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Okonkwo Things Fall Apart
Original title Okonkwo Things Fall Apart
Author Chinua Achebe
Genre Novel
Language English
Characters Okonkwo, Nwoye, Ezinma, Ikemefuna, Ojiugo, Obierika, Uchendu, Ekwefi, Chielo, Chielo's husband ...
Published 1958
ISBN 978-0-394-74475-7
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Okonkwo is a wealthy and respected man in the Nigerian village of Umuofia. He is known for his strength and his ability to fight, and he has won many titles in wrestling competitions. However, Okonkwo also has a temper, and he is often quick to anger.

One day, Okonkwo returns home to find that his son, Nwoye, has converted to Christianity. Okonkwo is outraged, and he disowns Nwoye.
The next day, Okonkwo leads his village in an attack on a Christian missionary settlement. The settlement is destroyed, but Okonkwo is wounded in the process.

As he recovers from his injuries, Okonkwo begins to think about the changes that are happening in his village. He does not like the way that the Christians are changing the traditional ways of the Igbo people.

Eventually, Okonkwo decides that he cannot live in a village that is being changed by the Christians. He gathers his belongings and leaves Umuofia.
Okonkwo’s decision to leave his village causes him to feel ashamed. He is also worried about what will happen to his family. However, he knows that he cannot stay in a place where he does not feel at home.

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