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How to write a Lehigh Supplement essay

For college acceptance, the application to Lehigh is competitive, essays are always important and will be key in getting you admitted into the college. It is therefore important to ensure your introduction essay stands out.

As you will see in our Lehigh supplemental essays examples, the essays are pretty short so it would be helpful to think of them as simple snapshots that speak to memories that are important to you.

1. Be clear and precise

While writing your Lehigh University supplemental essay, you need to clearly state why you wish to join LU, and what ticks you when you think of the prospect of being part of the university. Avoid being vague when mentioning those things that excite you; instead, discuss elements of those particular things and how they stand out to you. Also, express your interest in the major you are going to choose, show you know about the faculty, what it entails and what it is that you love.

2. Research

Do extensive research on the university and display that knowledge in your entrance essay. Use as many Lehigh specifics as you can, the admission board is looking for those who are jazzed about LU and display a connection to the institution. Through your essay, you can demonstrate how your personal values and vision intertwine with those of the university to make you a wholesome student and member of society.

This structure of university knowledge can propel the essay forward and keep the officials engaged as they go through it.

3. Show how the university is going to benefit you

Demonstrate how Lehigh is going to help you achieve your goals and inspiration. You not only speak of how the different programs interest you but also what you would do with those interests. Whatever program you are interested in, address how they will help you advance intellectually and put you in a position to explore ways in which you can make an impact in the world.

By having strong alumni personalities, sharing the impact, you seek to make after college will put you in great company among former alumni.

4. What impact will you have on Lehigh

Express how Lehigh is going to benefit from having you as a student. Since you have expressed how you are going to benefit from being at LU it is now time to say what you bring to the table, this is an opportunity for the admissions board to imagine you on campus not just learning but also contributing.

In this part of the admission letter, you can let your personality and diversity shine, mentioning any extracurricular activities you would love to be part of and how you can contribute to their success.

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Lehigh University essay prompts

For students submitting their application essays, this is what they should know about LU’s essay prompts.

Prompt 1: How did you know about Lehigh and what motivated you to apply?

In this 150-word essay which is very straightforward, an applicant is required to be concise and go straight to the point bearing in mind the word count. Do not be general, show that you did your research well. Even though the admission officers already know how amazing Lehigh is, they want to know what you like about the university and how your values align with LU’s values.

Prompt 2: Anti-racism essay

This prompt is incredibly important and exciting. With a word count of 300 words, this is an opportunity for you to start thinking more critically about how race influences the way we are treated and how we interact with the world around us.

Look at the prompt and write it as a personal reflection on how you understand race and its impact on your life. This is an opportunity for you to open yourself up to different perspectives, embrace a diverse range of ideas and express your message in a way that allows the admission officials to see you as someone willing to join the larger discussion on anti-racism.

Prompt 3: Why major essay

With a 200-word count, this prompt requires you to describe why you chose to apply to a specific major. Explain the moment that led you to your field of interest. Think about your professional goals and the way LU can support them.

For professor information in the institution that you would like to work with and how their work has further enhanced your passion, make sure you have researched them on the school faculty website.

Remember to be as specific as possible in this prompt as well, this means avoid copying and pasting from other essays.

Admission requirements for Lehigh University

If you want to get into LU, the first thing you need to look at is the acceptance rate and admission requirements. If you meet the requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, you’ll have a great shot at getting in.

Half the applicants to LU have an SAT score between 1260 and 1433 with the average being 1365, or an ACT score of 29 and 33. The GPA requirement is 3.85, which means you are required to be near the top of your class and above average.

The SAT breakdown is as follows:

  • Math — 710
  • Reading and writing — 655

Because the college is very selective, strong academic scores are important to improving your chances of admission.

For graduate school requirements

For students seeking admission to graduate programs, the following are the requirements:

  1. An online application data sheet to be filled out
  2. Two letters of recommendation
  3. An application letter essay
  4. A research statement is required, which is highly important
  5. Official transcripts to be sent via mail to the office of research and graduate programs
  6. Have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75 out of 4.00

For bachelor degree requirements

To be eligible for a bachelor’s degree at LU, a candidate must have:

  1. Completed a minimum of 90 hours credit hours or
  2. 60 of the last credit hours at the university
  3. An introduction letter

For scholarships

For students applying for scholarships, the awards are merit-based, taking a holistic approach, looking beyond the numbers related to academic talent alone and reviewing what a student contributes outside of the classroom as well.

For masters degree requirements

  1. Online application
  2. Non-refundable application fee
  3. Transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended
  4. Personal statement essay/Supplemental questions (if required)

Various faculties at Lehigh University

Students pursue their passions through a flexible curriculum, academic rigor, hands-on experiences, and innovative research. LU has five colleges which are:

  1. College of Arts and Sciences
  2. College of Business
  3. The P.C Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  4. College of Education
  5. College of Health

With 7,263 students for both undergraduate and graduate programs, the student-faculty ratio is 9:1, with the classes having fewer than 20 students.

The most popular majors at LU are

  • Finance
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Marketing/Marketing Management
  • Accounting

University History and Achievements

Founded in 1865 by Asa Packer, Lehigh University has contributed to the moral and intellectual improvement of the students who go through the university. Over time Lehigh has evolved into one of the most highly regarded institutions in the nation, its graduates have led both the Ford and Chrysler corporations, stage-managed the construction of the giant locks of the Panama Canal, and stood as leaders and innovators in the world of business, engineering, politics, arts, education, space exploration, and other fields.

Prominent graduates from Lehigh University include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes, Nobel peace prize winner, a Pulitzer winner, 7 Rhodes Scholars, and two recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


The average freshman retention rate which is 94% is a clear indication of student satisfaction. The gender distribution of the college is 54% male students and 46% female students here only 24% of the students live in college-owned or affiliated housing, while 76% of students live off-campus.

For internship opportunities, LU has a center for career and professional development where students can schedule an appointment with an associate director and get assistance with their internship search.

Standing out and setting yourself above all the other applicants for Leigh University, you have to allow the admission officials in so they can see who you are and what you stand for in your essays. This level of vulnerability can hinder most applicants from being authentic in their essays.

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