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Villanova Application Letters and Admission Process

All prospective students applying to Villanova have to submit all the required documents according to one of the four application plans. And since Villanova University works both with its application process and the Common Application format, all students have to prepare both admission papers. Still, it’s essential to review some Villanova essay examples to know how to get ready to write one.

Villanova University Cover Letter Types

As we briefly mentioned earlier, Villanova is not a flexible place when it comes to the admission procedure. All students have to choose a Common Application form, which has its essay requirements, and the Villanova Member School Section with its essays. Please note that you cannot change the format of the Villanova supplement task. Either way, we’re here to help shed some light on how to cope with both of these essay tasks. Take a closer look to understand what format suits you more.

Villanova Entrance Letters via Member School Section

When it comes to the university-based admission process, it is organized differently than in other educational institutions. For students wanting to apply outside the Common Application, there’s no viable alternative. Instead, all students are required to:

  • Complete the Common Application essay
  • Prepare exclusive Villanova essays via the Member School Section

Let’s start with the latter ones, which are unique to this educational institution and cannot be reused for other universities. Each year the university explicitly shows what essay topics should be used for application. Please note that Villanova’s essay responses must be different from those shared via the Common Application section.

The first assignment that Villanova University will ask all prospective students to complete is a Villanova Free Choice essay. This essay requires students to write about 250 words and demonstrate their thinking in one of five prompts. All of them are somehow related to the Villanova community or St. Augustine, encompassing the topics of redemption, life lessons, societal issues, honesty, and equity. It’s generally great that applicants have a chance to choose from these topics to complete a Villanova essay on their own. Still, if you feel that you’re too overwhelmed by an assignment related to St. Augustine, feel free to browse our Villanova supplemental essay sample collection on this page.

As for the second paper, it’s more or less a familiar type of written assignment, which is a “Why” essay. In particular, all prospective students are required to submit a 150-word essay specifying why they want Villanova to become their new home. More precisely, applicants are expected to elaborate on what makes the community appealing and how they can become a part of it.

For college students, this essay won’t be a big deal, but high-schoolers might struggle to form a precise statement on this one. That’s why you can buy an affordable paper help from one of our writers. This way, your particular ideas would be formulated into a top-notch piece of writing, which will be a good match for Villanova’s admission commission. As you can see, upon completing the mentioned two papers, the first part is done. Now, all students have to proceed with the next step, which is to prepare one of the Common Application essays.

Common Application Statement Letter

As our service team emphasized early on, Villanova is an educational institution that requires both internal and Common Application essays during admission. If you have no prior experience with the Common App, it enlists its supplementary essay topics early. Right now, this network has published information on what essay prompts are available for the 2021/2022 academic year.

All prospective students have to choose one of seven prompts and write a maximum of 650 words on a given topic. This year’s topics vary, ranging from accomplishment descriptions to an essay of your choice (a seventh option). It’s generally complicated to give any detailed recommendations on what topic to choose for this assignment.

If you’re confident enough, you can easily choose the seventh option of the Common App essay, which is a topic of your own. As for the word count guidelines, the Common Application essays should be anywhere at the 250-650 limit. Please remember that all prospective students of Villanova are expected to complete the Common App assignment alongside the two earlier mentioned tasks.

Applying to Villanova University: Further Steps

When it comes to general admission guidelines, Villanova has all the detailed information on its website. Once you know about the essay part, you should also be aware of other documents you should prepare. For instance, first-year students can apply to Villanova variously, with two binding and two non-binding options. Early Action and Regular Decision are non-binding options, while Early Decision I and Early Decision II are, in turn, binding for students. Binding means that the accepted individuals would have to reject applications to all other universities and choose Villanova instead.

Besides the flexibility in application plans, one should not forget about other documents required for submission. Right now, Villanova University requires applicants to submit the following documents:

  • Essays (Villanova and Common Application)
  • Non-refundable $80 fee
  • Secondary school report and transcript
  • Counselor recommendation
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Mid-year report (only for specific application plans)

In turn, there are also two optional documents you might submit, such as:

  1. ACT or SAT scores
  2. Financial Assistance Application

As you can see, Villanova essays are not the only types of assignments and documents you have to prepare during the entire admission procedure. For more information on particular dates or application routes, kindly visit Villanova’s website. Also, if you’d like to check the Villanova applicant status, you’re welcome to do so on the official site.

Admission Letters for Transfer Students at Villanova

For any university, including the one at Villanova, transferring is a great way to get students willing to pursue their educational endeavors there. That’s why the admission procedure for transfer individuals is slightly different. Not only the official deadlines are different, but also the packs of documents should be changed. At the moment of writing t5his guide, Villanova University requires students to submit the following papers:

  • Transfer application form
  • All official transcripts from high schools and colleges
  • Transfer conduct form
  • Optional tests (SAT or ACT)
  • $80 application fee
  • TOEFL or IELTS results for international transfers
  • Admission essay

What’s peculiar in this list is that another admission essay might be needed, the information about which is undisclosed. Based on the experience of a few last years, Villanova application essay for transfers is usually a “Why” assignment. If you’re a transfer student, feel free to follow similar guidelines for ordinary applicants if you’ve got a “Why” essay prompt.

Recommendations for Villanova Introductory Essays

Sometimes, for University, how the essay is crafted is almost a direct sign of whether a prospective candidate is a good match for the academic environment. For that sole reason, students compete hard against each other to produce the best assignments out there. That’s why our first recommendation is to get acquainted with all Villanova essay prompts on our page. We’ve hand-picked these prompts to give the best understanding of how the assignment should be written. If you feel that a mere look won’t be enough to help you out, kindly request our writer to help with your paper. After all, getting additional help will only boost your admission chances, especially once you’re ready for all the essays beforehand.

Except for our help, our team strongly advises against plagiarism or stealing one’s ideas. On our website, you can use the Plagiarism Checker to review your assignment before submission. As a credible educational institution, Villanova won’t accept a student with plagiarized essays. That’s why it’s always crucial to bring your original ideas to the front and use them in the wisest way possible.

Since Villanova University requires both exclusive and Common App assignments, try to prioritize the former ones. In most cases, the essays of the Common App category are generic and show not that much value for the university. On the contrary, specialized papers are more focused on analyzing the applicant’s skills and motivations to join the Villanova community. If you don’t have enough time to cope with all three tasks, feel free to drop our team a line, and we’d help with a personalized assignment. After all, these two essays best show why applicants would like to study exactly at this university.

Some other tips on motivational letters and related statements are to be concise and precise. While some assignments have enough room for hundreds of words, you don’t want to spam your essay with all the imaginable information. Instead, elaborating your ideas in detail in one of the Villanova essays is necessary to accomplish the desired goal. If you feel that you’re lacking ideas, you should reassess your approach to working with an assignment.

After all, for thousands of students, Villanova is a dream place to be. That’s why you should do your best and stay as close to the topic as you can. If you follow all the mentioned recommendations, the odds are high that Villanova will be your new alma mater. On our side, we once again remind you that we have this university’s admission essay prompts readily available for free. Take a look at them to understand how to write and achieve the best possible results. Good luck!

About Villanova University

Villanova University is indeed a unique educational institution in the United States. It started its operations in 1842 and has been the only existing Augustinian university across the country. It is also the oldest Catholic educational institution in Pennsylvania, making it a truly unique place to study. Besides its historical and religious roots, it is often deemed as one of the most selective educational institutions in the entity country. It means that all prospective students have to do their best to make it all the way to Villanova.

As for the organizational structure, this university has six distinctive schools, namely College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, Charles Widger School of Law, College of Engineering, M. Louize Fitzpatrick College of Nursing, and College of Professional Studies.

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