How I Decide to Take the I.T Route in My Future Plans

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I decided to take the I.T route in my future plans because I have many interests in I. T and especially the Multimedia field. To me information technology in the form of communication is vital. I particularly find interest when technology is in the form of entertainment and advertising. I have a healthy interest with the Internet and the World Wide Web, multimedia technology and design cater for this. A large piece of the courses I chose show great effort in teaching the World Wide Web and Web design, this tells me there are others who share the view and understand the importance of this entity.

My current interests lie with Information & communication Technology and as I keep learning, information technology plays an increasingly important role in Vocational Science – in the form of obtaining and decimating vital information to the right people. 3 years ago I had taken a job in an estate agents store information on their computer network.

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I learnt the importance of integrating systems into a user-friendly multimedia front end, which is a fundamental component in the efficiency of estate agencies. My future plans lie in the IT sector. I understand however to be successful in this category I must take an open view to I.T and not just multimedia or the Internet. My ideal choice would be working with graphics in the multimedia field and I hope to aim for this. I benefit from playing Football and Cricket; I find this an excellent way of keeping fit and keeping an interest.

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I attend gym every week and find it enjoying and challenging to push myself to the limit for mental and physical gain.I particularly enjoy listening to music and find more appreciation in learning about the science of music. For inspiration I enjoy studying astronomy and is only one of a few hobbies I’ve kept with me for over 10 years.

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How I Decide to Take the I.T Route in My Future Plans

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