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The Plains is the World Where I Come From
Words • 1438
Pages • 6
There are folks sitting on their porches waving to the cars driving by, as everyone in sight has a familiar face. Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by deep valleys with lush, green grass and fertile soil. There are humble homes lined up along the quiet streets. To an outsider, the houses may just seem like old, rundown sheds just barely standing, but to small town folk those houses are full of history and character. The people who live there tell…...
The Changes in My Hometown
Words • 425
Pages • 2
Nanjing is my hometown. Located in the eastern part of China, Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province which is developed in the economy in China and an important central city on the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River. It is a modern and busy city. It is one of the cities with the longest history in China. And with the development of the economy, it has changed a lot in the past few years. In my daily life, I realized that the traffic in Nanjing has got a huge change. For one thing, people take tramcars to go out in the past. It has a cable and…...
ChangeMy Native TownTown
The Best Reasons To Visit My Hometown Xieng Khouang
Words • 399
Pages • 2
My hometown calls Xieng Khouang, which is the coldest city in Laos. Xieng Khouang has a lot of beautiful tourist attractions such as plain of jars, Kar waterfall….Xieng Khouang has some traditional foods that very popular. There are a lot of interesting ethnic groups in Xieng Khouang. So, if you visit Xieng Khouang, be prepare for thick clothes and Xieng Khouang is always welcome. Xieng Khouang has a lot of beautiful tourist attractions. There are many interesting places such as…...
CityMy Native TownTown
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Living in the Large City vs. Suburbs: Advantages and Disadvantages
Words • 512
Pages • 3
Choosing whether to live in the inner city or the suburbs when you are ready to raise a family and construct your future can be quite overwhelming. When considering either choice, you may be attracted to the luxurious high rises and breathtaking views of the city or the sprawling greenery and family-oriented atmosphere of the suburbs. Typically, such a decision includes the place where you work and your choice of lifestyle. When moving, consideration of your financial situation and your…...
CityLife In A Large CityTown
Small Town Living vs. Life in A Large City: The Real Pros and Cons
Words • 782
Pages • 4
It’s thought that the important thing is not where a person lives and the most essential thing to be happy is that a person lives with whom. Children’s characters are affected by their surroundings not by a city, town, or village. However, it’s clear that people’s life and their characters change according to where they live. So, big city life and small-town life affect people’s life and their differences make differences in people’s life. It can be said these differences…...
CityLife In A Large CityTown
Big Cities Vs Small Towns Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 1843
Pages • 8
When talking to an person of experience, perchance an adventurer or an senior, person may be informed about the manner people from peculiar towns behave. Such as, 'people from large metropoliss are ever in haste ' or 'citizens from smaller towns are friendly ' . As John Jake provinces, `` The large metropolis and little town have been stereotyped in the American experience as being at opposite terminals of an imagined societal gradient -- the former more a topographic point…...
A brand new school new town to explore and new chapter of
Words • 1697
Pages • 7
A brand new school, new town to explore, and new chapter of life mean new study habits. Freshman year is a whirlwind of new, exciting experiences, but you can't forget the real reason you're here, to get that degree! College is a competitive setting where every student wants, or should want, to be the best they can be. Whether that means having all A's, graduating with honors, or even just being accepted into their program of choice, most students have…...
Big Cities or Small Towns
Words • 323
Pages • 2
People try to live in cities because all necessary objects are situated nearly. In big cities you can find museums, theaters, clubs, cinemas, big shops and hospitals, comfortable modern flats. In big cities you can find all kinds of entertainment. Many people like to spend their free time there because it helps them to relax and bring them a lot of pleasure. It is really comfortable that everything you need is situated near you. One of the most important comforts…...
Ideal City
Words • 309
Pages • 2
The city of my dreams is neither too big nor too small. (Jenna) It is clean, there aren’t any cigarette butts, chewing gums, papers or dog dirt on the floor.( Angélique /Marjorie) It is Green, ecological (Stéphanie): there are less traffic and pollution because people use alternative means of transport (Gamzé/ Maria) and the cars run with solar energy. The houses are equipped with solar panels too to protect the Earth (Fanny/Stephanie) People recycle their wastes (Gamze ) The environment…...
CityEnvironmentEnvironmental IssuesGlobal WarmingHouseHousing
Hometown Memories
Words • 359
Pages • 2
Whenever I think about my hometown, a lot of memories from my childhood and adolescence come to my mind and I become very nostalgic. If only I could return to Nowy Sącz now - the place where I was growing up. For some time I have been living in Warszawa, but in my dreams I can always come back to my hometown and feel as if I were there. When I lived in Nowy Sącz, it was a beautiful town,…...
The Significance of Marriage and Friendship in Our Town
Words • 347
Pages • 2
Companionship is arguably one of the most important things in the world. Without companionship, it has been scientifically proven that a person becomes depressed, lonely, and in extreme circumstances, insane. Two forms of companionship are marriage and friendship. Most people spend their entire lives seeking new friends, waiting until they find someone special enough to be their spouse. People need companionship and it is considered a natural event in one’s life. In the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder, the…...
FriendshipMarriageOur TownTown
A Slow City
Words • 314
Pages • 2
Over the last few years, there is a basic tendency for people to be abundant and effective. Therefore, the majority of people work hard every day. They never ever have a rest even on holiday. Nevertheless I would make my home town a sluggish city if I were the leader of my city. In my home town, although increasingly more individuals are delighting in the fast pounding life, still there are some people grumble that they are too busy to…...
Small Town or Big City
Words • 317
Pages • 2
Some people prefer to live in a small town while others prefer to live in a big city. Both have there own advantages and disadvantages. And which place would you like to live? It depends on personal opinion.However; for me, I prefer living in a big city because it has many benefits and move opportunity than small town. Firstly,living in a big city can provide us with a modern and adequate academic environment.As we know,education is a key for success…...
City Life Beats the Small Town
Words • 266
Pages • 2
1. This essay is an essay of both comparison and contrast because the author points out the similarities while examining the differences. For example, having a cinema in both small town and big city is a similarity, but one cinema in small town showing three different movies at any one time, and a big city having more than one cinema, showing hundred different movies at once is a difference. 2. The writer uses the point-by-point method in writing this essay.…...
My Hometown
Words • 413
Pages • 2
My lovely hometown is at Taman Koperasi Polis, Gombak .A town,which is located at west of Kuala Lumpur. I love to live here because the environment is so comfortable and make me always splendid in here. Also love friendly people, too. I love everything belongs my hometown where i was born and grew in 23 years Infront of my house there are,big playground . It’s combination playground structure for small children include slides, climbers (stairs in this case), playhouse. I…...
Difference Between City, Town and Village
Words • 430
Pages • 2
Indian culture is abundant and diverse. Individuals give respect to their traditional values and thus its success was recognized all over the world. Lifestyle of people residing in Town, town and city levels differs a lot. People in villages majorly depend on agriculture and their primary source of income is growing. Their regular life cycle in regards to earning money is that cultivating 2 to 3 crops a year, transporting the cultivated food or other items to the neighboring towns,…...
Advantages Of City Life
Words • 1016
Pages • 5
Sometime you may be think, the city life is better than village life. However there are so many advantages in city life. Actually the city life is more comfortable. As well as there are more opportunities for people to progress in their lives. There are a lot of facilities for people in the city and they have more opportunities for making money. Children living in the city can get a good education, because there are better schools in the town…...
Modern Life vs Village Life
Words • 1090
Pages • 5
Lots of towns and towns then are nothing more than suburbs today. By meaning cities have bigger populations than towns which are larger than towns, which is a significant distinction in between modern life and town life. In today's Modern life cities have an urban settlement with large populations where as villages were settlements of community with small populations. Modern life have many advantages over town, because city modern life center are quickly readily available, as telephone, gas, internet, schools,…...
Challenges Of Modern LifeOur TownTownVillage life
Living In Small Town Or In A Big City
Words • 463
Pages • 2
Societies nowadays have the choice to live in small town or big city. Consideration is important before make a choice whether to have a life in small town or big city depending on the affordable due to there is some contrast between both. The contrast of living in a small town and living in a big city can be seen in the aspect of the development, the economy level, and the amenities provided. The first contrast of living in small…...
Living in the Countryside is better than the City
Words • 1034
Pages • 5
There are around seven billion people all over the world reside in our mother Earth. People in this modern era, especially young generation would prefer to live in the large metropolises rather than living in a countryside or small town. Because of urbanization, people still continuous pelting along into the already herded city that is normal in this 21st century. Most of the society thinks it is better to live in the urban areas than living in the countryside while…...
Living in a big city or in a small town
Words • 1074
Pages • 5
As we become adults, we come across the broad decision of choosing a place we can call home. Many factors need to be taken into consideration other than just finding a place comforting. Some basic but important factors a person must consider are job opportunities, access to services, and transportation. A big city like New York City meets all important factors and offers a greater life experience than a rural town like Groton, Vermont. Moving to a city might seem…...
CityEmploymentPublic TransportTown
Hard Times: Coketown
Words • 521
Pages • 3
In " Hard Times: Coketown" Charles Dickens is assessing industrialization and the effect it had on the people in the towns in which they resided. Coketown seems to be portrayed as a city of work and not anything else. It is put across that the town consists of only fact and nothing else to alleviate the dullness. Charles Dickens is sharing his analysis on the social issues implicated in this town through a narrative that reflects upon the environment. He…...
Hard TimesTown
Vacation at My Home Town – Ahmedabad
Words • 652
Pages • 3
Ahmedabad, the city of Ahmed Shah (Medieval ruler of Gujarat), is known for its rich past and its association with the Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi. The city offers a unique style of architecture, which is a blend of Hindu and Islamic styles (Indo-Saracenic style of architecture). The monuments of Ahmedabad mainly date back to the 15th century. Ahmedabad has been known for its industry since medieval times. It used to be famous for its textile mills and hence often referred…...
HomeTownVacation Time
Small Town vs. Big City
Words • 543
Pages • 3
American actress Kate Bosworth once said, “I grew up in a small town where everyone wanted to be the same or look the same and was afraid to be different.” The controversy about big cities being better than small towns or vice versa to grow up in has been around for the longest time now. I strongly believe that small towns are a much better environment for a child to grow up in than that of a big city. Ask…...
The Case: No Dogs Allowed
Words • 900
Pages • 4
1. What economic questions does this case require the townb to ask? What is a dog park and how does it benefit the community? Can people or dogs get hurt at a dog park? How will dogs fight be avoided? If a dog park is built, will there be space available for an affordable recreation facility? 2. List the possible resources that the town would need to construct and maintain the park? Some possible resources that are needed to construct…...
Dogs Are Most Faithful AnimalsParkTown
Acceptance Is Freedom
Words • 1062
Pages • 5
Freedom is a word that we use so often, but what does it truly mean? Everyone has a different definition of what freedom is. Some believe that freedom is saying whatever you want without consequences or doing what you want without consequences, while others believe that freedom is about equality. However, author Ambrose Flack presents a new and refreshing viewpoint. In his short story, The Strangers That Came to Town, Ambrose Flack is showing that true freedom is about being…...
FreedomThe StrangerTown
Famous All Over Town by Danny Santiago
Words • 2888
Pages • 12
A story of Donny's battles of growing up in Barrio. Famous all over town is about a young high school kid named Rudy Medina. He grows up in a Latin, Chicano town called Barrio. He tells us his life and all the struggles he needs to deal with everyday of his life.The family he had was not the best household; the mom was having another kid that she would then not take care of due to the fact that she…...
Big city or small town
Words • 603
Pages • 3
Good afternoon everyone. Today I’d like to say something about big city and small town. It sounds charming to see stars at night, to plant fruits in the garden, or to picnic on the lawn, rural life distinguished itself in being closer to nature. But truth to be told, living close to nature also means that there will be plenty of animals and insects visiting your home and vegetation. Surely Fish is more inclined to enjoy itself in marine environment…...
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The Plains is the World Where I Come From
...My time in The Plains is a time I will never forget, it has and always will be my home. Home is where your heart feels at ease, and your mind feels at rest. Home is a place you recognize even with your eyes closed because the scent of home is a smell...

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