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Admission process and admission essays in Brown

Brown University accepts Common Application forms. So, the good news is that you don’t have to write a separate Brown essay about your motivation and personal experience, the general one will do just fine. But you’ll still have to write the papers on Brown University essay prompts given at the school site. This is quite an easy task, considering you have already done research about the benefits of this school for you.

Start your admission process by registering at the Common App site

You should start your admission process by registering at the Common App site. You should fill a simple form with your personal information and write down an admission letter about your personality. Remember, that they check both your awesomeness and your ability to present yourself and speak eloquently. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling also matter, so it’s always a good idea to double-check your Brown University supplement essay before submitting it to the Common App. You may see some of the examples of Brown essays that worked at our site. Feel free to use them as an inspiration, but remember: they are fully personal experiences, so please don’t copy any ideas from them, no matter how cool they look. If you are struggling with writing a perfect Brown University essay, you may always contact our writers. They can create an awesome paper from a few phrases of your personal information and their immense writing experience.

Write the internal university essay

The next step is writing the internal university essay. The topics of Brown supplemental essays 2021 can be found on Brown’s site, but they are pretty much the same each year. You should write one classical “Why Brown” essay if you are a first-year applicant, add another one if you are applying to Liberal Medical Education program or Design Dual Degree program (it’s like the first one, but here you should be program-specific and explain your choice of the extended learning schedule).

After writing all your Brown University essays you may proceed to submit your records and recommendations. If you have an invitation from university officials or recommendations from your teachers, mentors, coaches, community leaders, or whoever else considers they need you in Brown University — it’s time to add them to your Common app application. The admission committee advises you to start gathering them early so that you may submit them in time and benefit from them.

Show your achievements

You may also add anything else that may persuade the admission officers to enroll you. Your achievements in arts, sciences, and sports, your public service and volunteering, something else that can be proven and supported by the official documents or any other evidence may work for you. If the Common App form doesn’t have the right field for you to submit them, the admission committee encourages you to send them via fax or email.

Don't forget to pay the fee

Remember that this fee (common for most of the universities) is non-refundable, so you won’t get it back disregarding the admission results. You don’t have to send the receipts, the automatic payment system should register your money transfer. But it’s better to have a copy saved to give it as proof in case of any inconveniences.

You won’t be asked about your criminal history record before the enrollment, but if you don’t have it clear, the admission committee may ask you to explain the circumstances. The criminal record is deliberately asked only after the admission results are announced. Such an approach allows Brown University to keep faithful to its principles of celebrating diversity and providing equality for every student. All the applicants will be chosen only for their academic and personal achievements, not for their past. The criminal history notification is needed only for university administration to maintain a safe and secure community for every campus inhabitant.

Types of Brown application essays

After the first Common App essay, you have to choose one of the four internal Brown University supplemental essays offered by the university in 2021. There are additional prompts for students applying to Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) and/or the Brown|Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) A.B./B.F.A. Dual Degree Program (BRDD).

A classical “Why Brown” essay example

A classical “Why Brown” essay example always mentions the Open Curriculum system. It is a truly outstanding feature worth mentioning, but remember that almost everyone will write a paper about it. So, use this idea as a frame for your project, idea, strategic plan, or something else that requires interdisciplinary learning. The Open Curriculum system exists not only to provide extra freedom for students and give them plenty of opportunities to have a good time. It is also an extra responsibility and it’s a good idea to show that you understand it and are prepared for it. Show the admission committee that you want it for a reason and earn extra points for your admission.

Other prompts may ask you to show your attitude to the community in general. The best Brown University essays that worked kept a careful balance between being proud of your culture and showing that the applicants were ready to accept and respect other’s cultural backgrounds and boundaries. The university administration wants to know about the ways the freshmen can contribute to the university’s social and extracurricular life.

General tips for writing Brown motivation essays

Don’t be shy to seek help!

The first tip from us is: don’t be shy to seek help! We’ve gathered plenty of successful Brown supplement essay examples for you to use and to get inspired by. Feel free to read them all and choose some ideas that you can develop into your own brilliant paper. Or, alternatively, you may contact our writer who will be glad to write a tailor-made essay for you in a couple of days.

Brown University is all about integrative thinking with the Open Curriculum as an embodiment of it. The more integrative you think the better you fit the university’s paradigm. So don’t be shy to combine different disciplines for achieving your future goal. Do you want to combine Biology and Physics to learn agriculture in space? Or, possibly, History and Psychology to unveil the ancient epic stories and find their impact on the human personalities? You’re welcome, the sky is not the limit!

Show your research

If you didn’t limit yourself with the Brown site and a couple of open forums — feel free to write about it. Tell your story about contacting the alumni community and gathering their feedback about the study. Give the admission officers a glimpse of your talk to the university professors. Learn about the discoveries that were made with the help of Brown’s practice base. Show your determination and inquisitive personality, that’s the traits the admission committee searches for.

Be personal

You talked about your personal experience in the Common App essay, but in your internal Brown essay you may try to show your personal attitude to the learning process. Show that you are truly passionate about your future projects. The biggest fear of the admission committee is the students who lose their starry-eyed attitude, get bored, and abandon their projects. Let them know that you are going to finish it, not because you just want a diploma but to make it true, as your dream, ambition, and the perspective step to adult life.

Don’t be too academic

You are still supposed to write in formal English, but remember that you are still a passionate young adult. Some emotional statements may work for you, not against. Sincere emotions always get a sincere response. You can’t write a bland and polished text being very excited to get enrolled at Brown University. Let the admission officers know that, despite being a reliable and responsible parent, you also have drive and passion, you do have to become a Brown student. You aren’t writing an admission paper to a random university, you are ready to pursue your dream.

Writing an application essay may be a tricky task, especially when you apply to one-of-a-kind universities such as Brown. But remember that all the applicants are mostly young people, just people like you, and you have decent chances to get enrolled. Use every chance, get prepared, learn all our Brown supplement essay examples we have for you and remember that you can always ask for a helping hand from our writers!

The history and advantages of Brown University

Brown University is famous for its incredible research base, equally appealing for professors and for students. Founded in 1764 it is now one of the most modern schools in the entire country. From planning a mission to Mars to unveiling the ancient historical mysteries, Brown has new, uncharted frontiers for bachelors and for masters degree students. From year one you may become a part of the powerhouse of changes that is Brown University, and do something that truly matters for your community, country, and the world.

One of the most prominent features and quite unusual for university that big is its Open Curriculum that gives incredible flexibility to students. It gives them the possibility to create interdisciplinary projects, find more time for internship, collaborate with other schools or faculties to maximize their intellectual potential and research capacity. Some people may find such a curriculum a bit too unusual, and feel burdened by the responsibility it puts on students, but freedom-lovers, who study at their own pace or feel constrained by a single major program will see it as a blessing.

The learning model of this university is student-centered (which should be common for graduate school, but, unfortunately, we see it rarer than we want to). The flexibility and responsibility teach students not only the subjects they are supposed to learn but also the adult way of thinking, making decisions, reaping their fruits, and facing their consequences. No matter what path they choose, they will be ready to become responsible people and future leaders in their areas.

Brown University’s community celebrates diversity, welcoming all the students disregarding their sex, age, race, gender, and financial status. One of the main principles of the university is supporting a wide range of opinions, different approaches, touches of different cultures, and even heated debates if they include respecting all the participants. Financial struggles shouldn’t be an obstacle for students to be: Brown University allows everyone to ask for scholarships, different grants, or loans, and a significant part of the community receives them without any issues.

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