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How I Decide to Take the I.T Route in My Future Plans
...I learnt the importance of integrating systems into a user-friendly multimedia front end, which is a fundamental component in the efficiency of estate agencies. My future plans lie in the IT sector. I understand howeve...
A Report on My Future Plans to Prevent the Spread of Deadly Virus When I Enter the Medical Field and Work in Developing Countries
...If we look at the three interventions, primary, secondary, and tertiary, there was no plan. They did not provide any stable options to avoid the spread of HIV and AIDS, they did not reduce the impact of HIV because the hid the true data and they fail...
Why We Need To Stop Writing Plans And Start Making Them?
...When you sit and write down your plans you are pretty much putting your life on hold. There are too many places to see, too many things to do, and too many people to meet. Don’t just sit down and write your plans out because there is a ninety perce...

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