Higher Education in Hometown

Many young people who enter higher education choose to study in their hometown and continue living with their parents throughout their university years. Staying at home with their parents is becoming common option, because students’ accommodation rarely coming cheap. Although there are several potential downsides to this way of living, there are also numerous benefits, especially if the University is near the house.

To begin with, staying with parents is much more cheaper than living in university campus. Campus housing can cost thousands of dollars each year.

If you have a good relationship with your family, they can always support you. For example, it comes with the added benefit of enjoying warm, home-cooked meals even when you don’t have time to cook.

In spite of all benefits there are considerable minuses too. One of the strongest arguments is isolation. It automatically makes it more difficult to meet and connect with your groupmates, because the way to university takes time and money.

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The second is that college campuses give students the opportunity to explore their autonomy and make mistakes in a relatively safe environment. Student life is also time to learn how to be independent. Staying at home also means you’ll have to follow house rules and won’t have the chance to learn on your own. All things considered, there are pros and cons to living with parents. Personally, I imagine the benefits of living at home outweigh the drawbacks.

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Higher Education in Hometown

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