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The Tell Tale Heart
Original title The Tell Tale Heart
Author Edgar Allan Poe
Genre Horror ,
Language English
Characters The Pioneer
Published 1843
ISBN 978-0-486-28751-8
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About ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ Story

The Tell Tale Heart comes in the genre of short gothic horror stories written by Edgar Allan Poe, an American writer; it was published in 1843 in one of the leading papers, The Pioneer. The story was narrated by an unknown person who acts like a homicidal madman.

 The story blends fiction and horror in a very particular way; that is why it can secure the author’s reputation as a master of macabre. The narrator plots an interesting twist. At one end, he can get an influential audience about his sanity, and at the other end, he describes a murder that the narrator committed.

Despite telling about what makes him kill a person, the narrator emphasizes that at the end of the tell tale heart essay, the narrator heard a thumping sound from the body’s heart while he was hiding it.          

Book Summary:

The tell-tale heart is a short fiction horror story narrated by an unnamed narrator who suffers from a rare nervousness disease. The narrator lives with an older man who has a vulture-like blue color eye, which triggers the narrator’s anxiety and he plans to murder the older man.

 Although the narrator has no problem with the older man, the narrator loves him, but somehow the sight of the vulture-like eye influences the narrator. The narrator opens the older man’s door for seven nights to shine a silver light on the evil eye, but the eye remains closed, further distressing the narrator.

 However, the older man opened his eye on the eighth night, and the narrator heard the older man’s heart beating. The voice gets louder and louder, making it unbearable for the narrator. Therefore, the narrator aims at the older man and kills him; before dying, the older man screams, making the neighbor curious and calling the police.

 But before the police or neighbor come, the narrator hides the body under a floorboard; when the police and neighbor find nothing, they leave, but the narrator starts listening to the same thumping sound that he heard when the older man was alive. The sound increases drastically, which compels the narrator to tell the police about the older man’s body under the floorboard, and the narrator confesses out of guilt. The tell tale heart essay examples portray the exact scenario of how the narrator confesses about the murder.

‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ quotes

The quotes can be added to the tell tale heart essay questions, as they remain mysterious till the very end of the story. Famous quotes from the tell-tale hearts are:

  •     “But we loved with a love that was more than love, I and my Annabel Lee.”
  •     “It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain, but it haunted me day and night once conceived.”
  •     “Now, this is the point. You fancy me a mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded…”
  •     “They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
  •     “Have we, in the teeth of our best judgment, not a perpetual inclination to violate that which is Law merely because we understand it to be such?”
  •     “I smiled—for what had I to fear?”

Essay Structure on ‘the Tell Tale Heart’’:

The tell-tale essay structure comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion of the three basic essay fundamentals. The essay topics for the tell-tale heart, just like other essays, start with the outline and then break down into the basics. Here are some details:


The introduction is the part of the essay that can make or break the essay; it gives the writer’s perspective to the audience and, if well-written, grabs the reader’s attention, which is necessary for an effective essay. It briefly explains the essay, topic, and theme and ends with a thesis statement reflecting the theme and writer’s argument. It also makes the audience thinks about the tell tale heart essay conclusion.


The body paragraphs hold all the details, the writer’s support elements, facts, figures, research references, and any other sources that the writer uses to back his arguments. Usually, it consists of multiple paragraphs, but in an ideal scenario, it can be three. The paragraphs in the essay need to be connected and relevant to each other; it can be done by using the transitioning phrases at the end of paragraphs.


The conclusion of the essay contains the findings and results of the writer. Whether the writer can support the argument, he made at the very start of the essay, or it’s the other way around. The conclusion starts with the argument or thesis statement, then the writer brief about the topic, and at the end final verdict. Keep the conclusion short and avoid using any irrelevant new information.

Tips to Consider While Writing An essay about ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’:

A few tips that help and benefit the writers while writing about the tell-tale heart are as follows. These tips help you draft good academic writing and provide the basic essay writings fundamentals.

Read the Book Thoroughly:

If you are writing about a selected topic from any book, it is better to read the book first and start writing your essay. It may seem okay to start writing without reading the book properly, but there are certain details in the book that you will know only after reading it thoroughly. It helps you cover all aspects of the book and provides enough material to support your argument or point of view.

Find a Compelling Topic:

A compelling topic is important in gaining the audience’s attention and making them read your essay; it is considered the first step in attracting the reader’s attention. Finding a compelling topic is tough, especially when writing a book essay; therefore, follow the following methods to find a good one for your essay.

  •     Start your essay once you finish reading the book, know all about it, and finish it. Now read your essay and figure out the information and theme you are implying; go with it. Undoubtedly, it can be a potential topic for your essay.
  •   The essay’s theme and writer’s argument are stated in the thesis statement, making a compelling topic for your essay.
  •     The essay topic can be short or long, depending on the details and relevance.

 Create the outline:

Creating an outline for your essay simplifies your work and helps maintain your focus in creating an effective essay. The essay on tell-tale heart outline includes all the information the writer wants to mention in the essay; once all the detail is gathered, prioritize them and place the relevant information under relevant headings. It also saves time and helps you include all the key elements in your essay.

Write the Thesis Statement:

The thesis statement can differ depending on a person’s thought process and perspective. But the structure and purpose remain the same: it contains the writer’s theme and main argument. A thesis statement of the tell-tale heart can be of psychotic challenges that a person faces and its consequences or guilt and other emotions that expose the true face of a person.

Include a lesson or moral:

Draft your essay in a way that it must include a lesson or moral for the readers; in this way, the readers feel more connected to the essay, and also it serves the purpose the adding value to your writing. The essay’s tell-tale heart can include many lessons or morals. Include a lesson or moral value that adds to the effectiveness of your writing process. The lessons are to prioritize your mental health, don’t kill or do something that feeds your inner demon, and think before doing any hard task because guilt will chase you forever.

Conclusion: Proofread your work:

Make it a habit to proofread the work once you finish; it benefits you in multiple ways. You can assess your writing from the reader’s point of view and add or subtract pieces that don’t fit properly. It also helps in removing errors and grammatical mistakes from your essay. Keep your conclusion related to your topic, don’t add new information in the conclusion section.


What Is The Theme Of The Tell-Tale Heart?

Multiple main themes fit in the definition: madness or sanity, mental health, and control, guilt and consequences, and the relation between one’s fears and how they drive a person.

What Is The Mood Of The Tell-Tale Heart?

The tell-tale heart comes in the gothic fiction genre, which depicts its mood as creepy, scary, overtly sad, and described as manic, agitated, and defensive.

What Is The Conflict In The Tell-Tale Heart?

The main conflict was between the narrator and his inner self, how his inner voices could lead him to do things that bring shame and guilt to him in the end.

What Does The Heart Symbolize In The Tell-Tale Heart?

The heart symbolizes the emotions and deep and darker state of human nature that often neglects the outcomes and makes the man suffers from its consequences.

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