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How to Write a Glowing University of UNC Essay

Chartered in 1789, the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill, popularly known as UNC or UNC-Chapel Hill enrolled its first students in 1795. This public research institution located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina was also the first-ever public university to be charted under the US constitution. UNC, a Public Ivy institution is popular for giving students an academic experience similar to that of an Ivy League. More so, UNC is revered as one of the three oldest public universities in the US, and the only institution that confers degrees in the 18th century as a public institution. These qualities add an edge to UNC over other institutions across the US.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor and for Graduate School

Admission requirements for Bachelor and for master’s degree at UNC are high as the institution is highly competitive and extremely difficult to get into. For students of the class of 2025 for instance, the school admitted a record low of 23.5% or 10,446 students from a total of 44,382 applicants.

The Requirements

  1. Kenan Flagler undergraduate application requires students to have a pass mark of at least 4 units of English.
  2. Students must possess 4 units of college preparatory mathematics. In this case; AP Calculus, one geometry, two algebra, and Discrete mathematics.
  3. Students must have a pass mark of at least 2 units of a single foreign language. Alternatively, applicants can possess American Sign Language for this requirement.
  4. To apply Kenan Flagler, a student must have a pass mark of at least 3 units in science. In this case, either life or biological science, physical science, and a laboratory course.
  5. Students must have a pass mark of at least 2 units of social science.
  6. Applicants are required to show a minimum test score or ACT or SAT 19 and 1010 respectively. Alternatively, students may prove a 2.5 weighted high school GPA.
  7. The 2020 fall new applicants were required to show an average of 3.1 high school GPA, or an average SAT score of 888.

Why Write an Essay for UNC?

Getting into UNC is hard and essays are meant to play the role of elimination because the vacancies are highly competitive. Through essays for bachelor programs, the institution is in a better position to select self-aware students and those that have a high sense of community. The UNC MBA essays are meant to also highlight students who share the same core values as the institution. If you are unsure how to go about writing the best essay that will get you the attention you deserve, check out the samples online at our site for inspiration.

The essays are curated in prompt design for students to describe various aspects of their life that will help the university understand the personality of each applicant. More so, these prompts have a word limit to ensure that the students are in a position to condense as much of themselves in a summary.

The essays are also meant to gauge each applicant’s identity and to establish how their identity has shaped their opinions, values, and personality. This way, the university is also in a better position to promote cultural diversity by enrolling students from different backgrounds and with different identities.

For university, history is an integral part of an individual, which explains why this question features in one of the prompts. By inquiring about an applicant’s history, UNC is in a better position to understand how a student absorbs history, how much value they attach to history, and how much their life has been shaped by history.

UNC-Chapel Hill Essay Examples/ Types of Essays for Students

For students, the UNC application essay comes in various prompts and applicants have the freedom to choose one and respond in words not exceeding 250.

Prompt 1

  • Describe a peer you admire in the community and explain some of their actions and how these actions have impacted your life.
  • Describe your identity (your sexuality, race, culture, religion, affinity group, or gender). How has your identity shaped you as an individual thus far?
  • If you had the power to change your community, what changes would you prioritize and why?
  • “We are nothing without our history.” These words were spoken by Esphur Foster, a UNC’s former employee, civil rights activist, and community service member. What does history mean to you and how has it shaped your life?

Prompt 2 questions

  • A family tradition that you cherish.
  • Your belief system.
  • The quality you most admire in yourself.
  • The protagonist you most identify with.

Prompt 3: Lessons Learnt from the Community

This prompt seeks to establish how rooted an applicant is to their community and the questions are curated to guide applicants into answering only relevant questions about their community. Prompt 3 is for university to establish how the community has shaped the applicant’s identity, and how their community has formed or shaped them into the individuals they are today.

Prompt 4: Common App Personal Statement

The Common App personal student is for professor reading the essay to note the points of interest of the applicant. In this case, students are accorded the freedom to choose any topic and respond to it in a different prompt either designed by them or by the school.

Prompt 5: Common App “Discuss Accomplishment”

In this prompt, the UNC chapel hill application essay looks for accomplishment that sparked a moment of personal growth for the applicant, which led to a proper understanding of self and those within the community.

These prompts are categorized in a way for students to explain their backgrounds, ambitions, values, personality, and future aspirations, based on their past and the present. The word limit is meant to ensure that the students answer the curated questions using brief yet detailed answers. Often, students are encouraged to first write long answers and shorten these answers to the word limit, while providing only relevant details that will give them an edge to get a position at the university. We have several samples on our site that you may want to check out and buy. You can also pay for the services of a writer who will write a glowing essay from scratch.

Pointers When Writing an Essay for College

UNC Chapel hill essay examples have been likened to the Venn diagram because each prompt comes as a circle filled with details, with circles overlapping. The middle part is a representation of the candidate. These details are meant to give a candidate an aspect of who they are and guide them into providing the necessary information about themselves. Through Common Data Set, applicants can provide deep insights that will improve their chances of joining this public university.

Some of the general tips that applicants must remember when tackling these prompts:

Avoid Receptiveness

These prompts are curated for students to give new information and details about themselves. The prompts are also curated to help applicants brainstorm a list of communities and weigh which ones would be ideal for UNC admission essay.

Pick an Interesting Community to Write About

When choosing the most interesting community to write about, applicants must think thoroughly about the place, identity, action, interest, and circumstance that would be most interesting to write about.

Stay Relevant/Specific

UNC Chapel hill application essays require applicants to stick to the word limit of 200-250 words. Seeing that these are a few words, it is important to get specific and provide as many relevant and attention-capturing details as possible while staying within the word limit.

Prove your Due Diligence about the School

Seeing that UNC is a public school, with highly competitive applications, students should keep their answers school-specific. As such, applicants must prove that they have done their due diligence about the school, to increase their chances of getting in. Even if the prompts are not asking about it, it is important to shed light on why a student picked the school because institutions want to feel wanted.

Be Detail-oriented

While UNC essay examples show that there is a word limit for the prompts, applicants should work within the limit and expand on the impact of their chosen topic. Impact matters because it helps the reader to understand the writer and see the writer’s passion. In this case, the writer should provide qualitative and quantitative statistics about the topic of interest. More so, the writer should provide anecdotal evidence or quotations to back up their narration.

Lessons Learnt

For university, it is helpful if applicants could shed light on personal impact and particularly share some of the lessons learned or skills gained from the impact of their story. More so, applicants must prove how they are applying these lessons in their personal life.

Various (Main) Faculties at the School

UNC has various faculties such as Social Sciences, Psychology, Management, Marketing, Parks, Related Support Services. The most popular majors are media and journalism, biology, computer science, business administration, and psychology.

Through the years, UNC has had thousands of academic and administrative faculty staff. The academic programs are segmented and segregated using alphabetical order. The various programs explain why the institution received tens of thousands of applications from students around the world.

However, UNC has managed to maintain a sane student to instructor ratio. Currently, the student to faculty ratio at UNC is 15:1, with 46.4% of the classes with fewer than 20 students. Through UNC application essays, the institution has managed to maintain this ratio by admitting only competitive students while eliminating incompetent applicants.


Applying to be admitted at UNC Chapel Hill calls for students to write a sum of three essays as part of the application. UNC Kenan Flagler application is a great way for applicants to show the admission committee why they are deserving of a position at UNC and prove their dedication to education. The UNC prompts are a great guide for students to talk about themselves and prove that they have done their due diligence on the institution. Kenan Flagler application is a great opportunity for applicants to use their voice to prove to the admission board why they are deserving of an opportunity at an otherwise competitive institution. Do not forget to check our site for inspirational essay samples, even for scholarships or for internship after school.

UNC-Chapel Hill History

Today, UNC-Chapel Hill offers over 7seventy degree courses and is administratively segmented into 13 schools and a primary unit. The schools include; College of Arts and Sciences (General College), Hussman School of Journalism and Media, UNC Kenan Flagler Business School, School of Education, and School of Information and Library Science. Kenan Flagler business school application is a primary requirement for students looking to join the institution for business courses.

UNC’s undergraduates receive a liberal arts education and have the freedom to pursue a major within the university’s professional schools or the College of Arts and Sciences from the minute they obtain junior status. Such privileges make UNC one of the most preferred higher learning institutions in the US. Kenan Flagler apply is used as a benchmark or an elimination method especially for applicants looking to join the Kenan Flagler Business School.

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