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Whenever I think about my hometown, a lot of memories from my childhood and adolescence come to my mind and I become very nostalgic. If only I could return to Nowy Sącz now – the place where I was growing up. For some time I have been living in Warszawa, but in my dreams I can always come back to my hometown and feel as if I were there. When I lived in Nowy Sącz, it was a beautiful town, picturesque and quiet.

We used to live in the suburbs of the town, in the district called Nowa Kolonia. It was a place in which my family had lived for fifty years. I forgot to explain I had a big family – we lived with our grandparents. One could think that if three generations lived under the same roof, it was not easy and many conflicts could happen within our family. But it was not true.

Both my parents worked – my mother was a journalist and my father was an engineer.

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To tell you the truth, they spent most of their time at work like typical workaholics. But neither my two brothers nor me felt neglected. Maybe it was so thanks to our grandparents who had always cared for our family. Now I miss my home so much, maybe because I am so far away from the place where it used to be… maybe because my grandparents no longer live. As far as I remember, everything in my town was much better than in a city.

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I do not exaggerate. In spite of being small, it was full of attractions such as unique and precious historical monuments (the ruins of the castle, the Town Hall and a few churches), museums and parks. The air was clean, it was not noisy and it was impossible to get lost. And what is more important, people who surrounded me at that time were my best friends. It was my hometown, where I experienced my first puppy love. It was time of joy and happiness. And I loved this place and regarded it as the most wonderful in the world.

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Hometown Memories

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