Petroleum Engineering: Research Proposal Essay

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Petroleum Engineering: Research Proposal

Petroleum engineering is technical activities related to the hydrocarbon production – either crude oil or gas. The importance of petroleum engineering is swiftly increasing and researchers try to highlight peculiarities and innovations in their writings. Petroleum engineering is main substance discipline within the gas and oil industry which concentrates on maximizing economic recovery of hydrocarbons.

Therefore, the intended audience will be researchers and scientists who are interested in promoting petroleum engineering which offers certain benefits, and common people who are interested in innovative technologies. As far as petroleum engineering is related to many scientific fields, I am sure that economists, engineers, geologists and drillers will find the material informative and valuable. The current research will be assessed through the methods of description, case study and desktop research. The main purpose of the study is to enlarge knowledge of petroleum engineering, its importance and benefits.

The research will focus on defining of petroleum engineering, improvements in modeling and materials, application of petroleum engineering, probability analysis and new development of new technologies as, for example, enhanced oil recovery and horizontal drilling. The main goal of the research is to answer the question whether petroleum engineering is really worth of studying and researching. A literature search revealed a number of on-line articles and books on petroleum engineering and its application in modern world.

Over two-thirds of these were prescriptive and written by practitioners, consultants and journalists. There is also a steady flow of research and ideas on how new developments in petroleum engineering challenge conventional techniques. The most valuable resources are “Petroleum Engineering” by Wyllie (the author offers information of the development of petroleum engineering, its peculiarities and innovations) and “Petroleum Production Systems” by Economides, & Hill (the authors offer extensive coverage of well deliverability from oil, gas and two-phase reservoirs).

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