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Texas application letters and application process

Texas A&M university has taught students since 1876, becoming the first high education institution in the state. For now its main campus harbors almost 70 000 students. The university offers 133 programs for bachelors and 175 programs for master degrees. Its five programs for professors are considered one of the best in the country.

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Despite being such a renowned university, Texas A&M has a relatively simple admission process. All you need to do is to gather your documents and write one short paper if you are applying via Common Application with its standard “Why Texas A&M” essay. You also can apply via the local ApplyTexas portal with a broader essay prompts choice. But generally, all the Texas A&M admission essays are relatively easy compared to most of the other universities. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get enrolled: the university of such a level has a very high demand for your grades and education level. Still, if you prefer to show off your practical skills, not your essay-writing mastery, it’s one of the best variants for you.

You may use a wide collection of our Texas A&M essay examples to get inspired by their stories. Or, if you don’t have time to write essays, you may focus on gathering other documents and let our professional writers make a perfect Texas A&M admissions essay using the information you provide. Texas A&M university asks for only one general essay to be written, but it doesn’t mean that you may not take it seriously. The personal essay seems easy, but if you remember the high competition between the applicants, you’d understand that your admission essay should be polished to perfection.

University Admission Documents

To enter this university you need to gather the following documents:

Obligatory ones:

  • ApplyTexas or Coalition Texas A&M application essay
  • $75 application fee (the e-mail or receipt that proves that you paid the fee). Keep in mind that the fee is non-refundable even if you aren’t enrolled.
  • Self-reported academic record. Each applicant shall prepare it by themselves. The SRAR should be based on high school transcripts and contain all the courses (obligatory and facultative) with corresponding grades and credit score. It is the most important document, so we highly recommend to check the accuracy twice before submitting your SRAR. Corrections may rob you of the precious time and heavily influence your chances for application. Please check the specific requirements to SRAR at the Texas A&M site.
  • Official SAT or ACT scores sent through the agency. You may use the highest total score, so try all the options possible to raise your chances. You may also use the scores from the previous year, because the tests expire after 5 years only.

Desirable ones:

  • A copy of the high school transcript for the application committee to check the accuracy of your SRAR. This document may speed up the process greatly.
  • Engineering short answer question. It’s a kind of extremely short Texas A&M engineering essay that describes your experience in the field of engineering, your academic plans and career goals. It has a very small word limit, so try to be as specific as possible here.
  • High school curriculum requirements. Only for students of Texas private high schools. All the other students should provide Exemption Form 3.
  • Permanent Resident Card for non-US citizens.
  • Letters of recommendation. A maximum of two letters is allowed. They are not very important for the application process, but if you have a valuable recommendation it may play its part when you have an equal total score with the other applicant.

ApplyTexas and Common Application admission essays

The ApplyTexas app is the local version of the Common Application portal. The main difference between them is thaa CA allows you to apply to the universities all over the USA, and AT is state-specific. Usually you have the one essay prompt for the Texas A&M Common App version and several prompts for the AppTexas application. The Common Application essay theme is always the same: “Why this university?” You are supposed to write a personalized paper describing the benefits of the university chosen. This essay is required to prove that you do care, not just applying to any university available. The Common App Texas apply essay should be no more less than 250 and no more than 650 words. It may seem like a lot of space, but you don’t have to use all the words up to the limit. Actually, some admission committee members prefer shorter essays and give you more points for your ability to express yourself precisely and laconically.

The minimum word limit is obligatory though, the system just won’t accept the papers that are shorter than 250 words. ApplyTexas, on the contrary, has four prompts for the first-time admissions and three topics for transfer admissions. All the different universities have different requirements, so they may specifically ask you to work with A, B, C or D prompt if you are a freshmen or with a slightly changed variation for transferred students.

It’s tricky to understand the system for the first time, but usually the Texas A&M essay prompts are mentioned at the university site. The Texas A&M applicants need to write an essay on Topic A. The future engineers should also write a short discipline-specific answer. They are usually easy and change only slightly from year to year. You may check our Texas A&M engineering essay examples on our site to get the idea of what the admission committee wants to hear from you. The Topic A is usually the most specific of all. It doesn’t require lots of imagination and is focused on your own story, your background and choice of the particular university. This is the case when TexasApp and Common App essays do have a lot in common. Actually, they are pretty similar, so you may choose any application portal, the essay writing task will be equally easy.

Writing a perfect entrance essay

Despite being a simple topic, this broad range of variants make this paper one of the hardest to write properly. You should carefully balance facts and emotions, show that you did your research and learned a fact or two about Texas A&M university. Also, the uniform topic means that the admission committee members will read plenty of similar essays. So you have to make yours truly outstanding. Here are some simple tips that will help your paper shine:

Use unconventional knowledge sources

Everyone can open the university’s site and read the general information about it. Show that you spent a bit more time to decide that it’s the best place for you to be next years. Mention reading the open university forums, talking to the alumni community, attending open lectures and events or reading the professors’ works. You don’t have to, if you never did that, but if you have something to show off, do it! This essay isn’t for your logical thinking and writing evaluation only. It also shows your motivation, and motivated students are always the first to get enrolled.

Don’t try to use all the word limit

The admission officers are people, too, and they may get tired of reading long papers. You never know when they’d get your paper: in the morning or later, when they are reading them inattentively. Try to make each sentence as sharp as possible. It’s your presentation, the first impression of you as a student-to-be, so take it seriously. Ask someone to read your essay (bonus points for asking someone who was an admission officer themselves, or at least was an author of one of the Texas A&M essays that worked. Check if your paper is specific enough to not look like a general application insert-name-here text. A good test is to change the university’s name to the other one and check if the paper still can be sent as a valid application essay.

Use standard structure and the non-standard approach

Usually the admission committee expects to see the answers to such questions:

  • What areas of study are appealing to you? What do you truly want to learn in university?
  • What is the difference between the chosen university and others with the same major programs?
  • What extracurricular activities you love and want to see in the university? What will you participate in?
  • What are your goals in the university? What do you plan to do as a bachelor? Possibly, get a job in your dream company or stay a bit longer to get a master’s degree or become a postgraduate? Are you more interested in science or practical reasons?

Do not try to get a “right” answer

The admission officers will see enough of the perfectly polished application essays that show only the bright sides bordering with flattery. Don’t create the image of a wide-eyed idealist if you just want to make a decent career and provide a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family. Honesty is your best option here: the admission committee wants to see real people they would work and live with, not the images these people pretend to be.

Be realistic

It’s okay to set high and challenging goals, but they still should be practical and realistic enough. You can choose to work on a scientific frontier, offer a bold interdisciplinary project or plan to establish a successful startup as a sophomore. But winning a Nobel Prize doesn’t sound like a mature goal and, moreover, doesn’t sound like a goal that can be achieved with the help of your university (at least not for the bachelor). Be university-specific. It isn’t enough to just say you love biology or science.

Try to explain why you want to achieve your goals here

Take a more narrow approach, talk about the courses that are particularly strong and effective, and plan your progress. The more your plan corresponds with the university’s curriculum, the more chances you have to get noticed as a promising student.

Mention the university’s core values. It’s all about people and perspectives. If your ethics and mindset is aligned with the university’s principles, don’t forget to tell the admission officers about it. There are plenty of talented young people, but each university tries to pick the ones who will get along with the rest. Show yourself as a friendly and tolerant person and you’ll possibly win some extra points in the admission committee’s eyes.

Wrapping Up

We gathered a broad collection of Texas A&M essay examples for you, both general and engineering ones. We do hope that they will help you to create your own perfect paper with a personal touch and ambitious plans. If you are struggling or hesitating, our authors are here to help. They have dozens of “Why Texas A&M” essays written and successfully used, so they will write that exact paper that will make your credits and grades shine even brighter.

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