Living in the Large City vs. Suburbs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing whether to live in the inner city or the suburbs when you are ready to raise a family and construct your future can be quite overwhelming. When considering either choice, you may be attracted to the luxurious high rises and breathtaking views of the city or the sprawling greenery and family-oriented atmosphere of the suburbs. Typically, such a decision includes the place where you work and your choice of lifestyle. When moving, consideration of your financial situation and your personal interests may be the most important factors in determining if city or suburban life is best for you.

In today’s economy, cost is a leading factor in making a decision on where one lives. Housing in most metropolitan regions can be quite expensive and offers a small amount of space and privacy versus lower cost and more square footage in the suburbs. Those who live in the city receive a wider variety of education than those who dwell in suburbs; therefore, city dwellers will have more employment opportunities in their near future.

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Because cities are more congested than suburban areas, residents may be forced to live in tight quarters with inconsiderate neighbors. This results in an increase in crime rates, in traffic, in pollution, and in one’s ability to catch a dangerous and fatal disease.

It is also important to take note of your personal interests when determining a place to reside. For those who want a tumultuous and quality social life, the inner city is ultimately for them.

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It is far more interesting and appealing than suburban life, for it includes cinemas, high class restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers, recreation centers, and all sorts of other things. Fresh air and natural scenery are an advantage to living in the suburbs. They are more peaceful, friendlier, and have closer-knit neighborhoods, than those in cities. In addition, many consider getting to know their neighbors in the suburbs as a way to bond and for the safety of their children.

Both the inner city and the suburbs are involved with people who have a similar characteristic, which is the desire to be someone worthy and achieve a specific goal in life. In order to reach their dreams and care for themselves, adults will work hard and even do overtime work. The children also do their part by studying hard to reach their aspirations. Another similarity is the fact that they are both regulated under the same government and political systems whose laws are similar for each state. Furthermore, people grow with the same moral ethics. Those in the city show respect to their elders, as do the ones in the suburbs.

City life and suburban life are contradistinctive, yet identical. If entertainment, convenient access to shopping centers, diversity, polluted air, and congested living are your choices, then the city might be ideal for you. If privacy, fresh air, peace, and family-oriented activities suit your needs, perhaps the suburbs might be the right fit for you. Whatever your preferences and desires for quality life are, your decision will require much time and consideration.

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