Volunteering Essay Examples

Volunteering essay samples

Volunteering service can teach us how to be appreciative. Far too often we tend to take things with a pinch of salt. Whether it be that we come from wonderful homes where we never had to ever wonder when our next meal was, or that we’ve had a multitude of things given to us in life. After spending time working with people of all ages and backgrounds, we may realize how lucky we really are. 

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Volunteering at the First Baptist Church

I have been volunteering at the First Baptist Church. After I completed my last day with a group of special needs kids, I started to reflect on my time spent there. I then understood that these encounters have transformed me. I have begun to offer back to my community, however, the community has already given me something as well: another viewpoint on life.

My Experience with Neighborhood Community

It has led to me having a closer association with my neighborhood community. The Chesterfield community is a major piece of what makes Virginia one of a kind. From neighborhood clean-ups to playing soccer with special needs kids, there are numerous individuals from this community devoted to improving everyone’s life. The Church has discovered numerous ways for students to give back to the community and I have taken part in a few of these activities. After working with this community, I have started to feel a closer association with the individuals that live in it. Never again am I simply existing—I am now a part of the community.

Working with Kids of All Ages and Backgrounds

Community service has taught me how to be appreciative. Far too often we tend to take things with a pinch of salt. I know that I have my fair share of times. Whether it be that I come from a wonderful home where I never had to ever wonder when my next meal was, or that I’ve had a multitude of things given to me in life. I definitely have been a little bit too spoiled. After spending this year working with children of all ages and backgrounds, I have realized how lucky I really am.

I have met some amazing individuals. The individuals that I have met while volunteering molded me into the person I am today. I have met others like me who like to give back to their community, and I have met people who are profiting from the work we have put in. These incredible people have a story and through volunteering, their story is shared.

How I Deal with ADD and APD

I have been affected by having ADD and APD. They have made studying and paying attention during class extremely hard. I’ve had to try different ways to focus such as taking prescribed medicine, sitting upfront before the teacher, and distancing myself from friends. I still have difficulties today but I’ve learned how to deal with them to maintain good grades. Making sure to ask for help if I don’t understand something, if I didn’t hear them correctly, or if I was distracted.

FAQ about Volunteering

My Experience of Volunteering at the Central Florida Leadership Academy What I Learnt About Being a Teache
...This was overall a great experience. I learned many things about being a teacher and gained a rewarding feeling from completing service. I love that I was able to help out in a title one school and help improve student's ability to learn and understa...
How Important It Is to Help Others Who Are in Need
...If people do not get a schedule or due day, you will probably keep the ineffective life and infinitely put off the work. But a mandatory requirement is an invisible force to push you forward. Only you have a limited time can you change your lazy life...
Why Is Community Service Important?
...Community service has a constructive, and enduring effect on its participants and society because it is a volunteer work intended to help the people of a particular community. Just like any nonscholastic activity, community service requires lots of t...
Definition: What Is Community Service?
...Through my community service, to help to achieve Goal 1, I will help to spread the importance of becoming involved in community service by imparting my previous experiences to those I come across during this community service. I will also encourage t...
What is Community Service?
...But protestors have struck with a very solid argument, they think that community service is being forced upon students. Students who are forced to do community service will grow to dislike it, making them less likely to volunteer in their communities...
Why is Volunteering Important?
...In short, volunteering is the most important pursuit of an individual's life. For it helps contribute to the greater good, it helps lead a life closer with God and it helps find meaning in one's life. Although it is ridiculous to believe that one sma...
What is your intended major?
...It’s also about the knowledge and insight that I would be able to bring my fellow Indonesians. Through this insight and knowledge they might believe they can also make a difference and pursue an education that will also benefit their fellow Indones...
Why Community Service Is Important?
...Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself in five years being graduated from college with my bachelor’s degree. I plan on graduating at the top of my class and working hard to excel my way to the top at my job. I hope to be employed in ...

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