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Feminism in a Patriarchal Society: How Ophelia and Cleopatra Broke the Norm
...Ophelia, the dominated daughter, is left to follow the beck-and-call of others. While there was a glimmer of her own desires at the begining of the play when she was seeing Hamlet without her family’s knowledge, it is quickly snubbed out by the dem...
Show how Shakespeare brings out the duality
...This supports Octavius’ argument of Antony’s past greatness as he describes how Antony didn’t even go pale as he endured these horrors. It highlights his bravery and strong natured acts. Octavius recognises Antony’s past prominence and he wan...
What are the changing attitude of Australians towards war and peace?
...Australia's view towards war and peace were influenced by social, cultural and political components. With the act of heroism the soldiers showed in World War 1 it formed a nation of unity that supported the war and government. The Vietnam War was com...