My Volunteering Experience

My Volunteering Experience

As instructed in class, we were assigned to volunteer at any facility in order to obtain improvements with our communication skills. I chose to volunteer at The Ronald McDonald’s House of Charities because it provides a place for immediate family members who have their children in any of the hospitals in Amarillo, TX. The House of Charities provide safety and comfort for families with children that are seeking any medical treatment. There are qualifications needed in order to stay at the Ronald McDonalds house.

Family members can qualify if they are out of town and they can donate as little as twenty dollars or sometimes at no cost.

When I went to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald’s House, everyone was so warm and welcoming. They were very thankful that I was willing to volunteer and help them. My duties were to sweep and mop the floors as well as watering the plants. Luckily, I had a previous cleaning experience that made it pretty easy to clean The House of Charities, I managed to finish pretty matter.

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I surprisingly didn’t get tired, I felt proud to help people that needed assistance and also an organization that gave so much to those in need.

Their purpose of Ronald McDonald House is to make it easy for families far from home that have their children hospitalized. While I volunteer I felt that the Ronald McDonald House believe by provide families the help needed would give them the relief and would make them comfortable by staying there.

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Also, families can provide more love when they are cared for and comforted by a little bit of normal in a chaos experience. On the other hand, The House of Charities creates an atmosphere like home and cozyness for families.

The Ronald McDonald’s House of Charities provides families with a healthy, home-cooked meal after a long and sometimes could be an stressful day at the hospital . Volunteers would plan the menu to prepared meals at the House of Charities. The families that stay there would never have to worry about preparing there meals. There is no cost for families that eat there, pretty much everything is provided by the House of Charities. The Ronald McDonald House has an enormous kitchen with beautiful countertop. On the counters it is a variety of food such as snacks, cookies, breads, ect. Families can come and take anything they would like to eat whenever they are hungry. The volunteer have such a bless heart and they make in impact in each family while their children stay at the hospital.

I founded fascinating when a person told me that toys are donated to the Ronald McDonald from different organization and families. What a magical magical moment could be to see that the House of Charities delivered the toys to the childrens that are hospitalized.

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My Volunteering Experience

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