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University of Michigan Ann Arbor application process

Asking the students-to-be to write application letters is a common practice in most universities. But the themes and overall style of them differ from one to another. Some universities want to see more personal topics; some of them focus on professional skills. You never know for sure what the application commission wants to see, but you may try your best guess based on the topic. Let’s guide you through the University of Michigan application process.

The candidates may apply via Common Application or Coalition application portals. The university doesn’t make any difference between them, so they specifically ask the applicants to choose one of them. Another demand is that the required papers should be verified and sent online to make the process easier. The UMich team recommends verifying them through any online document service: Parchment, Scrip-Safe, SCOIR, National Student Clearinghouse, and so on.

To apply for a bachelor course, you’ll need two essays:

  1. the standardized “Why Michigan” essay
  2. the internal UMich supplement essay.

The “Why University of Michigan” admission essay

The application via portals requires the standard “Why UMich” essay. It is needed to differentiate your applications and to make each one more personal. This is also made to avoid the situation when the applicants just use the same application form for each university without even paying attention to their specific demands.

We have plenty of University of Michigan essay examples at our site that can prove very helpful for students to be. Many of them have already passed the admission committee’s check and became the arguments for the scholarships’ decision.

Most of the successful Michigan supplemental essays of this type follow the same pattern.

The essay should show that you are genuinely interested in this particular university

The cover letter for college may be more general, just showing your ability to express your thoughts. But you need to do some research for the university entrance essay. The great ways to start are (obviously) the UMich site, the forums with feedback, and (not so obviously) UMich parents weekend. You may ask your parents to attend it and see the study process by themselves. They may gather lots of valuable information about the campus life, ask what’s more important for professors during the learning process, and so on. Showing off your internal knowledge of Michigan university may give you an extra score during the essay evaluation.

Use the Plug-In test to check if your paper is specific enough

Choose the imaginary university, the sillier the better, even if it’s Equestria Flight Academy. Replace the name of your real destination with it and try to read the admission letter. If it still sounds fine, you didn’t add enough specific details to it. The best cover essay is the one that can’t be sent to any other university.

The common questions the admission officers want to see answers to are:

  • What are the subjects you want to learn the most? Why?
  • Who are your favorite professors (if any)? Did you see or read their lectures before? Which ones?
  • Are there any extracurricular activities you are interested in? Do you plan to get a minor or apply for a master degree or for internship later?
  • How can the university benefit from your enrollment?

The strongest sides of UMich university are its diversity, inclusion, and equality. So, if you are interested in social aspects and your principles are also inclined towards these values, don’t forget to mention it in your motivation letter! If you connect the university’s values to your personal goals and mindset, you instantly get much more credibility.

The last but not the least important thing about the “Why UMich” essay is that you only have 550 words. Try to be as precise as possible. You’ll have another essay for some personal statement and attitude, with more words to use and to show off your English eloquence. Try to use simple sentences, describing only the most important things. If you want to share some personal stories, use only the parts that benefit the main idea of your paper.

Internal application essays for University of Michigan

After you finish the “Why Michigan” essay part, you may start to proceed with the main admission paper — the internal entrance essay of Michigan university.

There are also lots of examples of this type on our site, and you may use them as you please. But the admission topics change each year, so it’s better to read a few of them and use them as references only. Or, if you want to get your perfect essay without breaking a sweat, you may contact our professional readers. They will turn the information you provide into a brilliant paper, written in that particular style the admission officers of Michigan university would love.

The topics usually follow the same pattern and tap on the same fundamental questions. They should show the applicant’s ability to discuss the vulnerable social issues, logically prove their point, and also check if your values are aligned with the core values of the university. The usual themes that are present (though from different sides and viewpoints) in the admission essay topics are:

  • Diversity. Different communities, religions, ethnic groups, classes, races, and so on. There are different approaches to this topic. Either you can describe your own group and its interesting features, your unique experience, or you can write about your own approach to diversity, the situation in your hometown, and your ideas about improving it. Keep in mind that UMich is a strongly pro-diversity university, so if your point of view differs from this one, try to focus on your own group or choose a different topic.
  • Your previous study experience and your expectations. The admission committee wants to know your background. What was the most important thing for graduate school you were in? Do you agree with the importance of it, or do you seek something different? How do you see your future at Michigan University?
  • Your personal story. Possibly, the easiest topic, but also the most popular one, so be very careful while choosing it — most of the people will choose it, too. UMich changes its topics from year to year, so you may find the different aspects in this one. Your biggest failure and coping with it, your most valuable lesson, or (rarely) your greatest success. The interesting point is that success stories are less popular than experiences gained from failures. Possibly, the committee wants to see if you can stand tall under some tough conditions? The study process isn’t fun and games.

The average size of the essay varies from topic to topic and can be from 1 500 characters to 2 750 characters (for several types the limit is up to around 650 words). But the UMich site encourages you to write shorter essays, showing your ability to choose only the essential things and write them down precisely and understandably.

Types of UMich entrance essays for bachelors to be

For different application types, you’ll be given different essay topics and word limits. The possible variants are:

  1. Personal essay. It is for college students that want to enroll in UMich. The themes here are the most general, usually personal ones or philosophical ones. Personal essays are common for all applicants and should show their principal values and positions. The Michigan University is very serious about personal values, so it’s important to pay attention to this part. Try not to use general sentences or search for the “right” answers that will be liked by anybody. Getting a place to work or study that doesn’t correspond to your personal mindset isn’t a great idea anyway.
  2. School of Education Applicants essay. This is the essay for teachers to be. They are much more specific. You are supposed to describe your teaching style, your favorite types of students, your view of the learning process. The upside of this essay topic is that it stays constant through the years. This essay is more like a cover letter that is added to your CV.
  3. The Common Application personal essay. Despite its name, it isn’t common for all the applicants, just for those who apply via the Common Application portal. The UMich site states that it checks your ability to clearly and logically write on a given topic, not losing your own voice and opinion. The application won’t accept papers shorter than 250 words, but there is no need to use all the 650 words limit, no one would judge you because the essay is too short. This essay’s topics touch on personal beliefs and decisions. This may be made deliberately to check if you are able to write about vulnerable topics logically and objectively.

General tips for UMich introduction letters for scholarships

Getting a scholarship is always a tricky decision. There are different types of financial aid: personal scholarships, university financial aids, loans, and other types. Usually, they demand a very strict list of documents, but a good motivational letter may become a great advantage. You may explain your family conditions, reasons that make you apply for a scholarship, or the benefits the university will get with you.

Here are some tips to write an awesome statement letter:

  • Be honest. Don’t try to exaggerate your low financial status. The committee will check it and read all the other documents you’ll send. The cry-for-help letter combined with the relatively satisfying conditions may work against you.
  • Combine your own personal reasons with benefits for the university. Giving you a scholarship is an investment, think about the ways it may pay off. Tell some words about the projects you are going to finish, the fields you expect to work at, and ideas you want to bring to life.
  • Be realistic. Tell some words about the projects you did for college, show how they may be developed in UMich. Don’t promise to win a Nobel Prize, a small, but palpable project will work much better.
  • Don’t write about personal drama. Of course, if you have some extra conditions that are worth mentioning, write them down, but don’t make the letter too teary. Try to focus on the positive sides and the ways the scholarship will allow you to solve these issues.

The scholarship application letter is something like a pitch to the investors, but your startup is you. Try to sell your future success to the board, and show them the positive sides of giving you money. A simple, but clearly structured and defined text will make a great impression. Bonus points if you have the plan already: what are you going to do for the first year, second, and so on, how much you’ll be able to contribute to university fees while working part-time. Or, possibly, which extracurricular activities you may organize or participate in to make your new alma mater even more renowned and glorified.

Wrapping Up

Enrollment to UMich demands some preparation and research. Get ready to write a couple of admission letters, showing that you are ready to discuss both personal and deeply philosophical topics. Learn a bit more about the university and let the admission committee know that you did that. Show that you respect and celebrate diversity and your personal values are in tune with the university ones.

To help you on your way we gathered lots of University of Michigan essay samples from different years and for different applicants. Use them as an inspiration source, add a personal touch, follow this little guide we prepared for you and get your perfect enrollment paper!

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