I am writing to apply for the chance to be a senior prefect. There are numerous reasons as to why I would be honoured for the chance to forfill the role. Firstly I feel that it is a position that comes with great responsibility which will be beneficial in the future for CVs and will appeal to employees and Universities. Also as I have been a member of Treorchy Comprehensive school for around six years I think that becoming a senior prefect will give me another opportunity to contribute to the school and take a more active role within the school community.

Since my younger years at the school I have always looked up to the Sixth form students for support and guidance. I would like the chance myself, to help younger students as I feel I am approachable and caring. After recieving my GCSE results where I exceeded my target grades in a majority of subjects I realised that I wanted to become a senior prefect to give back to the school that has improved my learning incredibly.

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I think that I am ideal for the role as I have been an active participant during my time at the school. I’ve aided teachers in numerous open evenings and parents evenings and took part in assemblies on several occaisions. Aswell as internally I have also taken part in a lot of external volunteering work in my community. At a younger age I took part in the “Building Bridges” programme at Ysbyty George Thomas hospital.

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The project involved visiting the dimensia clinic once a week to spend time and interact with the elderly. Also during my GCSE study period I visited my primary school (Pen Pych) and worked volunteering for three weeks at the creche’ and just generally helped out with any jobs needed. I feel these are good qualities to have as it shows that I not only work in school but am a helpful member of my community and thrive off working with other people of all ages. Hopefully the qualities I’ve picked up volunteering can be transferred into a school environment.

During my time at the school I have visited numerous locations on school trips such as Llangranog and Berlin, I think this will help me with the role of senior prefect as I have familiarized myself with a large population of the school,teachers aswell as pupils. This hopefully will allow people to confidently come to me for advice and not feel embarrassed are shy about asking her guidance. I also help out in reading support with year eight pupils who have difficulty with reading, I’ve found this process to be very rewarding as Its nice to know that your helping someone improve their own education.

I think it is evident that I am very much a people person and feel in my opinion that communicating well with others and listening to fellow students worries and opinions is the main responsibility of a senior prefect which I think I will be able to fullfill. By applying for the position of Senior Prefect, I hope to acquire responsibilities at a level which I have never before experienced. Constantly challenging myself to a high level is what truly satisfies me and I always strive to achieve greater than what is expected of me. Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

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