingers. Such people are one in a million. What about the rest of the world? The worldwide population is crossing 7 billion, what about those people? They would not be able to achieve anything in their lives without academic excellence. Concluding my debate here I fell that ‘’Academic excellence is success in itself’’.

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?Academic excellence is the only way to success
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