Charting the Course: Nutrient Packaging Design Research Proposal

This skeleton research proposal on nutrient packaging design is the concluding measure before get downing the existent research procedure harmonizing to the lineation provided in this papers. A skeleton proposal is typically used for presentation to a survey leader for blessing before the pupil will get down the research. The skeleton will be used as a guideline by the pupil supplying the needed deepness to fix the concluding research proposal.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This explorative research proposal forms the initial research to research nutrient packaging design.

It is an effort to put the land work that could take to future surveies to progress the design of nutrient packaging. ( Education Portal 2003 ) . The secondary purpose is to research a new angle to supply a formulised procedure to assistance interior decorators in the design of nutrient packaging.

Background and motive

From conducted research it was found that limited resources exists on the procedure of planing nutrient packaging. This makes it really hard for interior decorators without experience in packaging design to follow a design procedure.

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The procedure of boxing design demands to integrate the type of merchandise, sustainability, stigmatization, selling, right of first publication and state dependent factors in order to accomplish the needed success of a successful merchandise.

Problem statements and inquiries

Broad Subject:

Boxing Design

Focused Subject:


Possible Research


What stuffs do interior decorators utilize for sustainable nutrient packaging?

What stuffs are the safest to utilize for sustainable nutrient packaging?

What stuffs are harmful to the environment?

How is merchandise packaging influenced or dependant on the civilizations of different states?

Smaller subdivisions and inquiries to reply my inquiry:

What plastic stuffs do interior decorators utilize for sustainable nutrient packaging?

What types of wood do interior decorators utilize for sustainable packaging?

What are the wellness hazards of nutrient packaging?

How has nutrient packaging changed over the old ages?

How does the same packaging influence purchasing volumes in different states?


Food packaging interior decorators must make an extended sum of research on this subject and the wellness dangers that certain stuffs might keep.

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This is a really of import portion of being in the nutrient packaging industry because these interior decorators are seting peoples lives in danger if they do non make their work decently.


The purpose of this survey is to make a design usher for immature interior decorators in the procedure of nutrient packaging design. The usher will simplify the design procedure by making a stepwise process to be followed. Provision of a design cheque list will guarantee that the interior decorator do non bury any portion of the procedure. The research will besides take to supply a expression that can be used to foretell the success of the packaging.

Chapter 2: Structure OF ARGUMENT


In order to carry on research it is indispensable to follow a chiseled procedure. The procedure consists of three parts ; basic research, applied research and clinical research. Research ever has to get down with basic research supplying the information required for the applied research part. The information gathered during the applied research forms the foundation required to put to death the concluding clinical research measure. ( Inscape Design College 2014 )

Basic research

The purpose of basic research is to garner information related to the general rules of the cardinal subject of the research. The basic research is conducted across a wide spectrum covering all information related to the subject. The collected stuff should incorporate information on macro degree covering broad countries or Fieldss, mid-level covering specific scopes of issues and on a micro degree concentrating on narrow inquiries.

Applied research

The information gathered during basic research is sorted when carry oning the applied research stage into categories of jobs. It may besides affect proving theories for categories of jobs.

Clinical research

Clinical research is the concluding measure where the information from the basic and applied research stages is applied to specific instances or state of affairss. During the clinical research new inquiries may be generated to measure the information of the basic and applied research stages. The inquiries developed may be added to the information of the old stages.

Research Methods

The undermentioned different research methods may be applied during the three stages of research:

Experimental research is conducted when comparing different information.

Descriptive research focal point on analysing bing informations.

Action research is conducted in group scenes.

Team research consists of group work with part from take parting persons.

Historic research collects informations from bing research.

Case survey research is conducted utilizing bing instance surveies.

Imperial survey relates to computing machine, informations and cryptography.

Qualitive research involves capable affair experts as the chief beginning for information.

During any of the research methods informations could be collected utilizing studies.


The basis, related to the geographic expedition of nutrient packaging design that has been laid during this explorative research forms a solid foundation for farther elaborate research. The secondary purpose to research a new angle to supply a formulized procedure to assistance interior decorators in the design of nutrient packaging has partly been accomplished. However farther elaborate research is required to set up a step-wise design process.

In order to obtain relevant information during the research, it is indispensable to hold interaction with interior decorators from Europe and the USA. This straight affects the feasibleness of this survey due to the clip and cost involved.

Validity and trustiness

The clinical research must be expanded with information obtained from Capable Matter Experts dwelling of interior decorators with experience in the field of nutrient packaging design. It would be helpful to affect every bit many as possible interior decorators from the diverse field of nutrient packaging design. The information obtained from the design experts must be based on instance survey illustrations of packaging merchandises that they have designed and are presently being used in the market. Common elements from the design experts can be used as a model for the design process.


EDUCATION PORTAL ( 2003 ) .Purposes of Research: Exploratory, Descriptive & A ; Explanatory.[ online ] . Last accessed 22 June 2014 at: hypertext transfer protocol: // # transcript

INSCAPE DESIGN COLLEGE ( 2014 ) .Design Communication Surveies. Pretoria, Inscape Education Group.


Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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