Small Town or Big City

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Some people prefer to live in a small town while others prefer to live in a big city. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. And which place would you like to live in? It depends on personal opinion. However; for me, I prefer living in a big city because it has many benefits and more opportunities than a small town.

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Firstly, living in a big city can provide us with a modern and adequate academic environment. As we know, education is a key to success in a future career.

Big cities have many quality schools, so students can get several benefits from modern education such as multi-media teaching, internet, and electronic library with various books and documents. In contrast, living in a small town cannot take the opportunity as much as a big city because a small city does not have enough modern facilities to teach students.

Secondly, there are more career chances in a big city because the salaries and the living conditions are always better than those in a small town. It has many big companies and international companies for job opportunities. While the majority of small-town people are not well-paid, so they like to migrate to a big city.

Lastly, even though small towns have beautiful nature, a good environment, peaceful and kind people but their advantages cannot equal to the big city. In a big city, you are close to many convenient facilities, useful services, and good public utilities. While settling in a small town, people’s needs are not in good conditions, especially in public health and life quality.

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In conclusion, a big city is actually an ideal place for everyone. It provides us with a lot of essential advantages such as an adequate educational environment, career chances, and good living conditions. I believe a big city is better for my future and my daily life than living in a small town.

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Small Town or Big City
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