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Research Proposal on Motivation

Categories: MotivationResearch

Personnel Management (HRM) consists of the procedure of managing employees at work to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. These goals are attained by tactical operations with the use of cultural, structural and individual methods (Schuler and Jackson, 2007). With the modification in environment and intro of globalization, it has actually become important for the organizations to improve workers’ performance at office. So, it will help to improve employees along with organizational growth.

Research study Concern

In relation to this research study, the following will be the research concern:

” How HRM is influencing staff members to enhance efficiency at work and in what ways?”

Research study Objective

In relation to this case, the following are the goal of this research:

To see the relationship between HRM and employees’ performance.

To explore various elements of HRM responsible to enhance workers’ efficiency. To evaluate the way of impact individuals for more efficiency at work place. To recognize the function of HRM in the development of staff members as well as company.

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Literature Review

According to Birdi, Wall and Wood (2008) HRM is a practice that enhances workers’ understanding, skills, mindset and habits. This improvement assists to increase business efficiency. There are numerous methods for that such as encourage or train staff members to work harder and more flexibly, encouraging using initiative, lowering the cost of supervision and other direct costs. In addition to providing the opportunity for people to establish and use new understanding and abilities at work (Birdi, Wall and Wood, 2008). So, the personnel management plays a huge part to increase productivity of organization.

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On other hand Dysvik and Kuvaas (2008) argued about influencing employees about productivity. They said training and motivation cannot influence every employee in the same way. If employees can perceive that they are not being provided with sufficient training opportunities. It might develop higher turnover intentions (Dysvik and Kuvaas, 2008). So, from this statement it is found that perception of developmental HR practices and turnover intentions are negatively related to each other.


Employees are regarded to be the most valuable assets of a company. So, it is important for the organizations to have effective human resource management to enhance productivity of employees as well as that of the organization.

Research Methodology

Secondary source of data collection will be used to gather information regarding the research. Review of different literature, books, articles, web sources will be used as secondary source of data collection (Goddard & Melville 2004).

Potential Difficulty

Every research has some potential difficulties that affect the creditability of the research. The potential difficulty regarding this research is the time constraints and accessibility of the information sources.

Action Plan

Action plan determines the activities to be taken for the accomplishment of research. Following action plan would be there with time schedule for this research:


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Research Proposal on Motivation

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