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How to write University of Rochester Essays

Writing an application letter to a university is a task that requires some skill and knowledge. You need an excellent essay to stand out. You can check our platforms for multiple universities of Rochester essay examples to guide you when writing yours. You can also hire skilled writers to give you a superb essay.

Regardless, these are tips that would help you greatly:

Have a clear roadmap

You should have a clear direction on what you want to write about. You need to understand the question first before you attempt to answer. What is required of you? What is not asked of you?

An understanding that the admission officials have thousands of other application essays to read would help you realize their time is valuable. You cannot afford to sound confused or beat around the bush. You can write out a simple first draft and review it to be sure you have captured the intent of the question

Put Specific Details

Avoid vague answers. This is very important when writing college application letters. Admission officers would read numerous generic answers; yours does not have to be one. Make your answers relatable and personal. They want to know about you. You can put personal details that are not in other parts of the application. Make your answers intentional and detailed. You may put verifiable facts and incidences.

Include Rochester Terms

This is an easy way to stand out from the crowd. Do your research about the school, your intended major, the lecturers and their fieldwork.

Go the extra mile, and get facts that other students might be too lazy to find. You can cite the names of professors, team mascots, classes, and clubs. You can also use terminologies common to students in the U of R.

However, be certain of the spellings. Crosscheck repeatedly to be sure you got them right because it may backfire if you misspell the names of important icons or objects.

University Of Rochester Admission Essay prompts

Prompt 1:

What field/area of study are you interested in researching?

This typical essay requires you to answer the ‘Why Major" question. The uniqueness is that you do not have the word count to give an elaborate answer. This means you need to summarize your intended thesis into just two sentences.

This would require some creativity and specificity. You are not just meant to state your major; you are meant to convince the admission officials you belong to that program. Maximize space. 20 words are short. Make the major personal and convincing.

Prompt 2:

For applicants to the Combined Degree Program: What relevant experiences or insight have led to your interest in this program? Describe how Rochester’s resources: facilities, faculty, peers, and research will meet your academic and personal ambitions. Describe how you see yourself contributing to the challenging field you want to enter as a Rochester graduate.

This is quite different from the first prompt. In addition to a detailed reason for your major of choice, you get to answer the questions ‘why the university of Rochester?’ and ‘what are your plans?’. It allows you to convince the admission officials that you are enthusiastic about your intended major and U of R.

You also get to take them on tour into the future and show them how studying at the institution can put you on the right professional track. It is recommended that you put down the answers to the three questions before you begin writing. This is for you to answer each reasonably within the 500-word limit.

Prompt 3:

These are a string of 3 questions, and you can answer anyone you please.

1. American social reformer, abolitionist, writer, and statesman Frederick Douglass said, “Some know the value of education by having it. I knew its value by not having it.” Explain how education has directly influenced you and your ability to do good in the world. How will you use the curricular flexibility and co-curricular opportunities of the University of Rochester experience to grow and promote positive change for yourself, your community, and the world?

This is similar to essay prompts on ‘Why Us’. To answer the question, you need to evaluate the essence of education and your plan to capitalize on the quality of education offered at the University of Rochester. You need to write about how the values of education are critical to your plans and how your stay in the school would put the values to better use. Don’t be vague, talk about co-curricular activities and the flexible learning that are available at the school that would be very helpful to you.

2. Dr Donna Strickland, University of Rochester alum and 2018 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, said, “There’s no point in me being anything other than me.” The University of Rochester encourages each student to embrace who they are and create their curricular path and experience. How will you use the opportunities here to fully be who you are? What unique perspectives will you bring to our community?

You have been asked to reflect on your identity and self-awareness. You need to answer two questions: Who are you? How can the opportunities available at the U of R help you evolve into a better version of yourself? To answer, you may talk about your values and perspectives on global problems. You can talk about things you hold dearly and how you view and relate to people and circumstances. Display a good self-awareness and understanding of what you want exactly and how the school can help you achieve them.

3. The University of Rochester benefactor entrepreneur, photography pioneer, and philanthropist George Eastman said, “What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.” Looking forward to your college experience, what do you hope to do outside of the classroom at the University of Rochester that will enhance who you are as a person? How will specific academic and social opportunities here help you grow?

Here, you asked to focus on activities that interest you outside the classroom walls and how such can help you grow. Any activity you choose to write about must be available at the University of Rochester. Your answer shows that you have a productive life outside of academics, and you are intentional about the activities you engage in. the admission officers are not seeking to judge nor praise anyone; they only want honest answers. They want to know how you can positively shape and influence interactions outside academic spheres and, most importantly, how you plan to learn from the community at U of R.

Admission Requirements for University of Rochester

For undergraduate degrees

Prospective students would need a minimum GPA of 3.8. It

does not mean you can’t apply if you have a lower GPA. Your chances of admission get better the higher it goes rather than the other way. Admission to this school is quite competitive.

An acceptance rate of 31% means for every 100 students that apply for a degree program, only 31 get in. This means you need great credentials to increase your chances of admission. If your GPA is lower, you need higher SAT/ACT scores to complement it. The school requires a minimum score of 18 on the ACT and a combined 940 on the SAT.

For a Master’s degree

  1. Choose your preferred application method. You can apply online or mail in your paper application
  2. Make your application payment of $40. This is non-refundable.
  3. Send in three letters of recommendation. Two must be from academic references and the third from a minister or a church leader.
  4. Send in your transcripts from other universities you’ve attended
  5. Send in your statement of purpose
  6. Submit a congregation form duly signed by your church leader. This is the official approval to do projects within your congregation as part of your degree requirements.

About the University

The University of Rochester is a private university in Rochester, New York. Also known as U of R or UR, the institution is renowned for research and offers both undergraduate and undergraduate programs, including professional and doctoral degrees. In 2020, the University of Rochester spent over $397 million on research and development, according to the national science foundation.

The university offers over 200 majors and has an enrollment of about 6,800 first-degree students and 5,000 graduate students. The campus is home to 158 buildings and an average of 28,000 full-time employees, making it the 7th largest employer in all of New York and the private largest employer in upstate New York. The school got its charter from the regents of the state of New York on January 31, 1850. The charter maintained that the school must have at least $100,000 in endowments within five years for the charter to be reaffirmed.

The first endowment of $10,000 was given by John Wilder, which paved the way for other major endowments and gifts from both individuals and institutions. For the first 12 years, the U of R was located at the old United States Hotel in downtown Rochester. The next ten years saw the college grow in leaps and bounds. The campus houses dormitories, academic buildings, fraternity houses, art galleries, and laboratories.


The University of Rochester is ranked 34th among universities in the United States and 140th among global universities, according to the US News and World Report. The school has an undergraduate enrollment of over 5,000 students and over 103,000 living alumni.

For graduate school, the enrollment is approximately 3,900 full-time and over 1,000 part-time students. The school draws students from all the states in the US and more than 115 countries across the globe.

It is no surprise that competition in this prestigious school is stiff. We recommend you put your best foot forward when applying to U of R. If you are not confident of your writing prowess, we have expert writers who can deliver an excellent supplemental essay to the University of Rochester within hours. Our prices are cheap, and we charge per paper. You can buy your essays from our platform and focus on the other parts of your application.

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