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Urban Heat Island in Rural And Urban Areas
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Considering the albedo of various surfaces, how might temperatures differ between urban and rural areas? Which setting tends to be warmer on a given day and why? Also, are there any factors other than albedo that might affect the temperature differences between the two settings? On any given day the urban areas are hotter than that of the rural areas. Urban areas tend to be warmer than surrounding rural areas due to urban heat islands Albedo is a major factor in increase of the urban…...
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Informal Settlement
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Pages • 4
Background of the Study Urbanization is a dynamic socio-economic force which has considerable temporal and spatial variations (Ali & Mustaquim, 2007). In the developed countries of Europe and North America, urbanization has been a consequence of industrialization and has been associated with economic development. By contrast, in the developing countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia, urbanization has occurred as a result of high natural urban population increase and massive rural-to-urban migration (Brunn and Williams, 1983:4). A slum involves much…...
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Impact of Suburbanisation
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Pages • 9
Suburbanisation is the growth of the residential areas and suburbs on the fringes of cities due to natural increase or the movement of people. It is one of the lots of reasons for the increase in city sprawl. Suburbanisation takes place in many nations, all at various stages of advancement. Each case of suburbanisation can have different causes, such as city push factors, and suburban pull factors. A push element is something that would make someone want to leave an…...
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Living in Rural Area is better than living in Urban Area
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First and foremost, the tranquil surroundings and environment attracts me a lot. The village is always described as a quiet and peaceful paradise, which is a perfect place to unwind and escape from the rat-race and Hustle and bustle of the city life. Besides, the rural areas are less crowded because there are not many people and cars. The scenery in a village is beautiful as the beauty of nature is still well-conserved. Thus, people who live in the village…...
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About rural livelihood
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Government has a role to play in as far as promoting socio-economic for rural livelihood as the government is there for the people and it has to do anything possible for its people to live better life, government can promote socio-economic for rural livelihood through the implementation of different project and formulating policies that promote better living standards for the rural community. Socio-economics is the social science that studies how economic activity affects social processes. In general it analyzes how…...
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