Volunteer Programs and Volunteerism

Volunteerism is not all about completing an expected number of hours, it is also about giving back to the community. When people volunteer in society and bring a smile to those who cannot help themselves, it gives them a sense of satisfaction. It also gives the volunteer experience in their different fields, helps train them in various life decisions, and teaches them valuable job skills. Showing love and attention to those who cannot help themselves gives them a sense of purpose in life.

When volunteering, one develops their social skills and form relationships with other people and volunteers. It also keeps the person active and if one is active, one stays healthy.

Why do you want to volunteer 100 hours at Wake Forest Baptist during your summer break? What other volunteer opportunities (past and present) have you been/(are) a part of? What qualities do you have to make you a great fit for the Summer VolunTeen Program? I feel that I can make a difference as a volunteer at Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Center by bringing a positive attitude, active listening skills and respect to the staff, patients, and guests in the hospital.

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Volunteering in Wake Forest Baptist Health will help me express my desire to make people lighthearted about their difficulties. It also gives me an essential view of what goes on inside a hospital in various aspects like taking care of people, being able to deal with particular situations whether inside or outside the hospital and making decisions in various areas of life.

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I am currently using these skills as a volunteer in my church’s free clinic, The Healing Streams Free Clinic. This monthly free clinic serves the underinsured people in Greensboro, Highpoint, and Winston-Salem. I sign in patients who come into the clinic, tend to their needs by getting a drink or a snack, and file their medical reports. Over time, volunteering at the clinic improved my ability to complete tasks briskly and diligently and social skills.

What are your thoughts about the Summer VolunTeen Program’s No Tolerance Mobile Phone Policy? I support this policy because it is beneficial to both staff and volunteers. Limiting the amount of distraction that is not work-related helps staff/volunteers to be more diligent and focused on various tasks placed in their hands. Also, it gives volunteers and staff the opportunity to interact with each other and build relationships. How would you handle a difficult/negative situation with a patient or guest? I handle difficult or negative situations in a civilized manner. First, I address the situation then find out different ways to solve the problem, but if the situation is beyond my control, I seek help from other people who have experienced that kind of situation and hear their different feedbacks.

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Volunteer Programs and Volunteerism

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