My Future Plans and Expectations

As a child, I found myself looking up to many people and admiring those that had accomplished so many great things in their lives. I grew up in a household of eight people; I am the fifth child of six. I never thought about my future plans and expectation growing up. I started thinking about my future when I was in high school and then after.

I never thought that I would finish high school. Many friends and family have told me that I was not cut out to be in school.

I never imagined ever finishing something that everyone thought I couldn’t do. I must work really hard to give myself a better future. Who would have ever thought that I one day like to become a teacher and help students in a way that all the teachers through my education have helped me?

As time passes it is hard to look back at my regrets and encourage myself to look back at my successes.

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I look ahead and try to motivate myself to do the best that I know I can as I encourage myself every day. When I think about my future plans, I see a vast sea of possibilities. As I have found a mentor that helps me through my hard decisions. I believe that in five years I see myself still studying thanks to my own motivation in wanting to gain more knowledge and learn more so I can one day become a great teacher.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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