The Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing Community Service

Community Service is a voluntary work for people that apply or volunteer for work. Some people Do community service for fun or to be a good citizen. I never did community service but I will do it for fun or the veterans of the army Some of community service is bad and if you a felon and did time in prison you will pick up trash. You will do it for a time that the judge gave you in court when you get out of prison.

I think everyone encounters community service everyday of their life, I want to do community service I want to coach little kids in basketball I think that will build a good community as a whole. It will have a big impact on people lives for doing community service. There was a good role model in my community his name was Coach John. He used to coach little league basketball he had everybody on the team to have good spirit.

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That will take young little males to a whole another level when they get grown.

I don’t know why people do community service for money it‘s not all about for money. You should not always do it for the money like coach john did. He is dead right now but I know in heaven he is looking at me and my co-workers to be a better citizens to the community Some people do community service because they have to, I do it because I want to I think I have volunteered at the YMCA like 100 times.

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To help little kids with the homework and play a little basketball before they go home but it’s still community service and helpful to the community. I love helping out students and kids. I wish everyone had the chance to do a community service like this and see how much fun it is, I am very surprised that at the end of each Friday, I go home feeling as if I take more than I contribute to my community and my family.l think doing it for a paycheck is stupid and is because people needs the money for bills and etc.

I think my mom needs to do community service but she always working but if she does it will probably change her life and her attitude towards her community and the way she looks at people Yet, I know I could have done better with the help of someone. I figured with the opportunity to do community service, I could take advantage of this situation and choose something that would help kids with whatever they needed and maybe even go to school with them if I had the chance.Looking through the long list of places to do community services the Other White YMCA have showed me interests they even have programs on the weekend for me? But I know MS. Jones she have gave me money when I was at the old YMCA on the Westside But She is fine resign to the YMCA so I am going say goodbye to the kids and move to the YMCA. Hopefully everything goes right for me and this is my essay on Community Service.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022
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