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About this essay
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As soon as I graduate from high school I plan on contacting my closest Navy Recruiter and getting on the preliminary work done that is needed. After the preliminary work is done, I plan on enlisting for four year under the “EOD Challenge Program”. It’s going to be a huge decision that’s going to affect my entire life. The program itself will challenge me on all aspects of the spectrum. This is exactly what I expected when I decided to pursue a job in the military, but that does not distract from the milestone in my life that this will represent.

After enlistment, I will then be assigned a ship out date where I will begin the Navy recruit training. If I complete the training I will be put into a physical screening test and will be interviewed by an EOD motivator. If I pass both of those, I must then pass a diving physical. Now I plan on passing because in the mean time before I even enlist I will be in great physical shape, which should be my only hurdle in this part of the process.

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Once I have passed all of these requirements, I then start EOD Schooling. EOD Schooling is broken down into three schools and one course. All which must be completed in order to be an EOD. These consist of an EOD Dive school, an EOD Technician school, a Basic Airborne school, and an EOD Tactical Training course. Each class is rigorous and will teach me a different skill needed for the specialty job of being an EOD.

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Once I have finished all schooling, I am then assigned to an operational EOD mobile unit which I will be expected to report to for active duty.

Now if all these steps are fulfilled and I do become and active duty EOD in the Navy, then I will finish out my tour, and get back to my family. I plan on taking a short hiatus before re-enlisting and starting another tour. After the second tour I plan on joining the Army Reserves, so that I am able to have a military retirement in later years to come. This will allow me to have gained immense amounts of life experience and incredible amounts of knowledge. This will also give me amazing benefits and pay, while setting me up for military retirement. I will then be able to live my life.

Now if this plan does somehow fail. I will be attending either Sierra College or Butte College in order to get my remedial done and get my solar panel certification. After two years I will be able to install solar panels and I will then switch to either UNR or Chico State. There are several majors I had in mind. Two of the biggest majors I had in mind being in either Political Science, or Economics. I am no worried about what will happen only because I have a back up plan like I have explained. This piece of paper holds my hopes and dreams, and this is my personal action plan.

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