My Plans And Goals to Be Healthy

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You should take the responsibility of your health. You should take care of your health because you will get sick if you don’t. In this paper I will be talking about health and how we can be healthy. I will also be creating a personal wellness program to make myself successful and other people too. It will include my goals, and weaknesses and my strong points. I will also be creating a plan. Health can be divided into different parts including exercise, maintaining your weight, eating nutrition food and how to manage stress.

Exercising can make you fit so you won’t be obesity or over weight when you get older. Exercise can also make you feel less stress because it will help you take your mind off of things. Components of fitness include stretching, strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility. I have an exercise routine. My exercise routine is to stretch by touching our toes or stretching arm muscles before you start the exercise.

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I take dance classes, so my teacher said to stretch your arms and legs first then you start stretching your back. We do the splits too. My dance teacher said, “If you keep going a bit down everyday then you will eventually get down.” What that means is that you do stretching every day and you will get down to the floor on your splits. If I were to change my exercise routine, I would change it to stretching then exercising then cool down then stretching again.

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I would change it to that because after an exercise you feel exhausted but you also feel like you stretched. So you should stretch again and see if you got better at it. My goal is to do my exercise routine once per day, so I need to exercise every day.

Maintaining your weight and eating nutrition food is important to your health. Maintaining your weight can reduce the number of risks factors in your future. Nutrition is also good because you want to eat healthy. Eating nutrition is part of maintaining your weight. I will start by taking out the fatty and sugary foods like candy and chips. How you can change your eating habits is to start eating nutritious breakfast in the morning like eating eggs and milk or having whole grain cereal with milk. You can have protein and dairy and whole grains all in one meal! Another way is to eat at the dinner table without distractions like your apple devices or playing with toys. You can also teach yourself to eat when your hungry and stop when you are comfortably full. You should also eat nutrient food like fruits and vegetables that contains vitamins and minerals. The portion of the food tells all of it. If you eat a large portion of the food you will gain more calories than your suppose too. These changes will improve your health because nutrition is good for you, you will eat what you, yourself will take, and you will not gain weight. Having a maintain weight is good for you body. My goal is to eat less fats and sugar like chips and eat more of the nutrition foods like vegetables and fruits.

Stress is a non-specific response of the body, or the body’s reaction to a demanding situation. Stress can be dangerous because when our body can’t handle it we might get sick. Managing stress is really hard for some people because they have like a presentation due the next day or they have a test the next day. How you can manage stress is by exercising, sleeping well enough and long enough, and eat well. When you exercise you can think about something else like I said before. Sleeping your full hours can make you think clearer and it can’t make your head hurt. When you eat a healthy breakfast you will have more energy to work. You can also manage your time effectively. By doing that you will have more time to do your work in time without stressing out on the work you have to do the day after. Lastly, you should think positive. When you think positive it will give you the strength to do things. When you are thinking negatively it will only affect your work of not being good. When you post your time out of which things to do at this time or when should I do it, will help a lot because you have relaxing time and work time too. My goal is to get more sleep and manage my time so I don’t have to run out of time to do things.

You or your peers or our parents can make you successful because they guide you the way to your path on which road you want to walk on. You get to decide if you want to walk on that road. Your parents and peers can help you guide you there or help you think of what you want to do. They can help me be successful because they can give me advice and help me walk on the road I was suppose to be on. They can also cheer me on or push me on too and support me.

These changes I made above will keep me from developing different diseases because it will make me healthier and reduces the risk factors too. In the article, “How Healthy Eating Prevents disease” it said, “Eating foods loaded with sugar, fats and calories can add extra weight to your body, weakening your bones and making your organs work harder.” This means that when you start eating more sugar and fats you will most likely get type 2 diabetes or heart disease and more. It also said that “certain nutrients affect certain parts of the body.” Example: when you have less calcium, your bones can become unhealthy, brittle and weak which can cause diseases. The Department of Health and Human Services did an experiment, one group of adults to exercise daily. Studies have shown that people who engage in the amount of exercise recommended have a good body. Managing stress can keep you from developing different diseases because when you are reducing stress, you can improve your mood and allow you to be more productive.

Drugs are bad for you. If you don’t do drugs you will have a better and healthier life. Drugs can make your body bad. Medicines are legal drugs but you can only get them from your doctors who prescribe them. Illegal drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other organs of a growing body like a teen. When people try drugs they get addicted to them especially teens, so they keep wanting more which is bad for the body. When they get addicted, which means that the person’s body becomes loving the drugs and can’t function well without it, you can stop them but it will be very difficult. Not only can it harm your body, it effectively shatters your life, destroying the length and quality of you life. Drugs are very expensive too.

My plans and goals will impact all areas of my health because we need a nutrition meal, how to manage stress and to exercise. My plan is good because some people exercise but do not stretch so they can get hurt more easily. Physically plan will keep me much more active, as well encourage me to abstain from harmful habits. Exercising daily will not only help me stay fit, but also more relaxed. Socially, having a better psychological state means dealing better with people and having better relationships, giving you a sense of love and belonging. Occupationally, being happier and more alert allows you to focus better in your classes or career, which in return can result in an increased GPA.

In conclusion, we should have a healthy meal by not getting used to the eating habits of playing with you electronic devices while eating, exercise every day by stretching first then exercise, manage stress by writing down the things you need to do then plan it out on what day to do it, and get enough sleep by sleeping on the right time and getting enough sleep. These are all the things we should do in our everyday lives. We should never do drugs because it will do harmful things to you and might get you addicted. It will help us maintain our weight and live a healthy life. You guys are responsible for your life. Make it good.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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