My Path of Medicine Career

Two main forces have driven my success throughout my pursuit of a career in medicine—my desire to be of service to others and my passion for lifelong learning. Growing up in India, I was raised by my grandparents while my parents worked abroad. Maintaining a close relationship with my grandparents over the years, we transitioned from them taking care of me to me taking care of them. The sense of both elation and accomplishment providing for my grandparents filled me with pride and I longed to spend my life providing for those who need it most.

Throughout adolescence, my curiosity was always nurtured. Developing an interest in biology, I was encouraged to become the President of my high school’s Madam Curie Science Club. Fascinated by the functions of the human body, my interest in the field only grew. Witnessing my fervor, I still recall my father’s proverb “the best gift a parent can ever give their daughter is the gift of education.

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” Looking forward to living up to my father’s expectation, continue learning, and enter a service-focused career, I eagerly matriculated into medical school.

Throughout academia, I studied hard and relentlessly focused on the pursuit of my goal of becoming a physician, always striving to obtain a good standing in my class. Through various rotations and internships, my responsibilities included completing medical histories, performing physical body examinations, and ensuring follow -up in medical plans. Working directly with patients and exploring various specialties, I gained exposure to internal medicine, which immediately appealed to me.

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Recalling a specific encounter, a patient with severe COPD was admitted into the emergency room. Abandoned by his family, this patient had no support network. Above being involved in his care, I brought him food and assisted him with managing his medication. This experience began to instill in me the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. My interest in internal medicine grew when my family began to seek my advice. When my grandfather began experiencing shortness of breath while diagnosed with congestive heart failure, I suspected acute decompensated heart failure and insisted he be rushed to the emergency room. Playing a part in saving the life of my grandfather, I realized it was only due to my own clinical knowledge that he was alive. Internal medicine stands out as a field in which knowledge is power and as a continuous learning process—involving hereditary mechanisms and concerning various parts of the human body. –ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH EFFECTS.

During internal medicine rotations, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with diverse patient populations suffering from chronic conditions. As an internist, we must build up rapport with patients before gathering a precise medical history and forming a working diagnosis. Internal medicine also provides a balance between clinical, surgical and academic skills—which is a very important factor for me in pursuing a specialty. I believe that this makes internal medicine challenging, but worthwhile in the constant push to improve and continue learning, enabling reasonable decision making not only in medicine, but also in life. My pursuit toward my calling of internal medicine will best equip me for the future. Armed with the knowledge and skills to work in a goal-oriented, time-conscious, and professional manner, I look forward to continually developing. After successfully completing a residency, I hope to focus on patients, providing the highest quality of care. My long term goals include gaining experience through a fellowship and eventually serve as a physician in an underserved area, ensuring optimum care.

Residency is a bold new journey for some, but I look at it as a continuation of a journey that started many years ago–a journey of impacting people, acquiring knowledge, and pursing my goals of practicing medicine. I plan to utilize my assets—my clinical knowledge, skills, confidence, and my efficient and empathetic patient advocacy, to become a skilled physician who offers nothing less than compassionate and competent care for patients. I am hopeful of becoming a doctor with the energy and dedication required to exceed expectations. This hope is what will propel me forward with a sense of enthusiasm and conviction, translating into the formation of a competent and humane internist.

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